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1993 Addition: United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, 1974-1989 (continued)
Case File, 1981-1988 (continued)
80-9063 Stephens v. Brown
BOX 247
80-9073 United States v. Sparks
80-9084 Rush v. Dependable Ins. Co.
81-2011 Barnstone v. University of Houston See 80-7546
81-5079 Travelers Indem. Co. v. School Bd.
81-5082 Certain Underwriters v. Barber Blue Sea Line
81-5120 Federal Deposit Ins. Corp. v. Products Int'l
81-5171 United States v. Florian
81-5357 United States v. Strauss
81-5368 United States v. Julio-Diaz
81-5375 United States v. Schwartz
81-5479 United States v. Diaz
81-5480 Christie v. Seabulk Tankers
81-5481 United States v. Gellman
81-5506 United States v. Brannen See 81-5479
81-5516 Bahama World Airlines v. Commercial Air-Transp. Sales Corp.
81-5533 Mobil Oil Corp. v. Coastal Petroleum Corp.
81-5560 United States v. Kliven See 81-5479
81-5593 Barb v. Wainwright
81-5607 United States v. Stuart-Caballero
81-5613 United States v. Robinson
81-5677 DeBenedictis v. Wainwright
81-5752 Roth v. Wainwright
81-5812 Mobil Oil Corp. v. Coastal Petroleum Corp. See 81-5533
81-5844 United States v. Breese
81-5858 Alvarez v. Wainwright
81-5875 United States v. Delongchamps
81-6061 Coastal Petroleum Co. v. American Cyanamid Co.
81-7005 Bonner v. City of Prichard
81-7058 Kimble v. Termplan, Inc.
81-7061 United States v. Block
81-7102 Powell v. Merrimack Mut. Fire Ins. Co.
81-7105 King v. Housing Auth.
81-7108 United States v. $16,752.00 United States Currency
81-7118 Rothenberg v. Security Management
81-7155 Barkley-Cupit Enters. v. Equitable Life Assurance Soc'y of the United States See 80-7176
81-7185 Buchannon v. Macon County Bd. of Educ.
81-7209 Pennington v. Department of Health & Human Servs.
81-7223 Sellers v. American Broadcasting Co.
81-7226 Davis v. Cluet, Peabody & Co.
BOX 248
81-7248 Baggett Transp. Co. v. United States
81-7550 Baggett Transp. Co. v. United States See 81-7248
81-7551 Baggett Transp. Co. v. United States See 81-7248
81-7552 Baggett Transp. Co. v. United States See 81-7248
81-7255 Olympic Constr. v. Fidelity & Deposit Co.
81-7259 Slocum v. Georgia State Bd. of Pardons & Paroles
81-7284 Williams v. Eastside Mental Health Center
81-7290 United States v. Long
81-7299 Martin v. Schweiker
81-7333 Refrigerated Transp. Co. v. Interstate Commerce Comm'n
81-7358 Faser v. Sears, Roebuck & Co.
81-7367 United States v. Certain Land Situated in Savannah, Ga.
81-7387 Chilivis v. Securities & Exch. Comm'n
81-7388 Ingram & Roberts Contracting Co. v. Western Int'l Petroleum Corp.
81-7403 United States v. Bizzard
81-7412 Mylar v. Alabama
81-7414 United States v. Lippner
81-7554 Tonka v. American Tel. & Tel. Co.
81-7579 Doan v. Hudgins
81-7619 Baggett Transp. Co. v. United States See 81-7248
81-7620 Baggett Transp. Co. v. United States See 81-7248
81-7621 Baggett Transp. Co. v. United States See 81-7248
81-7655 Rouse v. Rouse
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