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2014 Addition: United States District Court File, 1956-1980 (continued)
BOX 362 Sets 2-3, 1956-1969
(2 folders)
Index to reported opinions, 1979-1980
Order notebooks, sample, undated
Orders, significant, 1974-1976
(2 folders)
BOX 363 (1 folder)
Personnel, 1976-1978, undated
Proceedings, civil docket, 1964-1977
(5 folders)
BOX 363-706 2014 Addition: United States Court of Appeal File, 1971-1999
BOX 363 Correspondence, 1984-1993
Correspondence and memoranda, including attachments, between Johnson and judges, attorneys, court staff, and the public.
Arranged by type of material and therein chronologically.
BOX 363 General, 1992-1993
Miscellaneous cases
(2 folders)
BOX 364 1988-1991
BOX 364-613 Case File, 1978-1997
Correspondence, memoranda, opinions, orders, vote sheets, petitions, notes, screening forms, briefs, motions, exhibits, assignment lists, newspaper clippings, routing forms, and other material.
Arranged into five groups: argued cases, death penalty cases, en banc file, miscellaneous cases, and screening file. The argued cases are arranged chronologically by docket term and therein by week of court sitting and then by case number, although an administrative file usually precedes the case files for each docket term. Death penalty cases are arranged alphabetically by name of person and therein roughly chronologically. The en banc file is arranged into two files, memoranda and pending cases; both en banc files are arranged by case number and each is preceded by an administrative file. The miscellaneous cases are arranged by case number. The screening file is organized into four files: administrative, cases screened by Johnson, cases screened by other judges, and class III cases. All of the screening files are arranged by case number.
BOX 364 Argued cases
1983 docket term
1984, June 13 week
82-8683 Moore v. Zant
83-8047 Drake v. Francis
83-8137 Tucker v. Zant
83-8466 Tucker v. Francis
1984 docket term
1985, Jan. 7 week
83-8378 Hardwick v. Bowers
(3 folders)
BOX 365 Hardwick v. Bowers
(1 folder)
1985 docket term
1986, Jan. 13 week
85-3386 Mesa Petroleum Co. v. Locke
85-5989 Swatch Watch v. Taxor, Inc.
85-7021 United States v. Butler
85-7346 Paetz v. United States
85-7408 Limbaugh v. Merrill Lynch
85-7420 Alacare v. Baggiano
85-7437 Erwin v. Westfall
85-7442 Manning v. Carlin
85-7743 Combs v. Ryan's Coal Co.
85-7751 Combs v. Ryan's Coal Co. See same container, 85-7743
85-8270 Donaldson v. Clark
85-8392 Collins v. Walden
85-8428 Chambers v. Montgomery
85-8436 Pollard v. Commissioner
85-8462 Sharpley v. Davis
85-8479 Williamson v. Johns-Mansville Sales Corp.
85-8480 Manning v. Johns-Mansville Sales Corp.Co. See same container, 85-8479
85-8515 United States v. Burke
BOX 366
85-8550 Hashemi v. Campaigner Publications
85-8597 Hill v. Georgia Power Co.
85-8617 United States v. Maranhas
85-8664 Lawson v. State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins.
1986, Feb. 25 week (en banc)
84-3508 Crutchfield v. Wainwright
(2 folders)
1986, Mar. 24 week
84-5594 United States v. Rogers
85-5056 United States v. Rogers See same container, 85-5594
85-5392 United States v. Price
85-7544 Fondren v. Allstate Ins. Co.
85-7582 United States v. Knight
85-8396 Executive Town & Country Servs. v. City of Atlanta
85-8444 Executive Town & Country Servs. v. City of Atlanta See same container, 85-8396
85-8528 Lilly v. United States
85-8643 United States v. Tyler
85-8660 St. Joseph's Hosp. v. Hospital Corp. of Am.
85-8671 Warren v. General Motors Corp.
85-8777 United States v. Board of Educ. of Jackson County
85-8779 Ansley v. National Labor Relations Bd.
85-8786 Ponderosa Mobile Homes v. Commercial Credit Corp.
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