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Alexander Meigs Haig papers, 1962-1982

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Post-Military File, 1974-1980 (continued)
Harry Walker, Inc.
Contracts, 1979
Invitations forwarded, 1979-1980
(4 folders)
Meeting, 1979
Scheduling, 1979
(1 folder)
BOX 124 (1 folder)
Harry Walker, Inc.
Scheduling, 1979
Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT), 1978-1979
Background information
Briefing papers re status of SALT II, 1978-1979, undated
European input, 1979
(2 folders)
Republican National Committee, 1979
(1 folder)
BOX 125 (1 folder)
Clippings, 1979
Congressional testimony, July 12-26, 1979
By Haig
Comments and questions regardingr testimony
Drafts of opening statement
Transcript of testimony
(3 folders)
By others
(1 folder)
BOX 126 (3 folders)
Notes, 1979
Text of agreement, 1979
Telephone messages, 1979
BOX 126-237 Department of State, 1962-1982
Composed of files relating to the confirmation hearings for Haig's appointment as secretary of state, transition files covering the interim between the announcement of his nomination and assumption of duties, and Haig's personal and office files and those of key assistants. The papers consist of briefing books, cables, correspondence, memoranda and notes, personnel files, reports and issue papers, subject files, and printed matter.
Arranged by type of material and alphabetically or chronologically therein as determined by file.
BOX 126-133 Confirmation Hearings
BOX 126 Briefing books
Background and career highlights, 1973-1981, undated
(3 folders)
BOX 127 Cambodia bombings, 1981, undated
(2 folders)
Covert activities in Chile, 1980, undated
(2 folders)
Government agency contracts awarded, Dec. 1979-Jan. 1981
(2 folders)
Eighteen and one-half minute gap in tape, undated
BOX 128 Ellsberg, Daniel, wiretap, 1973, 1980, undated
Hughes, Howard and Charles Rebozo, contribution, 1974, undated
Miscellaneous, 1962, 1976-1981
Nixon, Richard M., pardon, 1974-1980, undated
Public statements, 1978-1980, undated
(2 folders)
"A Quick Look at the Record (Halperin and the Pardon)," undated
"Saturday Night Massacre," 1973-1974, undated
BOX 129 Testimony of Haig before Senate committees, 1973-1974
(4 folders)
Wiretapping, 1969-1980, undated
(4 folders)
BOX 130 Contacts on Capitol Hill
List by Joseph A. Califano, 1980
Senate, 1980-1981
Committee members, 1980-1981
General correspondence and memoranda, 1980-1981
(3 folders)
Jaworski, Leon, 1974-1981
Justice Department, 1974-1976
Haig, Alexander M.
Health, letter from cardiologists, 1981
Schedule, 1981
Carbaugh, John, 1980-1981, undated
Foreign Policy Research Institute, Philadelphia, Pa., 1981
Korn, David A., 1980, undated
LeCuyer, Jack A., undated
Schweitzer, Robert L., 1981
International drug traffic, 1979-1980
Miscellaneous, 1980, undated
Senate committee access to presidential records, undated
United States-Soviet relations, 1982
White House service, 1980, undated
Meeting with president, 6 Jan. 1981
BOX 131 Memoranda and notes
Califano, Joseph A., undated
Goldberg, Sherwood D., 1980-1981, undated
(2 folders)
Haig, Alexander M., undated
Material sought by Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 1980-1981
Miscellaneous, 1981
Staff, 1981
Reagan, Ronald, foreign policy statements, 1980
Vance, Cyrus R., hearing on nomination to be secretary of state, 1977
Foreign media reaction, 1980
Local wire coverage, 1981, undated
Miscellaneous, undated
News accounts notebook, 1980-1981
(1 folder)
BOX 132 (1 folder)
Questions and answers, undated
Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Confirmation resolution, 1981
Demonstrations, 1981
Diagrams, 1981
Official transcript of hearings, 9-15 Jan. 1981
(4 folders)
BOX 133 (2 folders)
Selected testimony (indexed by subject)
Statements by Haig, 9-15 Jan. 1981
Opening statement
By Joseph A. Califano
(2 folders)
Appendix to statement
Closing statement
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