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White House Files, 1969-1974 (continued)
Richard M. Nixon Administration (continued)
Memoranda of conversation, Bangkok, 9 Apr. 1973
Trip book
Trip book
"U.S. Contingency Options", undated
Kissinger, Henry, Cambodia, Feb. 1973
Nixon, Richard M.
Azores, 18-19 June 1974
Trip book
Belgium/USSR, 25 June-3 July 1974
Agreements with USSR
Briefing books
Arms control and military issues
Background papers
(2 folders)
Bilateral issues
General, 14 June-1 July
(3 folders)
Joulwan, George A., 17 June-2 July 1974
Joulwan, George A., reading file, 24 June-3 July 1974
(3 folders)
BOX 24 Memoranda
Minsk, Belorussia, USSR, luncheon
Summit notes by Haig
Television address
News summaries
(2 folders)
Press release
(1 folder)
BOX 25 (1 folder)
Speech material and fact sheets
Middle East, 10-19 June 1974
Advance preparations
Cables, 3-8 June
(2 folders)
General, 31 May-7 June
Saudi Arabia
BOX 26 News summaries
Notes by Haig, undated
Press briefing book
Reykjavik, Iceland, 30 May-1 June 1973
San Clemente, Calif.
23 Aug. 1973
12 July 1974
Vice president
Justice Department report, 1973
Presidential meetings with
Attorney general re vice president, Aug. 1973
Vice president, Aug. 1973
Presidential statement re vice president, Sept. 1973
Replacement of
Announcement, Oct. 1973
Federal Bureau of Investigation checks on vice presidential nominees, Oct. 1973
Historical precedents, Oct.-Nov. 1973
Speeches for nominations, Oct. 1973
Staff suggestions, Oct. 1973
Resignation, 10 Oct. 1973
General, 10-11 Oct. 1973
Press reaction, 5-16 Oct. 1973
Transition, 16 Oct. 1973
Colson, Charles W., defense in Dr. Lewis Fielding break-in case, 1974
Cost of investigation, Nov. 1973
Cox, Archibald, Oct. 1973 See also Container 29, "Saturday Night Massacre"
Executive privilege prior to Alexander P. Butterfield testimony, July 1973
BOX 27 Federal Bureau of Investigation interviews, Mar. 1974
House of Representatives
Committee on the Judiciary
Impeachment inquiry, Mar.-Apr. 1974
Open meetings, 1-2 May
Presidential letters, Feb.-June 1974
Submission of recorded conversations by Richard M. Nixon, 30 Apr. 1974
Subpoenas and related correspondence, 1974
Subcommittee on Government Activities, 1973
Press reaction
Procedural details, Jan. 1974
Proposed articles of impeachment, undated
White House organization to counter
May-July 1974
BOX 28 Aug. 1974
Krogh, Egil, affidavit, May 1973
Miscellaneous, 1974, undated
Search for counsel for the president, Dec. 1973-1974
St. Clair, James
Correspondence, Feb.-Mar. 1974
District Court papers, 1974
Miscellaneous, 22 July 1974
Summation before House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary impeachment inquiry, 18 July 1974
Supreme Court brief for Richard M. Nixon, July 1974
Sullivan, John J., Mar.-May 1974
White House legal staff organization, Nov.-Dec. 1973
Wright, Charles A., Aug.-Oct. 1973
Legal fees for staff, 1973-1974
Miscellaneous, 1974, undated
Mitchell, John and Maurice Stans trial, 1974
Press coverage
Associated Press and United Press International wires, 1974
Miscellaneous, 1973
BOX 29 Presidential press conferences, Sept.-Oct. 1973
Research, 1973-1974
Richardson, Elliot L., Oct. 1973 See also Container 29, "Saturday Night Massacre"
"Saturday Night Massacre," 20 Oct. 1973 See also Container 26, Cox, Archibald; and Container 29, Richardson, Elliot L.
Inquiry into dismissal of special prosecutor, 6 Nov. 1973
Press conference, Haig and Charles A. Wright, 23 Oct. 1973
Press reaction
Problems with new attorney general
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