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Part I: Congressional File, 1935-1975 (continued)
Illinois File, 1935-1969 (continued)
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BOX I:173 (4 folders)
Miscellany, 1963-1968
Results, 1963-1968
Radio program on Evanston race relations, 1968
Republican Party clubs
General file, 1965-1969
Women's Republican Club, 1964-1966
Republican Party directory, 1967
BOX I:174 Republican (Party) Leadership Conferences
1963, Mount Pleasant
Working papers
1965, Skokie
Correspondence and critiques
Working papers
1967, Skokie
Working papers
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BOX I:175 (1 folder)
Statistics and maps, 1963-1966, undated
Wilmette Harbor, 1935-1961
(3 folders)
BOX I:175-312 Legislative File, 1944-1975
BOX I:175-181 Bills Introduced, 1960-1969
Bills introduced by Rumsfeld with related correspondence, memoranda, statements, press releases, Congressional Record statements, drafts, notes, news clippings, and other printed matter. Reference copies of bills are arranged chronologically by congress with a list of the legislation filed at the beginning of each congress.
Files pertaining to individual pieces of legislation are arranged chronologically by congress and therein by bill number. Bills not introduced are filed at the end of the section.
BOX I:175 Copies of
88th Congress, 1963-1964
89th Congress, 1965-1966
(1 folder)
BOX I:176 (1 folder)
90th Congress, 1967-1968
(2 folders)
91st Congress, 1969
Files relating to
88th Congress (1963-1964)
H. J. Res. 465, to prohibit the secretary of agriculture from requiring loyalty pledges, 1963
H. J. Res. 503, eligibility of certain persons to vote for electors in presidential elections, 1963
H. J. Res. 1162, Youth Temperance Education Week, 1960-1964
H. R. 7077, mailing of educational kits for the blind, 1963
H. R. 7449, removal of Social Security earnings limitations, 1963
H. R. 7780, tax deduction for educational expenses, 1963-1965
BOX I:177 H. R. 8695, special postal rates on certain materials for the blind, 1963-1964
H. Res. 470, to create a select committee on national space policy, 1963
H. Res. 773, to inquire into the financial business of House members and staff, 1964
H. Res. 872, persecution of Jews in the Soviet Union, 1962-1964
(2 folders)
89th Congress (1965-1966)
H. Con. Res. 169, to establish a Joint Commission on the Organization of Congress, 1964-1965
H. Con. Res. 260, to establish a Joint Committee on Ethics, 1963-1966
H. Con. Res. 365, Baltic states, 1965
H. J. Res. 215, Youth Temperance Education Week, 1965-1968
(2 folders)
H. J. Res. 742, United States World Food Study and Coordinating Commission, 1965-1966
(2 folders)
BOX I:178 H. J. Res. 857, Atlantic Union delegation, 1964-1966
(2 folders)
H. R. 4119, for the relief of Juliana Barrigos, 1964-1966
H. R. 4276, declaratory judgment procedures involving refusal of witnesses to testify or produce papers before congressional committees, 1965-1966
H. R. 4277, to punish the killing, attempted killing, or assaulting of the president and other high officials, 1964-1965
H. R. 4422, contempt citations, 1964-1966
H. R. 4544, increase Social Security earnings limitations, 1965
H. R. 4556, implementation of voting rights, the appointment of federal registrars, and for other purposes, 1965
H. R. 5017, regarding the authority of federal officers and agencies to withhold information, 1960-1966
(3 folders)
H. R. 6219, to establish an Office of Community Development, 1965
H. R. 6407, postal rates on certain materials for the blind, 1963-1965
BOX I:179 H. R. 6608, restore citizenship to Victor J. Blumenfeld (South Africa), 1963-1965
H. R. 8817, to prohibit government purchase of foreign made products based on patent infringement, 1965
H. R. 9411, higher education tax credit, 1963-1967
(2 folders)
H. R. 9663, to incorporate the Hadley School for the Blind, Winnetka, Ill., 1965
H. R. 10969, Human Investment Act, 1963-1969
H. R. 11381, to establish the Commission on the Organization of the Executive Branch, 1965-1966
H. R. 11511, duty on serge fabrics, 1965-1966
H. R. 16751, Opportunity Crusade Act, 1966
H. R. 17378, to establish a National Commission on Reform of Federal Criminal Laws, 1966
H. R. 18089, to allow teachers a tax credit for courses and certain travel, 1966-1967
H. Res. 156, to amend House Rule 28 regarding debate prior to vote on committee reports, 1965-1967
H. Res. 184, persecution of Jews in the Soviet Union, 1965-1966
H. Res. 647, telecasting and broadcasting of House proceedings, 1966
90th Congress (1967-1968)
H. Con. Res. 294, printing of Hyman G. Rickover's letters on the naming of Polaris nuclear submarines, 1960-1968
H. Con. Res. 508, further congressional action regarding Vietnam policies, 1967
H. Con. Res. 574, Great Lakes Basin Compact and Great Lakes Commission, 1967-1968
H. R. 80, to establish a Committee on Organization of the Executive Branch, 1966-1969
BOX I:180 H. R. 3797, to provide for the appointment of postmasters by the Postmaster General, 1965-1968
H. R. 3798, Palatine, Ill., Police Department, 1965-1968
H. R. 3997, to establish a National Commission on Public Management, 1967
H. R. 4665, Human Investment Act
General file, 1965-1968
Reuther, Walter P., 1967
H. R. 4977, free entry of a triaxial apparatus and rheogoniometer for Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill., 1966-1967
H. R. 7645, postal rates on certain matter for the blind, 1967
H. R. 7646, Illinois commemorative stamp, 1967
H. R. 7647, increase Social Security earnings limitation, 1967-1969
H. R. 8132, higher education tax credits, 1967-1968
H. R. 8145, to establish an Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel, 1967-1968
H. R. 9143, to charter a National Home Ownership Foundation, 1966-1967
H. R. 9984, duty-free import of wool (serge) fabrics used for apparel of religious orders, 1967-1968
H. R. 13169, oil pollution, 1967-1968
H. R. 13298, for the relief of Ibrahim Awad, 1967-1968
H. R. 13511, tax credit incentives to control water and air pollution, 1966-1968
BOX I:181 H. R. 16304, National Manpower Act of 1968, 1968
H. R. 16459, to establish a Commission on Federal Budget Priorities and Expenditure Priorities, 1968
H. R. 16620, Employment Incentive Act of 1967, 1968
H. R. 18460, to establish a Community Development Corporation program, 1968
91st Congress (1969)
H. R. 2652, to extend executive reorganization provisions, 1969
H. R. 3212, for the relief of Lee Ok Ja, 1966-1969
H. R. 3213, for the relief of Solomon S. Levadi, 1963-1969
(2 folders)
H. R. 3838, to prevent the dumping of certain materials in navigable waters, 1969
H. R. 3839, tax credit incentives to control water and air pollution, 1967-1969
H. R. 3863, Program Information Act, 1969
H. R. 5107, for the relief of Maria Mosio, 1965-1969
H. R. 6278, Legislative Reorganization Act, 1969
H. R. 9251, to establish the Lincoln Home National Historic Site, 1969
Bills not introduced, 1966-1969, undated
(2 folders)
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