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Part I: White House, 1962-1984 (continued)
BOX I:487-527 Ford Administration, 1965-1976
Correspondence, memoranda, speeches in various stages of revision, statements, reports, notes, travel files, printed matter, and background material concerning Rumsfeld's chairmanship of Gerald R. Ford's transition team and his subsequent role as White House chief of staff.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material, name of person, organization, or topic and filed thereunder as received.
BOX I:487 Alphabetical file (correspondence received and copies of correspondence sent), 1974-1975
(2 folders)
(3 folders)
BOX I:488 (5 folders)
C See also Classified
(2 folders)
BOX I:489 C
(2 folders)
(5 folders)
(1 folder)
BOX I:490 (2 folders)
(4 folders)
H See also Classified
(3 folders)
BOX I:491 H
(5 folders)
(3 folders)
BOX I:492 K-L
(6 folders)
(1 folder)
BOX I:493 (8 folders)
BOX I:494 O-R
(9 folders)
BOX I:495 S
(8 folders)
BOX I:496 T-W
(9 folders)
BOX I:497 Y-Z
(2 folders)
Chronological file (copies of correspondence and memoranda sent)
Aug.; Oct.
(5 folders)
Nov. See also Classified
(2 folders)
BOX I:498 (1 folder)
Dec. See also Classified
(4 folders)
Jan. See also Classified
(1 folder)
BOX I:499 (3 folders)
(4 folders)
BOX I:500 Mar.-Apr.
(7 folders)
BOX I:501 May-June
(6 folders)
BOX I:502 July
(4 folders)
(2 folders)
BOX I:503 (5 folders)
(2 folders)
BOX I:504 (3 folders)
(4 folders)
(1 folder)
BOX I:505 (2 folders)
Departments and agencies
Cabinet candidates, undated
Central Intelligence Agency, 1968, 1974-1975 See also Classified
Defense Department, 1974-1975 See also Classified
Interior Department, appointment of secretary, 1975
Miscellaneous, 1974-1975 See also Classified
State Department See Classified
Engagements completed
1974, Dec.
Miscellaneous engagements
Speaking engagements
1976, Jan., social engagements
Financial statements, 1974
BOX I:506 General file, 1974
Gifts, 1974 See also Classified
(2 folders)
Lowitz, Donald S., 1974-1975 See also Classified
Standards of conduct, 1971-1975
Guest lists, 1974-1976
Invitations, 1975
BOX I:507 Memoranda
Assassination attempts, 1975
Bennett, Douglas P., 1975
Buchen, Philip W., 1974-1975
Cheney, Richard B., 1974-1975
(3 folders)
Connor, James E., 1974-1975
(2 folders)
BOX I:508 Domestic Council, 1975
Ford, Gerald R. (primarily to Ford), 1974-1976 See also Classified
(3 folders)
Friedersdorf, Max L., 1974-1975
Goldwin, Robert A., 1965, 1973-1975
(2 folders)
BOX I:509 (1 folder)
Goodell, Lee, 1971
Greenspan, Alan, 1975
Hartmann, Robert T., 1974-1975, undated
Hoopes, David C., 1975
Jones, Jerry H., 1974-1975 See also Classified
(4 folders)
BOX I:510 (2 folders)
Kennerly, David, 1975
Lowitz, Donald S., 1971-1975
Lynn, James T., 1974-1975
Marsh, John O. (1926- ), 1974-1975
Miscellaneous, 1974-1975
(2 folders)
Nessen, Ron, 1974-1975 See also Classified
Nixon, Richard M., concerning, 1972-1975
BOX I:511 O'Donnell, Terry, 1974-1975
Scowcroft, Brent, 1974-1976 See also Classified
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