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Part I: Congressional File, 1935-1975 (continued)
Campaign and Political File, 1959-1969 (continued)
General, 1967-1968
(2 folders)
Thank-you letters
Election day, Nov. 5
BOX I:80 Election documents and campaign filings
Election results and voter registration statistics
Master file
Miscellany, 1968-1969
Joint meetings
Miscellany, undated
News clippings
(7 folders)
Other political contests
Endorsements by Rumsfeld
Governor, 1967-1968
Lieutenant governor, 1967-1968
Lists of candidates
Possible candidates, 1967-1968
Other states
Petitions for nomination, 1967-1968
(2 folders)
Press releases
Thirteenth Congressional District, Illinois
Elk Grove
New Trier
Northfield, 1963-1968
Palatine, 1967-1968
Schaumburg, 1966-1968
Wheeling, 1967-1969
BOX I:82 Volunteers
Coffees and other events
(2 folders)
Correspondence, 1968-1969
(2 folders)
Instructions, 1967-1968
“Pinch hitters”
1969, for Rumsfeld's vacated seat
Campaign ephemera
(2 folders)
BOX I:83 News clippings
(8 folders)
BOX I:84 Sept.-Nov.
(6 folders)
Undated, volunteer roster
BOX I:85 Personal political objectives, 1968
Republican Party
Conservative Coalition, 1964-1967
General correspondence, 1965-1969
House of Representatives
Committee assignments, Rumsfeld, 1962-1969
Ford, Gerald R., minority leadership
Congratulatory letters, 1965
Miscellany, 1964-1965
Republican Conference
Policy, 1964-1968, undated
(2 folders)
Research and Planning, 1966-1969
(2 folders)
Economic advisories, 1968
General file, 1964-1969, undated
Task forces
Agriculture, 1965-1968
BOX I:86 Crime, 1967-1968
Latin America, 1963-1968, undated
(2 folders)
Miscellaneous, 1965-1967, undated
Space and Aeronautics, 1963-1964, undated
(2 folders)
Urban Affairs
Chicago, Ill., project, 1966-1968
General file, 1964-1969, undated
(2 folders)
BOX I:87 Washington, D.C., project, 1968
Joint Senate-House Republican Leadership, press releases, 1962-1966
Miscellany, 1961-1968, undated
National Republican Congressional Committee
Miscellany, 1966-1968, undated
Newsletters, 1963-1968
News clippings, 1965-1966
Paul Revere Panels and Truth Squads, 1963-1969
(4 folders)
Republican Coordinating Committee, 1966-1968, undated
Republican Leadership of the Congress, press releases, 1967
BOX I:88 Republican National Committee
Miscellany, 1967-1968
News releases, 1965-1968
(2 folders)
Radio news, 1966-1968
Research reports, 1965-1968
White House and the presidency
Johnson, Lyndon B.
Miscellany, 1964-1966, undated
President's Club, allegations of influence peddling, 1966
(3 folders)
BOX I:89 Kennedy, John F., 1961-1962, undated For additional material see Container 87, Paul Revere Panels and Truth Squads, 1963
Presidential campaigns and elections
News clippings and campaign ephemera
Republican National Convention, San Francisco, Calif., 1963-1964
Democratic National Convention, Chicago, Ill., Rumsfeld statement, 1968
Nixon, Richard M.
Miscellaneous correspondence concerning candidacy
News clippings
Press releases and campaign ephemera, 1967-1968
Rumsfeld as
“Surrogate candidate”
Truth Squad member See Container I: 87, Paul Revere Panels and Truth Squads
Percy, Charles H., 1967-1968
Polls vetting Republican candidates, 1967
Reagan, Ronald, 1967-1968
BOX I:90 Republican National Convention, Miami, Fla., 1966-1968
(2 folders)
Rockefeller, Nelson A.
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