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Donald Rumsfeld papers, 1888-2008

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BOX II:314 Part II: Microfilm, 1950-1983
Microfilm of selected files from Parts I and II containing correspondence, memoranda, reports, notes, campaign files, legislative records, speeches and statements, interviews, writings, press releases, financial disclosure filings, engagement and travel files, news clippings, and printed matter. Microfilm shelf no. 23,346.
Arranged in the order filmed prior to its receipt by the Library.
REEL II:1 Chronological file (largely carbon copies of outgoing letters)
REEL II:2 Nov.-Dec.
1972, Apr.-Dec.
1971, Oct.-1972, Apr.
REEL II:3 1971, May-Nov.
REEL II:4 1971, Nov.-1972, June
REEL II:5 1972, June-Dec.
REEL II:6 1969, July-1970, Feb.
1973, Jan.-Mar.
REEL II:7 1973, Apr.-1974, July
REEL II:8 1974, July-1975, Feb.
REEL II:9 1975, Feb.-June
REEL II:10 1975, July-Sept.
REEL II:11 1975, Oct.-1976, Feb.
REEL II:12 Freedom of Information Act, 1966
Political endorsements, 1969-1970
Congressional Record, list of remarks and inserts, 1960s
Election statistics, 1962-1968
Legal Services Corp., 1970-1971
Autograph and photograph requests, 1973-1974
Condolence and get-well letters, 1973
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Twenty-fifth anniversary souvenirs, 1974
Protests of NATO funding for live animals in automobile crash tests, 1974
Congressional campaign volunteer lists, 1960s
Goldwin, Robert A., 1965-1975
Bilderberg Conference, 1967
Business executives, lists, 1970-1972
Memberships and sponsorships, 1963-1976
REEL II:13 Congressional campaign files, 1962
Freedom of Information Act, 1963-1968
Housing and Urban Development, Department of, 1965
Paul Revere Panels, 1963
Engagements completed and travel
REEL II:14 1969-1972
Memberships and sponsorships, 1976-1977
American Political Science Association, Congressional Staff Fellowship Program, 1967-1970
Press and media, 1968-1973
Travel and engagements completed
REEL II:15 1970-1971
REEL II:16 Defense Department chronological file
1975, Oct.-Dec.
File A
REEL II:17 Mar.-Oct.
REEL II:18 Nov.-Dec.
File B
REEL II:19 Feb.-Sept.
REEL II:20 Oct.-Dec.
1977, Jan.
REEL II:21 Biographical information and legislative record, 1950-1969
Personal administrative matters including absentee voting, taxes, and driver licenses, 1958-1976
Foreign affairs including Vietnam and Latin American trips, 1963-1968
Economic Opportunity Act, 1965
Civil rights, 1964-1968
Sample letters, 1959-1969
Selective Service System, 1966-1969
Congressional reform, 1965-1969
House Science and Astronautics Committee, 1968
Statements by Rumsfeld, 1963-1969
Questionnaires, 1964-1968
Engagements completed, 1965-1967
North Atlantic Treaty Organization trip, 1965
Political endorsements of Rumsfeld, 1962-1968
Campaign files, 1961-1968
House Republican Conference, 1964-1968
Rumsfeld Committee (formerly Rumsfeld for Congress Committee), 1974
Financial disclosure filings, 1962-1969
REEL II:22 White House and Office of Economic Opportunity appointments and confirmation, 1969
Resignation from Congress, 1969
Statements and congressional record on poverty programs, 1964-1968
Memoranda, statements, and press releases, 1969-1971
Office of Economic Opportunity reorganization, 1969
Engagements completed, 1969
Hjornevik, Wesley L., memoranda, 1969-1970
Health Affairs Office, 1969-1970
Youth Organizations United, 1969
Governors' vetoes of Office of Economic Opportunity grants, 1969-1970
Education vouchers and performance contracting, 1970-1971
Legal Services Corp., 1970-1971
Opportunity Funding Corp., 1970-1973
Anderson, Jack, allegations of mismanagement, 1969-1972
Engagements completed and regretted, 1969-1973
Cost of Living Council
REEL II:23 1971-1973
REEL II:24 1971-1973
REEL II:25 Speeches, statements, interviews, press conferences, and writings, 1959-1977
Bills introduced by Rumsfeld, 1963-1969
REEL II:26 Legislative reference binders, 1966-1969
Speeches, statements, interviews, and press conferences
REEL II:27 1976-1977
REEL II:28 Ford, Gerald R., transition team and White House chief of staff, 1974-1975
Public relations, 1972-1976
Bilderberg Conference, Cesme, Turkey
REEL II:29 1975
White House chief of staff, 1974-1975
Cost of Living Council, 1971
REEL II:30 White House chief of staff, 1974-1975
Secretary of defense, 1975-1977
REEL II:31 Interim Foreign Policy Advisory Board and Ronald Reagan transition team, 1980-1981
Law of the Sea envoy, 1982-1983
Adelman, Kenneth L., nomination, 1983
North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 1972-1974
Ditchley Foundation, 1966-1967
Brady, James S. and Sarah, 1977-1982
English, Robert E., 1969-1970
Nielsen, Arthur C., Jr., 1960-1968
Searle, Daniel C., 1962-1975
Gifts, 1962-1977
Campaign files
REEL II:32 1962-1968
Republican National Conventions, 1963-1968
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