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Donald Rumsfeld papers, 1888-2008

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Part II: Microfilm, 1950-1983 (continued)
REEL II:7 1973, Apr.-1974, July
REEL II:8 1974, July-1975, Feb.
REEL II:9 1975, Feb.-June
REEL II:10 1975, July-Sept.
REEL II:11 1975, Oct.-1976, Feb.
REEL II:12 Freedom of Information Act, 1966
Political endorsements, 1969-1970
Congressional Record, list of remarks and inserts, 1960s
Election statistics, 1962-1968
Legal Services Corp., 1970-1971
Autograph and photograph requests, 1973-1974
Condolence and get-well letters, 1973
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Twenty-fifth anniversary souvenirs, 1974
Protests of NATO funding for live animals in automobile crash tests, 1974
Congressional campaign volunteer lists, 1960s
Goldwin, Robert A., 1965-1975
Bilderberg Conference, 1967
Business executives, lists, 1970-1972
Memberships and sponsorships, 1963-1976
REEL II:13 Congressional campaign files, 1962
Freedom of Information Act, 1963-1968
Housing and Urban Development, Department of, 1965
Paul Revere Panels, 1963
Engagements completed and travel
REEL II:14 1969-1972
Memberships and sponsorships, 1976-1977
American Political Science Association, Congressional Staff Fellowship Program, 1967-1970
Press and media, 1968-1973
Travel and engagements completed
REEL II:15 1970-1971
REEL II:16 Defense Department chronological file
1975, Oct.-Dec.
File A
REEL II:17 Mar.-Oct.
REEL II:18 Nov.-Dec.
File B
REEL II:19 Feb.-Sept.
REEL II:20 Oct.-Dec.
1977, Jan.
REEL II:21 Biographical information and legislative record, 1950-1969
Personal administrative matters including absentee voting, taxes, and driver licenses, 1958-1976
Foreign affairs including Vietnam and Latin American trips, 1963-1968
Economic Opportunity Act, 1965
Civil rights, 1964-1968
Sample letters, 1959-1969
Selective Service System, 1966-1969
Congressional reform, 1965-1969
House Science and Astronautics Committee, 1968
Statements by Rumsfeld, 1963-1969
Questionnaires, 1964-1968
Engagements completed, 1965-1967
North Atlantic Treaty Organization trip, 1965
Political endorsements of Rumsfeld, 1962-1968
Campaign files, 1961-1968
House Republican Conference, 1964-1968
Rumsfeld Committee (formerly Rumsfeld for Congress Committee), 1974
Financial disclosure filings, 1962-1969
REEL II:22 White House and Office of Economic Opportunity appointments and confirmation, 1969
Resignation from Congress, 1969
Statements and congressional record on poverty programs, 1964-1968
Memoranda, statements, and press releases, 1969-1971
Office of Economic Opportunity reorganization, 1969
Engagements completed, 1969
Hjornevik, Wesley L., memoranda, 1969-1970
Health Affairs Office, 1969-1970
Youth Organizations United, 1969
Governors' vetoes of Office of Economic Opportunity grants, 1969-1970
Education vouchers and performance contracting, 1970-1971
Legal Services Corp., 1970-1971
Opportunity Funding Corp., 1970-1973
Anderson, Jack, allegations of mismanagement, 1969-1972
Engagements completed and regretted, 1969-1973
Cost of Living Council
REEL II:23 1971-1973
REEL II:24 1971-1973
REEL II:25 Speeches, statements, interviews, press conferences, and writings, 1959-1977
Bills introduced by Rumsfeld, 1963-1969
REEL II:26 Legislative reference binders, 1966-1969
Speeches, statements, interviews, and press conferences
REEL II:27 1976-1977
REEL II:28 Ford, Gerald R., transition team and White House chief of staff, 1974-1975
Public relations, 1972-1976
Bilderberg Conference, Cesme, Turkey
REEL II:29 1975
White House chief of staff, 1974-1975
Cost of Living Council, 1971
REEL II:30 White House chief of staff, 1974-1975
Secretary of defense, 1975-1977
REEL II:31 Interim Foreign Policy Advisory Board and Ronald Reagan transition team, 1980-1981
Law of the Sea envoy, 1982-1983
Adelman, Kenneth L., nomination, 1983
North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 1972-1974
Ditchley Foundation, 1966-1967
Brady, James S. and Sarah, 1977-1982
English, Robert E., 1969-1970
Nielsen, Arthur C., Jr., 1960-1968
Searle, Daniel C., 1962-1975
Gifts, 1962-1977
Campaign files
REEL II:32 1962-1968
Republican National Conventions, 1963-1968
Nixon, Richard M., presidential campaigns, 1968-1972
House Republican Research and Planning Committee, 1968-1969
Political correspondence, 1973-1976
Ford, Gerald R., presidential campaign, 1975-1976
Nixon, Richard M., transition, 1968-1969
White House rules, regulations, and office procedures, 1969-1972
Nixon administration memoranda
REEL II:33 1969-1973
Personal correspondence, 1969-1976
North Atlantic Treaty Organization memoranda
REEL II:34 1973-1974
REEL II:35 Special correspondence file with letters from U.S. presidents, vice presidents, cabinet secretaries, White House officials, members of Congress, and foreign dignitaries, 1962-1976
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