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Donald Rumsfeld papers, 1888-2008

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Part II: Microfilm, 1950-1983 (continued)
REEL II:35 Special correspondence file with letters from U.S. presidents, vice presidents, cabinet secretaries, White House officials, members of Congress, and foreign dignitaries, 1962-1976
BOX II:314-332 Part II: Addition, 1997-2008
Correspondence, interview transcripts, memoranda, bound set of public statements, and scheduling files.
Arranged alphabetically by name of individual, topic, or type of material and thereunder chronologically.
BOX II:314 Alphabetical file
Ajami, Fouad, 2007
Barnett, Robert B., 2007
Barnevik, Percy, 2005-2007
(3 folders)
Bush, George W., 2001-2007
Butler, Paul W., undated
Cambone, Stephen A.
General file, 2007
BOX II:315 Transcript of interview with Rumsfeld, 2007
Cheney, Richard B., 2007
Clarke, Torie, 2004-2005
Congress, 2007
Delaporte, Bob, 2005
Denny, James M., 1997-2007
Di Rita, Lawrence, 2004-2007
DuBois, Raymond F., 2007
Ford, Betty and Gerald R., 2006-2007
Foreign dignitaries, 2006-2007
(2 folders)
BOX II:316 Gingrich, Newt, 1998-2007
Greenspan, Alan, 1999
Karzai, Hamid, 2007
Kissinger, Henry, 1998-2000, 2007
Libby, Lewis (“Scooter”), 2007
Pardo, Nancy, 2006-2008
(6 folders)
BOX II:317 Robbins, Terry, 2007-2008
(2 folders)
Rose, François de, 2006-2007
Rumsfeld family, 2006-2007
Rumsfeld, Günther, 2007
Shultz, George Pratt, 2007
Silberman, Laurence H., 2007
Simms, Albert G., 2007-2008
(2 folders)
Thomas, Cal, interview, 2006-2007
Thorette, Bernard, 2007
Blogs, 2006
Donations in 2007, 2007-2008
BOX II:318 General correspondence
(3 folders)
(5 folders)
BOX II:319 14-27
(6 folders)
(2 folders)
BOX II:320 Apr.-May
(5 folders)
BOX II:321 12-29
(2 folders)
(4 folders)
BOX II:322 Sept.-Oct.
(8 folders)
BOX II:323 Nov.-Dec.
(5 folders)
Circa 2007
Incoming electronic mail, 2007
Memoranda, 2007
BOX II:324 May-Dec.
(6 folders)
“To self”
Public statements as secretary of defense
Vol. 1
BOX II:325 Vols. 2-3
BOX II:326 Vol 4
Vol. 1
BOX II:327 Vols. 2-3
BOX II:328 Vol. 4
Vol. 1
BOX II:329 Vols. 2-3
BOX II:330 Vol. 4
Scheduling file, 2007
(5 folders)
BOX II:331 June-Sept.
(6 folders)
(2 folders)
BOX II:332 (1 folder)
(3 folders)
BOX II:CL 1 Part II: Classified, 1969-2006
Correspondence, memoranda, cables, reports, charts, meeting agenda, statements, and notes.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed.
BOX II:CL 1 General Correspondence
Special Correspondence File
“E” miscellaneous, 1969 (Container II:64)
“G” miscellaneous, 1975 (Container II:65)
Moynihan, Daniel P., 1974-1975 (Container II:67)
“M” miscellaneous, 1976 (Container II:67)
Shultz, George Pratt, undated (Container II:70)
Strausz-Hupé, Robert, 1975 (Container II:70)
Public Service
Commissions and panels
Commission to Assess the Ballistic Missile Threat to the United States
Chronological file, 1998 (Container II:75)
United States-Japan Advisory Commission, 1982-1983 (Container II:89)
Defense Department
First tenure (1975-1977)
Memoranda and correspondence, 1975-1977, undated (Container II:91) See also Top Secret; Sensitive Compartmented Information
Notes by
Rumsfeld, 1975-1976, undated (Container II:93) See also Top Secret; Sensitive Compartmented Information
Second tenure (2001-2006)
Chronological file, 2001-2006 (Containers II:93-94)
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Notes and memoranda
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