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Robert S. McNamara papers, 1934-2009

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BOX I:38-77 Part I: Organizations, 1968-2002
Correspondence, memoranda, reports and studies, policy and research papers, organizational records, notes, drafts and typescripts, agenda and records of meetings, transcripts, project proposals, briefing books, financial records, statements, speeches and writings, working papers, itineraries, press releases, photographs, printed matter, and miscellaneous material concerning McNamara's service as a member on the boards and advisory councils of various private corporations and nongovernmental institutions.
Arranged alphabetically by name of organization.
BOX I:38 Africa Leadership Forum, meeting, “The Leadership Challenge of Economic Reforms in Africa,” Washington, D.C., 1989
African Development Bank
Committee of Nine, meetings, Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Feb. 10-11
June 4-5
(1 folder)
BOX I:39 (1 folder)
1989, Jan. 30-31
Committee of Ten, meeting, London, England, 1989
Correspondence, 1987-1994
(2 folders)
1991, July 8-9, North-South Roundtable on African Debt Relief, Recovery, and Democracy, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, 1988-1991
1993, May 11, “HIV/AIDS and Development in Africa,” Abidjan, Ivory Coast, 1991-1993
BOX I:40 Miscellany, 1981, 1994
Albert Einstein Peace Prize Foundation, 1982-1988, 1994
Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, 1982-1987
(3 folders)
American Assembly
General, 1989-1993
Joint workshop with the Japan Center for International Exchange, Tokyo, Japan, 1989
American Philosophical Society, 1981-1987
American Soviet Youth Orchestra, 1989-1990
Arms Control Association, 1998
BOX I:41 Arthur F. Burns Fellowship Program, 1990-1994
Aspen Institute
Award dinner, 1989
Conferences and meetings
1983, July 30-Aug. 11, “China: Past, Present, and Future,” Crestone, Colo.
1984, Nov. 6-11, “Modernization in the People's Republic of China and Its Impact on the World Community,” Beijing, China
(2 folders)
1986, May 5-6, “Modernization in the People's Republic of China,” Wye Plantation, Queenstown, Md.
1987, Board of Trustees, Wye Plantation, Queenstown, Md.
1991, Aug. 17-22, “The United States and the World Economy,” Aspen, Colo.
Background material and notes, 1991
BOX I:42 Briefing book, 1991
1992, Aug. 26-30, “The United States and the World Economy,” Strasbourg, France
1993, Aug. 21-26, “The Future of the World Economy,” Aspen, Colo.
Background material and notes, 1991-1993
BOX I:43 Briefing book, 1993
Aug. 12-14, Aspen Institute Distinguished Fellows, Aspen, Colo.
Drafts and working papers, 1994
General, 1994
Aug. 28-Sept. 1, “Future of the World Economy,” Tokyo, Japan
Apr. 24-26, Board of Trustees, Wye Plantation, Queenstown, Md.
Aug. 19-22, “Change and Prosperity,” Aspen, Colo.
Atlantic Council of the United States
BOX I:44 1984-1999
(3 folders)
Meeting, Beijing Institute for International Strategic Studies, Beijing, China (Oct. 1990), 1987-1990
Working groups
Arms control and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 1981-1984
Military service, 1981-1982
U.S. relations with Cuba, 1994
BOX I:45 Battelle Memorial Trust, meetings
1994, July 26-29, International Advisory Board meeting, Richland, Wash.
1995, Jan. 9-13, “Global Climate Change and the Social Sciences,” International Advisory Board meeting, Seoul, Korea
Background material, 1992-1995
General, 1994-1995
1998, Oct. 15-16, “A Global Energy Technology Strategy,” Washington D.C.
Background material, 1997-1998
(2 folders)
Briefing book, 1998
BOX I:46 General, 1998
1999, June 29, “Global Climate Change,” Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Washington D.C.
Bretton Woods Committee, 1984-1995
(3 folders)
Brookings Institution
Conferences and meetings
1986, Nov. 6, Board of Trustees, Washington, D.C.
Mar. 9, “Colloquium on Nuclear Operations and Command and Control,” Washington, D.C., 1986-1987
Apr. 30-May 1, Board of Trustees, Annapolis, Md.
1998, June 25-27, Trans-Atlantic Economic Dialogue Conference, Lansdowne, Va., 1997-1998
2000, Jan. 13-14, “Policy and the Presidency 2000,” Brookings Council Retreat, Washington, D.C.
BOX I:47 General, 1982, 1997-2002
Lardy, Nicholas R., “China's Unfinished Economic Revolution,” discussion group, 1997
Business Executives for National Security, 1991-1993
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, Calif., 1976, 1989-1990
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
General, 1988, 1994
Meeting, “Non-proliferation and Arms Control after the Cold War,” Washington, D.C., 1994
Center for the Study of Soviet Change, 1992
Council on Economic Priorities, 1990
Council on Foreign Relations
1968, 1982-1988
BOX I:48 1989-1997
European-American Project Advisory Group, 1983-1984
Luncheon in honor of McNamara, 1986
Meetings, 1994
June 10, “Population and Our Global Future,” New York, N.Y.
Oct.. 7-10, National Committee on United States-China Relations, Pocantico Hills, N.Y.
David K. E. Bruce Endowment Committee, 1979-1988
Doctors Without Borders USA, 1991
Drug Strategies, 1997-1999
East African Development Bank, 1986-1996
(2 folders)
East-West Center, 1989-1993
East-West Development Corp. (Mogilev Region), 1988-1989 See also Container I:10, Lurvink, Frans
Economists Against the Arms Race, 1991
Economists Allied for Arms Reduction
General, 1992-1995
BOX I:49 Symposium, Tokyo, Japan, 1998
Eisenhower Seminar, 1985-1991
Eminent Persons Group, meetings, 1992-1994
(2 folders)
Enterprise Foundation
Correspondence, 1983-1999
(2 folders)
1988, Jan. 5, Board of Directors, Washington, D.C., 1987-1988
1998, Nov. 11-12, Board of Directors, Charlotte, N.C., 1995-1998
1999, Aug. 16, Long-range Planning Committee, Charlotte, N.C., 1998-1999
BOX I:50 Reports and printed matter, 1984-1990, 1999-2000
(3 folders)
Environmental Development Consultants, 1993-1995
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