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Gifford Pinchot papers, 1770-1972

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Subject File, 1787-1943 (continued)
BOX 627 Miscellaneous, circa 1942-1943
Ball resolution
Britain (American Committee for Defense of British Homes)
Hetch Hetchy
Hoover, Herbert
India (American Committee for Increasing Indian Participation in the War)
Pennsylvania, Roadside Council
Political parties (Pennsylvania, 1942)
Postal card correspondence
Public power
Defense program
Rural Electrification Administtration
Arkansas cooperatives
Dairyland power cooperatives
Pennsylvania cooperatives
St. Lawrence power projects
Public utilities, investigation (Federal Power Commission)
War, China, correspondence
War, citizens for victory
BOX 628 War
Clippings and excerpts
Emergency Food and Housing Corps
Press releases on neutrality bill, 1941
Proposed letter to newspapers, 1942, Feb.
BOX 629 Forestry; Philippine Islands
BOX 630 Power monopoly correspondence, 1929
BOX 631 N-Z
BOX 632 Monopoly
Mooney case
Moore, J. Hampton
Morgan, Arthur Caradoc
Morgan, Arthur E.
Morgan, J. P. & Co.
Moro Education Foundation See Container 716, same heading
Morrow, Dwight W.
Mother's Day
Moving pictures
Multigraph Co.
Nagel, Pat.
National versus state
National Anti-Pollution League See Container 737, Stream pollution
National Board of Farm Organizations National Comm See Container 427, same heading
National Child Labor Committee See Container 611, Labor
National Commission for Defense of Water Power Act See Container 685, same heading
National Community Foundation
National Conservation Association See Containers 470-529, same heading
National Conservation Commission See Container 514, same heading
National Conservation Conference See Container 514, same heading
National Council of Agriculture and Country Life See Container 427, same heading
National Defense, Council of
National Defense Movements
National Efficiency
National forests See Containers 581-582, same heading
National Municipal Review
National Policy Committee
BOX 633 National Reform Association
National Resources Board
National Resources Committee
National Social Unit Organization
National Union for Social Justice
National Voters League
Nebraska Constitutional Convention
Neff, Pat M.
Appointments, 1922-1926
New England Town and Country Church Commission See Container 707, same heading
New Jersey
New Nationalism
New York World's Fair, New York, N.Y., 1939
Newell, F. H., diary, 1908-1910
Newell, John M.
Ney, Marshall
Niagara, S. S.
Nonpartisan League
Norris, George W.
BOX 634 Norris, George W.
North American Conservation Congress See Container 533, same heading
Northern Pacific Railroad See Container 611, Land cases
O'Fallon Railway Recapture Case See Container 680, Railroads
Ohio School of the Air
Administration oil bill-Governors' Conference, 1933
BOX 635 Investigation-Zook, Ralph T.
Old Age Security See Container 2396, Old age pension
Olson, Floyd B., governor of Minnesota
O'Neil, J. Denny
Correspondence, A-Z
BOX 636 Operas
Oregon trip See Container 742, Oregon
Osborn, Chase S.
Oxford Group
Pack, Charles Lathrop
Palmer, A. M.
Panama Canal
BOX 637 Panama Canal
Pardee Dam
Pardon Board
Parker, Carleton Hubbell
Parker, Edwin B.
Parker, John M.
Parks See Container 582, National Parks
Passports, application blanks
Patches (weekly tabloid)
Patterson, Ross V.
Commission to Study the Organization of Peace
German treaty
BOX 638 General
Kellogg-Briand Treaty
Neutrality Act
Repeal of 1939
Administration-supported bill
Correspondence, general
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