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BOX 1071-1353 Political Campaign File, 1912-1944
Correspondence and other papers relating to politics, political parties, and campaigns in which Pinchot was a candidate.
Arranged chronologically by date of campaign and alphabetically therein by subject or correspondent. Material relating to national and presidential campaigns and to politics is grouped at the end of the series
BOX 1071 Campaign correspondence and other papers
BOX 1072-1073 “Old correspondence-Progressive Movement, ”
BOX 1074 1919; 1926
BOX 1075 1926
BOX 1076 Campaign material
circa 1912-1914
BOX 1077-1078 circa 1914
BOX 1079 Campaign correspondence, circa 1922
“Aa-Bh” miscellaneous
Amweg, J. M.
Ayers, Philip W.
Barckley, Robert G.
Baker, W. Harry
Barnes, Wallace J.
BOX 1080 “Bi-Con” miscellaneous
Barr, Cadwallader
Beveridge, Albert J.
BOX 1081 “Bu” miscellaneous
“Coo-Do” miscellaneous
Bruere, Robert W.
Brown, Ernest Clive
Brown, Guy Watson
Bull, George R.
Coles, Russell J.
Darlington, Walter
Davey, M. L.
Davidson, Mrs. E.
Detrich, A. Nevin
Dewees, Arthur M.
BOX 1082 “Dr-Gy” miscellaneous
Dilg, Will H.
Drinker, Henry S.
Duke, Charles W.
Golden, Clinton I.
Gordon, Seth E.
Graves, Henry S.
Grundy, Joseph R.
Guenther, F. L.
Garfield, James R.
Gerard, Sumner
BOX 1083 “Eo-Han” miscellaneous
Girard Trust Co.
Flinn, William
Edmonds, Franklin Spencer
English, John N.
Eno, William P.
Farnham, John D.
Finegan, Thomas E.
Fisher, John S.
Hamilton, A. Boyd
BOX 1084 “Har-Hi” miscellaneous
BOX 1085 “Ra- Shy” miscellaneous
Reynolds, James Bronson
Shearer, William L.
Roosevelt, Theodore
Roper, W. W.
Rasmussen, Frederik
BOX 1086 “Si-Sty” miscellaneous
Smith, Harry L.
Slattery, Harry A.
Shoemaker, Henry W.
Sproul, William Cameron
Stuart, R. Y.
BOX 1087 “Sta-Tu” miscellaneous
BOX 1088 “U- We” miscellaneous
Warburton, Mrs. Barclay H.
Tonkin, William
Warren, B. H.
Watson, Albert L.
Walcott, F. C.
Wallace, Henry C.
BOX 1089 “Wh-Z” miscellaneous
Wells, Philip P.
Woodward, George
Woodruff, George W.
Wood, Mrs. Charles B.
BOX 1090 “A-B” miscellaneous
Appleby, Donald J.
Barcely, Robert G.
Baker, George W.
Barr, C. M.
Barber, P. J.
Ball, D. I.
Bair, Robert C.
BOX 1091 “B - C” miscellaneous
Clark, J. V.
Chalfant, Floyd
Campaign material and correspondence, 1922
Brown, Fred
Bolich, Charles M.
Boose, E. G.
BOX 1092 “C - E” miscellaneous
Detrich, Nevin
Decker, Sterling R.
De Golier, Spencer M.
English, John H.
BOX 1093 “F-H” miscellaneous
Fitzgerald, C. A.
Haggerty, W. C.
BOX 1094 “H-K” miscellaneous
Harvey, Ives L.
Harris, B. P.
Hect, H. T.
Jeffery, Joseph
BOX 1095 “K-M” miscellaneous
Long, Edward D.
McCarter, L. N.
McCormick, J. Rossa
BOX 1096 “A-G” miscellaneous
Allen, Jane
BOX 1097 “K-O” miscellaneous
Kenworthy, Mrs.
Labor Committee
Letter to colored and Jewish women
Moore, Mrs.
Melick, Mrs.
Musicians contract
BOX 1098 “P-Z” miscellaneous
Pearson, Mrs.
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