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Special Collections, 1900-1943 (continued)
BOX 2844-2845 Herbert A. Smith Papers, 1917-1943
Letters sent and received and miscellaneous items.
The material for the period 1917-1936 is alphabetically arranged; files for 1935-1943 are unsorted.
BOX 2844 1917-1936 (personal)
BOX 2845 Correspondence and other papers
1917-1936 (personal)
circa 1935-1943
BOX 2846-2862 J. M. Walker Papers, 1931-1934
Correspondence and miscellaneous items relating to public utilities.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX 2846 Abstract-Boroughs
BOX 2847 Boroughs-Candidates
BOX 2848 Candidates-House Investigation
BOX 2849 Legislation-Regulation
BOX 2850 Senate Investigation-Strikes
BOX 2851 Utilities, general
BOX 2852 Utilities, general- Congressional Record, 1934
BOX 2853 BOX 2853-2854 Congressional Record, 1934
BOX 2855 Congressional Record, 1934-General correspondence, A-C
BOX 2856 General correspondence
BOX 2857 L-R
BOX 2858 S-Z
BOX 2859 Congressional Record, 1934
BOX 2860 Congressional Record, 1934-House and Senate bills, 1931
BOX 2861 House and Senate bills, 1931
BOX 2862 House and Senate bills, 1931-Hearings
BOX 2863-2903 Philip P. Wells Papers, 1908-1929
Correspondence and miscellaneous items.
Arranged by subject.
BOX 2863-2867 General correspondence and printed matter
BOX 2868-2873 1910
BOX 2874 Conservation file, 1915-1928
Conservation history
Personal narratives
Office miscellaneous
Connecticut Forestry Association, 1925-1926
National Conservation Association
Conservation history-correspondence
U.S. Forest Service, 1925-1926
Committee on History of Forestry, 1923-1926
BOX 2875 History of conservation–miscellaneous documents
National Forests–grazing
BOX 2876 1926
Forest policy
BOX 2877 Forest legislation, Connecticut, 1921
BOX 2878 Forest devastation tax bill
Forest devastation, 1923-1925
Conservation history, bills in Congress pertaining to water power and mineral fuels and fertilizers
BOX 2879 1928 cover law, correspondence pertaining to
BOX 2880 Printed matter and general correspondence
BOX 2881-2889 Power and utilities, correspondence, subject files, and printed matter pertaining to
BOX 2890-2893 Giant power bills, general correspondence, articles, and miscellany pertaining to
BOX 2894-2897 Rural electrification, general correspondence, articles, subject files, and miscellany pertaining to
BOX 2898 Correspondence and other papers
circa 1913-1928
BOX 2899 1923
BOX 2900 1923-1929
BOX 2901-2902 1927
BOX 2903 1928
BOX 2904-2927 George W. Woodruff Papers, 1931-1935
Correspondence and miscellaneous items.
Arranged alphabetically by subject or name of correspondent.
BOX 2904 Applicants-Cases
BOX 2905 Cases-Electricity (A-H)
BOX 2906 Electricity (I-S)
BOX 2907 Electricity-Electric favorable (A-R)
BOX 2908 Electric favorable-Electric billing (A-B)
BOX 2909 Electric billing-Rural electric (A-L)
BOX 2910 Rural electric-Fair rate law
BOX 2911-1914 Fair rate law
BOX 2915 Fair rate law-Federal Power Commission
BOX 2916 Federal Power Commission-Gas
BOX 2917 Gas
BOX 2918 Interstate Commerce Commission-Oil
BOX 2919 Office-Rates
BOX 2920 Rates-Telephones
BOX 2921 Telephone-Water
BOX 2922 Water-Witnesses and general
BOX 2923 Correspondence
BOX 2924 He-Sa
BOX 2925 Se-Z
General correspondence
BOX 2926 G-W
Miscellaneous correspondence
BOX 2927 H-W
BOX 2928-3003 Miscellany, 1886-1940
Correspondence, real estate records, photographs, printed matter, notes, notebooks, maps, memorabilia, cards, and invitations. Material from Pinchot's second gubernatorial administration relates to government boards and commissions. Speeches and news releases are indexed in a card file.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 2928 Board and Commissions, 1931-1935
Architects, State Board of Examiners-Athletic Commission
BOX 2929 Athletic Commission-Blossburg State Hospital
BOX 2930 Bloomsburg State Teachers College-Children of the Commonwealth, Joint Committee to Investigate Wages and Labor Conditions of
BOX 2931 Clarion State Teachers College-Delaware River Bridge Construction
BOX 2932 Delaware River Canal Commission-Engineers, Registration Board for Professional
BOX 2933 Engineers, Registration Board for Professional Game Commission
BOX 2934 Game Commission
BOX 2935 Game Commission-Hazleton State Hospital
BOX 2936 Historical Commission, Pennsylvania-Judgeship, Allegheny County
BOX 2937 Judgeships
Allegheny County
BOX 2938 Allegheny County-Clarion County
BOX 2939 Clarion County-Philadelphia County
BOX 2940-2943 Philadelphia County
BOX 2944 Philadelphia County-Wyoming County
Kutztown State Teachers College-Lake Erie and Ohio River Canal Board
BOX 2945 Laurelton State Village-Locust Mountain State Hospital
BOX 2946 Magistrate of Philadelphia-Milk Control Board
BOX 2947 Milk Control Board-Mine Inspectors, Anthracite Examining Board
BOX 2948 Mine Inspectors, Anthracite Examining Board-Mothers Assistance Fund (Allegheny County-Beaver County)
BOX 2949 Mothers' Assistance Fund
Beaver County-Centre County
BOX 2950 Centre County-Delaware County
BOX 2951 Delaware County-Lackawanna County
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