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Governorship: Second Administration, 1931-1935 (continued)
Subject File, 1931-1935 (continued)
Health, Department of-Public Instruction, Department of
BOX 2496 Public Service Commission-Revenue, Department of
BOX 2497 Revenue, Department of-General
BOX 2498 Revenue, Department of-General
BOX 2499 Public Service Commission-Scranton Registration Commission
BOX 2500 Scranton Registration Commission-Strikes (coal)
BOX 2501 Speeches
Altoona-Flushing (N.Y.)
BOX 2502 Ford City-Mortgage Foreclosure Proclamation
BOX 2503 Mt. Vernon-Request for legislative vote (Lackawanna County)
BOX 2504 Request for legislative vote (Philadelphia County)-Rolph, Gov James (lynching)
BOX 2505 Safety Conference (Harrisburg)-State, Department of (Elections, Bureau of)
BOX 2506-2509 To obtain nomination to U.S. Senate–1934
BOX 2510-2515 State Emergency Relief Board–minutes of meetings
BOX 2516-2518 State employees–card lists of
BOX 2519 State, Department of-Strikes (Aluminum- Coal)
BOX 2520-2521 Strikes
Coal–Pennsylvania State Police reports
BOX 2522 1933
Allegheny County-Greene County
BOX 2523 Indiana County–General
BOX 2524 Pittsburgh Steel Drum Co.-General
BOX 2525 Coal
Avella-Pennsylvania State Police reports
BOX 2526 Pennsylvania State Police reports-General
BOX 2527 Hosiery-Upholstery
BOX 2528 Taxation-Unemployment (Articles)
BOX 2529 Unemployment
BOX 2530 Committees-Conferences
BOX 2531 Conferences–Departmental
BOX 2532 Departmental
Health-Labor and Industry
BOX 2533 Labor and Industry-Welfare
BOX 2534 Welfare-General
Food-Form letters, replies to
BOX 2535 Form letters, replies to
BOX 2536 Form letters, replies to-Home Coming Week
BOX 2537 Home Coming Week-Housing
BOX 2538 Housing-Organizations
BOX 2539 Organizations-Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)
BOX 2540 Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)-Plans (A-Fl)
BOX 2541 Plans
BOX 2542 Me-We
BOX 2543 Barter-Work Relief
Real Estate-Real Property Relief
BOX 2544 Relief Gardens-Special Session-932
BOX 2545 Special Session–1932
Senate bills-Legislative Information from Governor
BOX 2546 Legislative Information from Governor-Request
BOX 2547 Requests-General
Special Session–1931
History of bills-Bonus (Indiana County)
BOX 2548 Bonus (Lackawanna County)-Hearings before House and Senate
BOX 2549 Hearings before House and Senate-Talbot bill
BOX 2550 Talbot bill-General
BOX 2551 States-Statistics
BOX 2552 Statistics-state and county
BOX 2553 Statistics (counties-Public Instruction, Deparment of)
BOX 2554 Taxation-Technocracy
BOX 2555 Technocracy-U.S. government federal relief (Garner bill)
BOX 2556 U.S. government
Costigan-La Follette bill-S. Res. 85
BOX 2557 National Industry Recovery Act
Administrator, Pennsylvania-Civil works administrator, Pennsylvania
BOX 2558 Civil works administrator of Pennsylvania-Codes (coal)
BOX 2559 Codes (crushed stone)-Emergency conservation work
BOX 2560 Emergency conservation work-National Planning Board
BOX 2561 News releases-Public Works and construction projects
BOX 2562 Public Works and Construction projects
Federal projects
Tennessee Valley Authority-General
Pennsylvania projects
Annapolis-Delaware River Joint Commission
BOX 2563 Delaware River Joint Commission-Canals (Lake Erie)
BOX 2564 Flood control-Stoneboro
Public Works Federal Emergency Administration-General
Reconstruction Finance Corp. Act
BOX 2565 Committees-Grants
BOX 2566 Grants-“Relief of Destitution”
BOX 2567 Self Liquidating Projects-State Emergency Relief Board
BOX 2568 State Emergency Relief Board
Committee membership lists
Armstrong County-Luzerne County
BOX 2569 Lycoming County-general
BOX 2570-2571 Child Health Executive Conference
BOX 2572 Malnutrition Conference
BOX 2573 Malnutrition Conference-Community Markets
BOX 2574 Community Markets-general (correspondence by county)
Allegheny County
BOX 2575 Allegheny County-Perry County
BOX 2576 Philadelphia County-York County
County Employment Relief Board (general correspondence by county)
A-Berks County
BOX 2577 Bradford County-Lawrence County
BOX 2578 Lehigh County-Sullivan County
BOX 2579 T-general
State Emergency Relief Board
Attorney General
BOX 2580 Auditor General-Form letters, replies to
BOX 2581 Reconstruction Finance Corp. Act
State Emergency Relief Board
Form letters, replies to-Minutes
BOX 2582 Minutes
1932, Aug.-1933, Mar.
BOX 2583 1933, Apr.-Jun.
BOX 2584 1933, Jul.-1934, Jan.
BOX 2585 1934, Feb.-Oct.
BOX 2586 Data for minutes
1932, Oct.-1934, May
BOX 2587 1934, Jun.-1935, Jan.
BOX 2588 Office equipment and supplies-Reports
BOX 2589 Survey-General
BOX 2590 Reconstruction Finance Corp. Act, State Emergency Relief Board, general
Unemployment (general)-U.S. government
BOX 2591 U.S. Senate-Welfare, Department of
BOX 2592-2593 Welfare, Department of
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