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Governorship: Second Administration, 1931-1935 (continued)
Subject File, 1931-1935 (continued)
BOX 2547 Requests-General
Special Session–1931
History of bills-Bonus (Indiana County)
BOX 2548 Bonus (Lackawanna County)-Hearings before House and Senate
BOX 2549 Hearings before House and Senate-Talbot bill
BOX 2550 Talbot bill-General
BOX 2551 States-Statistics
BOX 2552 Statistics-state and county
BOX 2553 Statistics (counties-Public Instruction, Deparment of)
BOX 2554 Taxation-Technocracy
BOX 2555 Technocracy-U.S. government federal relief (Garner bill)
BOX 2556 U.S. government
Costigan-La Follette bill-S. Res. 85
BOX 2557 National Industry Recovery Act
Administrator, Pennsylvania-Civil works administrator, Pennsylvania
BOX 2558 Civil works administrator of Pennsylvania-Codes (coal)
BOX 2559 Codes (crushed stone)-Emergency conservation work
BOX 2560 Emergency conservation work-National Planning Board
BOX 2561 News releases-Public Works and construction projects
BOX 2562 Public Works and Construction projects
Federal projects
Tennessee Valley Authority-General
Pennsylvania projects
Annapolis-Delaware River Joint Commission
BOX 2563 Delaware River Joint Commission-Canals (Lake Erie)
BOX 2564 Flood control-Stoneboro
Public Works Federal Emergency Administration-General
Reconstruction Finance Corp. Act
BOX 2565 Committees-Grants
BOX 2566 Grants-“Relief of Destitution”
BOX 2567 Self Liquidating Projects-State Emergency Relief Board
BOX 2568 State Emergency Relief Board
Committee membership lists
Armstrong County-Luzerne County
BOX 2569 Lycoming County-general
BOX 2570-2571 Child Health Executive Conference
BOX 2572 Malnutrition Conference
BOX 2573 Malnutrition Conference-Community Markets
BOX 2574 Community Markets-general (correspondence by county)
Allegheny County
BOX 2575 Allegheny County-Perry County
BOX 2576 Philadelphia County-York County
County Employment Relief Board (general correspondence by county)
A-Berks County
BOX 2577 Bradford County-Lawrence County
BOX 2578 Lehigh County-Sullivan County
BOX 2579 T-general
State Emergency Relief Board
Attorney General
BOX 2580 Auditor General-Form letters, replies to
BOX 2581 Reconstruction Finance Corp. Act
State Emergency Relief Board
Form letters, replies to-Minutes
BOX 2582 Minutes
1932, Aug.-1933, Mar.
BOX 2583 1933, Apr.-Jun.
BOX 2584 1933, Jul.-1934, Jan.
BOX 2585 1934, Feb.-Oct.
BOX 2586 Data for minutes
1932, Oct.-1934, May
BOX 2587 1934, Jun.-1935, Jan.
BOX 2588 Office equipment and supplies-Reports
BOX 2589 Survey-General
BOX 2590 Reconstruction Finance Corp. Act, State Emergency Relief Board, general
Unemployment (general)-U.S. government
BOX 2591 U.S. Senate-Welfare, Department of
BOX 2592-2593 Welfare, Department of
BOX 2594-2812 Personnel Bureau File, 1931-1935
Applications, correspondence, and other records pertaining to employment, appointments, dismissals, and reclassification.
Grouped by topic or type of material and chronologically therein.
BOX 2594 Correspondence before Pinchot took office, 1931, Jan. 15
BOX 2595 I-R
BOX 2596 S-Z
BOX 2597 Applications, 1931-1935
BOX 2598 Bao-Bin
BOX 2599 Bio-Bre
BOX 2600 Brf-Bz
BOX 2601 Ca-Coh
BOX 2602 Coi-Cz
BOX 2603 Da-Don
BOX 2604 Doo-Er
BOX 2605 Es-Fou
BOX 2606 Fov-Gl
BOX 2607 Gm-Hai
BOX 2608 Hak-Heik
BOX 2609 Heil-Hof
BOX 2610 Hog-Je
BOX 2611 Jf-Kf
BOX 2612 Kg-Lap
BOX 2613 Laq-Los
BOX 2614 Lot-Mar
BOX 2615 Mas-Mooz
BOX 2616 Mj-McL
BOX 2617 Mos-Nz
BOX 2618 Pf-Oc
BOX 2619 Ra-Ror
BOX 2620 Prf-Rug
BOX 2621 Ruh-Shav
BOX 2622 Shaw-Smith R
BOX 2623 Smith S-Stez
BOX 2624 Swas-Thom
BOX 2625 Thon-Walk
BOX 2626 Wall-Wilk
BOX 2627 Will-Z
BOX 2628 Miscellaneous
BOX 2629 Departmental appointments, correspondence pertaining to, 1931-1932
Agriculture-Greater Pennsylvania Council
BOX 2630 Health
BOX 2631 Highways
BOX 2632 Highways-Labor and Industry
BOX 2633 Mines-Welfare
BOX 2634-2635 Game Commission appointments, correspondence pertaining to
BOX 2636-2637 Sponsor appointments and dismissals, correspondence pertaining to
BOX 2638 County lists for changes by contacts
BOX 2639 Miscellaneous material pertaining to applicants and employment
BOX 2640 Appointments
BOX 2641 Health-Labor and Industry
BOX 2642 M-Revenue
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