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Addition I, 1883-1941 (continued)
Financial File, 1899-1921 (continued)
BOX 3019 Apr.
Jun. (Milford accounts)
Oct. (Milford acct.)
Nov. (Milford acct.)
BOX 3020 Miscellaneous accounts
New York Trust Loan
New York State Bonds
Northern Pacific Great Northern Joints 4s
Note of Margaret D. Proctor and A. Phimister Proctor
Note, Lauck, W. Jett
Note, John Badoud
Notes of Horace S. Stokes
Note of Aug. 28, 1914, La Farge
Notes, promissory
Milford taxes, Cornelia Bryce Pinchot
Milford, 7th St. brick house
Milford, candidates for superintendent.
Milford, settlement of accounts, Gifford Pinchot and Cornelia Bryce Pinchot
Miscellaneous, financial
Morgan, Frenfell & Co., financial account, 1915
Mitchell, John Mutual Life Ins. Co.
National City Co.
National League of Women Voters
National Metropolitan Bank
Deed of trust, 1615 Rhode Island Avenue
BOX 3021 Personal petty cash account, Gladys H. Wassmann
Peabody Houghteling & Co.
BOX 3022 Pinchot, Mary Eno, estate
BOX 3023 Pinchot, Mary Eno, estate
BOX 3024 Pinchot, Mary Eno, estate
Monthly statements
Audit Dec. 31, 1926
64th Street building
BOX 3025 Pinchot, Cornelia Bryce
Pinchot, Cornelia Bryce, trust investments
Pinchot, Gifford and Cornelia Bryce, trust
Pinchot, Cornelia Bryce, expenditures, 1920
Pinchot, Gifford
Pinchot, Gifford, bills paid by for Cornelia Bryce Pinchot's account
Power of attorney, F. L. Guenther
Real estate
New York, 200-10 West 105th Street
2307 Broadway, settlement re sale, Oct. 1921
21 West 45th and 2307 Broadway
Lease, 2138 Locust
Philadelphia, 345 S. 18th
New York, N.E. corner 97th St. and 5th Avenue
Lease - 1615 Rhode Island Avenue
Inventory - 1615 Rhode Island Avenue
1615 Rhode Island Avenue, work done by Langley, 1899-1900 and title policy
1619 Rhode Island Avenue
Washington, D.C., value and dimensions
1622 N Street, Washington, D.C..
1622 N Street, Washington, D.C., alterations, 1911
Expiration of lease, 1622 N Street, Washington, D.C., Oct. 1924
Riggs National Bank, Gifford Pinchot
Riggs National Bank
Securities, Gifford Pinchot, Jan. 1921
Smathers note
South American gold mining stock, Cornelia Bryce Pinchot
BOX 3026 Stahlnecker, P.S., account as treasurer
Pinchot for governor campaign
Primary campaign, 1922
Senator campaign, expense account
State, 1914
Audit, 1914
Federal, 1914
Stahlnecker, P.S., expense statements
Statements, financial
Suter, Herman
Taxes, Washington, D.C.
Washington Biologist Field Club
White Salmon Fruit Co.
War savings stamps
Warner, George W., and Mary A.P., mortgage
Wood, Mrs. Chas B., will
Workmen's compensation to Dec. 31,1921
Workmen's Cooperative, stock, Cornelia Bryce Pinchot
BOX 3027 Woodruff, George W.
Milford property expenditures
Agent account, receipted bills and vouchers
Monthly statements
Rough statements
Vouchers, petty cash
Taxes, Cornelia Bryce Pinchot
Yale School of Forestry, New Haven, Conn., endowment
BOX 3028-3029 Card File, 1918
Cards relating to a report and correspondence concerning forest reserves.
BOX 3028 Report on the forest reserves
BOX 3029 Replies to Pinchot letter of 1918, Dec. 19
BOX 3030 Diaries, 1896-1929
Diaries and diary notes kept by Pinchot.
Arranged chronologically.
“Bitter Root,” 1896, Jul. 27-Aug. 20
Typescript, 1929
(6 folders)
Index to “South Sea Diary,” 1929
BOX 3031 General Correspondence, 1908-1938
Letters received and copies of letters sent, memoranda, and miscellaneous attachments.
Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent and therein chronologically by year.
BOX 3031 A-B, 1909-1929
C, 1908-1920
D, 1910-1923
E, 1914-1923
F, 1909-1921
G, 1913-1929
H, 1916-1937
I-K, 1910-1930
L-N, 1909-1935
O, 1916-1938
P-Q, 1909-1920
R, 1908-1924
S, 1909
T, 1909
V, 1909-1910
W-Y, 1909-1922
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