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Addition I, 1883-1941 (continued)
BOX 3031 General Correspondence, 1908-1938
Letters received and copies of letters sent, memoranda, and miscellaneous attachments.
Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent and therein chronologically by year.
BOX 3031 A-B, 1909-1929
C, 1908-1920
D, 1910-1923
E, 1914-1923
F, 1909-1921
G, 1913-1929
H, 1916-1937
I-K, 1910-1930
L-N, 1909-1935
O, 1916-1938
P-Q, 1909-1920
R, 1908-1924
S, 1909
T, 1909
V, 1909-1910
W-Y, 1909-1922
BOX 3032-3035 Subject File, 1903-1941
Correspondence, memoranda, minutes of meetings, notes, printed and near-print material, and reports.
Arranged alphabetically by topic.
BOX 3032 Agricultural Organization Committee
Acts of Parliament
Customs tariff, 1906
Automobile Club of America, 1919
Ballinger-Pinchot, interview, 1909
Capper bill
Colorado Coal Strike, 1914
Commission on Cost of Living, 1912
Commission on Social Insurance, 1912
Committee on Conservation of the Pennsylvania State Grange, 1919, undated
Committee on Organization of Government Scientific Work, 1903
Committee on Restoration of Pennsylvania's Timber Production, 1920
Congress, 1912-1921
Federal Power Commission bill, 1919-1920
General, 1919-1921
Water power on public lands, 1912
Conservation work, suggestions, 1913
Constitution of the Agricultural Organization Committee of America, 1913
Farmers and prosperity
Federal Board of Farm Organizations
Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America, 1918
Fire Protection on All Forest Lands, 1920
Forestry policy, U.S., 1919, proposed plan
Harrisburg Conference, 1920
Herbert C. Hoover, 1917
Hog producers, 1917
House of Representatives
Cooperation between the federal government and the states, 1920
Forest experiment stations, Pennsylvania, 1921
National Rivers Commission, 1914
National security and defense market, regulations and food distribution, 1917
Resolution 611, 1919
Law and order and the administration of justice report, 1920
Leasing bill for oil
Lenroot congressional record
Livestock Industry Committee report
William John McGee Memorial
General, 1912-1913
(3 folders)
BOX 3033 Undated
(2 folders)
Correspondence, A-W, 1916
Marketing farm products, 1913
Milk Committee of the Food Administration, 1917
Minority forest report, draft, 1919
National Board of Farm Organizations
National Conference of Progressive Republicans, 1919
National Conservation Association, 1920
National Headquarters for American Farmers
National Social Unit Organization, 1918-1919
Cincinnati, Ohio
National Water Power Conference bill
Naval Reserves
Organized Industrial and Agricultural Workers of Pennsylvania, 1918
Pennsylvania State Grange, 1918-1921
Cornelia Bryce Pinchot, 1915-1941
American Association for Labor Legislation, 1923
American Birth Control League, 1923, undated
American Federation of Teachers, 1920
American Museum of Natural History, 1923
Bureau of Occupations for Trained Women, 1923
Bureau of Women in Industry
BOX 3034 Children's Country Week Association, 1923
Congress of States Societies, 1923
Department of Farms and Markets, New York state, 1919
Direct legislation
Dogs, pedigrees, and kennels, 1920-1922
Employment of child labor regulations
Federal Food Administration, Women's Division, 1918
Foreign Policy Association
Girl Scouts, Harrisburg, 1923, undated
International Natural Educational Association, 1923
Juvenile Aid Society, Philadelphia, 1923
Law Enforcement League of Philadelphia, 1923
League of Women Voters, 1919-1923, undated
Lehlbach reclassification bill, importance to women, 1920
Maternity Center Association, New York, N.Y., 1923
Minimum wage bill, 1920
National American Woman Suffrage Association, New York, N.Y., 1923
National Committee For the Prevention of Blindness, New York, N.Y., 1923
National Consumers' League
National Kindergarten Association, 1923
National League of Girls' Clubs, 1922-1923
National Popular Government League, Washington, D.C., 1921
National Research Council
Passport, 1921
Pennsylvania Women's Suffrage Association
Philadelphia Farmington Society, 1919
Playground and Recreation Association of America, New York, N.Y., 1919
Prison Reform League of Pennsylvania
Problems relating to the employment of women
Protection of women's labor, 1917
Public Charities Association of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1919-1923
Red Cross plan and policies
Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania
Republican women, correspondence, 1920-1923, undated
Senate resolutions, 1912
Sheppard-Towner bill, 1921
Smith-Tower bill
Social and industrial justice, welfare laws, 1913
Sulgrave Institution
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