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Governorship: First Administration, 1917-1935 (continued)
BOX 1354-1480 Correspondence File, 1923-1932
Letters sent and received.
Arranged chronologically by year and alphabetically therein by subject or correspondent.
BOX 1354 Campaign expenditures
Adams, W. S., James J. Davis tie-up with Herbert Hoover and Republican National Committee in attempt to defeat Pinchot as presidential candidate
Armstrong, Joseph G.
Automobiles for state police
Barnes, Morgan
Bass, Robert Perkins
Bell, A. L. (chief boiler inspector of Allegheny County)
Butler, Smedley D.
Brown, William Adams
Campaign for senatorship
Campaign for senatorship, receipt for nominating petition
Coaldale State Hospital
Cotterrel, W. D. (Pennsylvania Training School, Morganza)
Cotton, A. L.
Coal and Iron Police
Auditor general (S. S. Lewis)
BOX 1355 Davis, James
Dewey, Philip H. (public utility meters)
Eddie Ray Roadhouse, raid on
Election frauds
Elverson, James, Jr.
Enoch, Albert E.
Farmers National Magazine
First Bank & Trust Co. case, Washington, Pa.
Game Commission
George, Ella M.
Giant Power Board
Glass, John H.
Glavis, Louis R.
Gleeson, B. J.
Gruenberg, Fred P.
Guyer, John P.
Hagenbach, Allen W.
Hay, William H.
Haines, Lynn
Henry, Edward W.
Jones, J. T. (Aetna Insurance Co.)
Judgeship, Allegheny County
Kaufman, David E.
Kennedy, Thomas
King, Clyde L.
Ku Klux Klan
Learell, John H.
Leslie, M. G.
BOX 1356 Potter, Ellen C.
Price, Barbara
Political situation, national
Police protection
Police chiefs
Mellon, A. W.
Morgan, Ruth
Owens, John J.
Penitentiaries, report on (Osborne and Kirchwey)
Raushenbush, H. S.
Reconstruction Finance Corp. files
Lewis, John I.
Lindsay, Katherine
Long, W. W.
MacNeillie, Raymond A.
Mann, Hon. Horace A.
Marsh, Daniel L.
Mauk, Lt. Jacob C.
Material for final message to legislature
BOX 1357 Registration Commission, Philadelphia
Rich, Sam D. (Ku Klux Klan)
Reitell, Charles
Rodell, Fred
Schenider, A. J.
Scranton Spring Brook Water Co.
Seymour, Maude T.
Shop Craft strike
Simpson, W. H.
Slattery, Harry A.
Smith, Herbert Knox
Speaking engagements for Mrs. Pinchot
Stahlnecker, P. S.
Stiteler, W. John, Jr.
Superintendent of public instruction
Tatro, J. A.
Walker, James J.
Washington report on Booze Kneeland
Weimer, Peter L.
Wells, Philip P.
Wright, P. D .
Wright, William Burnet
York County judgeship
BOX 1358 “A-Al” miscellany
Abbot, W. J.
Abells, Harry D.
Adjutant general's department, 1924
State Armory Board (Benjamin Deming)
Agricultural Department, 1924
BOX 1359 “All-Andr” miscellaneous
The American Bond
American Civil Liberties Union
Anderson, David
Anderson, Dr. Matthew
Antrim, Clarence D.
Auditor general, 1924
Auditor general's department
BOX 1360 “Ap-Bal” miscellaneous
Armstrong, Charles F.
Ayres, Philip W.
Baker, Colley S.
Attorney general's department, 1924
Baker, W. Harry
BOX 1361 “Bam-Bart” miscellaneous
Ball, Norman C.
Banking, 1924
Barclay, Hugh
Barfod, Einar
Barnes, Wallace J.
Barr, Cadwallader M.
Barr, Jere H.
Barr, Mrs. John
BOX 1362 “Bat-Bal” miscellaneous
Baxter, Percival P.
Beamish, Richard J.
Beers, Edward M.
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