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Governorship: First Administration, 1917-1935 (continued)
Correspondence File, 1923-1932 (continued)
Beers, Edward M.
Belfield, T. Broom
BOX 1363 “Belm-Bir” miscellaneous
Bell, Andrew J.
Bellevue-Stratford Hotel
Bellis, Berton
Bennetts, J. Mitchell
Bien, Morris
BOX 1364 “Bol-Bow” miscellaneous
Boggs, Samuel R.
Bok, Edward W.
Boose, E. G.
BOX 1365 “Boy-Brow” miscellaneous
Bowman, John G.
BOX 1366 “Bru-Bus” miscellaneous
Brown, Guy W.
Judge Brown's report
Buckley, Daniel
“C-Ch” miscellaneous
BOX 1367 “C-Ch” miscellaneous
Chalfant, Floyd
BOX 1368 “Chan-Cl” miscellaneous
Chalfant, Henry M.
Chalfonte, E. V.
Chaplin, I. M.
Chapple, Joe Mitchell
Christley, A. M.
Christy, Walter J.
Clutton, Paul D.
BOX 1369 “Clark-Conn” miscellaneous
Clark, J. V.
Conwell, Russell H.
Conkling, E. G.
Connelley, Clifford B.
BOX 1370 “Coo-Cos” miscellaneous
Cooke, Morris L.
Coolidge, Calvin
BOX 1371 “Cr-D” miscellaneous
Darlington, Walter
Daugherty, Harry K.
BOX 1372 “Dar-Del” miscellaneous
Davis, Albert
Davis, R. H.
Davis, J. Warren
DeGolier, Spencer M.
Deibler, David P.
BOX 1373 “Den-Dis” miscellaneous
Deppe, W. F.
Derrick, George W.
BOX 1374 “Do-Dur” miscellaneous
BOX 1375 “E-Em” miscellaneous
Eaches, Marcus B.
Eckman, Allen R.
Edmonds, Franklin Spencer
Edwards, F. G.
Egan, John W.
Ellis, Horace
BOX 1376 “En-F” miscellaneous
English, H. D. W.
Eyre, T. L.
BOX 1377 “Far-Fi” miscellaneous
Farnham, John D.
Fetterman, Mrs. J. Gordon
Fine, John S.
Finegan, Thomas E.
BOX 1378 “Fit-Fo” miscellaneous
Fisher, John S.
Fisheries, Department of
Fitzgerald, C. A.
Fleisher, Alfred W.
Flinn, William
Forestry, Department of
BOX 1379 “Fos-Fu” miscellaneous
Foss, George E.
Fowler, A. I.
Fuel Commission
BOX 1380 “G-Ge” miscellaneous
Gable, John E.
Game Commissioners, Board of
Gazzem, Mrs. Joseph M.
George, Ella M.
BOX 1381 “Gem-Goo” miscellaneous
Gill, Dr. Wilson L.
BOX 1382 “Gor-Gri” miscellaneous
Goodnough, C. J.
BOX 1383 “Gro-Hal” miscellaneous
Groonie, John C.
Grundy, Joseph R.
Griest, W. W.
Guckes Bros. & Hall
Guyer, John P.
Hagenbach, Allen W.
Hackman, Turner K.
BOX 1384 “Ham-Harrison” miscellaneous
Hansen, William
Hanna, John L.
Harer, Clyde W.
Harris, John P.
BOX 1385 “Hart-He” miscellaneous
Harter, T. C.
Harter, T. H.
Hartman, Clara Y.
Heagy, Richard
Health, Department of
BOX 1386 “Hef-Hes” miscellaneous
Heaton, Robert D.
Hepburn, Robert H.
Herman, John Armstrong
Hershey, John W.
BOX 1387 “Hi-Hoff” miscellaneous
Highway (Pictures)
Highway Department, Automobile Division
Highway Department, 1924
BOX 1388 “Hol-Hor” miscellaneous
Holt, Erwin A.
Horne, J. Ross
Houck, Paul
BOX 1389 “Hov-Hutt” miscellaneous
Hughes, Charles Evans
Humphrey, Richard L.
Hyat, Charles E.
Hylan, John F.
BOX 1390 “I-Je” miscellaneous
Iams, Lucy Dorsey
Insurance Department
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