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Governorship: First Administration, 1917-1935 (continued)
Correspondence File, 1923-1932 (continued)
Richter, Thomas D.
Riter, Frank M.
Rocap, William H.
Roper, W. W.
BOX 1451 “Rot-Sh” miscellaneous
Schnabel, Dan. R.
Scranton, Mrs. Worthington
Schwartz' Stuff
BOX 1452 “Si-Sr” miscellaneous
Shoemaker, Henry W.
Silzer, George S.
Smith, Bert E.
Smith, Fred B.
Snyder, Plymouth W.
Sproule, George F.
BOX 1453 “St-Taylor” miscellaneous
Stahlnecker, P. S.
Steele, Charles
Stewart, John L.
Stewart, John A .
Stewart, John L.
Stites, Fletcher W.
BOX 1454 “Te-Vi” miscellaneous
Tope, Homer W.
Vickerman, John W.
BOX 1455 “Von A-Wel” miscellaneous
Walcott, Charles D.
Walnut, T. Henry
Watson, Albert L.
Weingartner, George T.
BOX 1456 “Wer-Wilson”
Wells, Philip P.
BOX 1457 “Win-Z” miscellaneous
Woodward, George
Wright, William Burnett, Jr.
BOX 1458 “A-Bas” miscellaneous
Armory Board
Armstrong, Charles F.
Bair, Robert C.
BOX 1459 “Be-Bor” miscellaneous
Beamish, Richard J.
Barr, Cadwallader M.
BOX 1460 “Br-Car” miscellaneous
Breidenfield, K. M.
Cappellini, Rinaldo
BOX 1461 “Ch-Cor” miscellaneous
Chalfant, Harry M.
Cooke, Morris L.
BOX 1462 “Cu-Do” miscellaneous
Dale, Arthur C.
Dawson, J. W.
Dewey, Philip H.
BOX 1463 “Dr-Evans” miscellaneous
Dry Legion of America
Eyre, T. L.
BOX 1464 “Fe-Fr” miscellaneous
Fine, John S.
Fitzgerald, C. A.
Flinn, Charles E.
BOX 1465 “G-Gr” miscellaneous
George, Ella M.
Goodnough, C. Jay
Gregg, Morris E.
Graham, Louis E.
BOX 1466 “Gri-He” miscellaneous
Hanna, John L.
Harris, Frank J.
BOX 1467 “Her-Hu” miscellaneous
Howard, Clinton N.
Hudson, Thomas H.
BOX 1468 “I-Kelley” miscellaneous
Irvin, Charles H.
Kellogg, Frank B.
Keith, John D.
BOX 1469 “Kelly-Lan” miscellaneous
Kelly, M. Clyde
Kendrick, W. Freeland
Kennedy, Thomas
Kiess, Edgar R.
Kline, Josiah, Law Library
Kunkle, John E.
BOX 1470 “Lar-M” miscellaneous
Lauk, W. Jett
Lawrence, Mrs. John W.
Lewis, John L.
Lindermuth, Horace
Long, W. W.
BOX 1471 “Mad-McM” miscellaneous
Maxey, George W.
McGarr, K. L.
McGovern, Charles C.
BOX 1472 “Me-Myers” miscellaneous
Moore, D. Glenn
BOX 1473 “N-Pe” miscellaneous
National Farm School
Newell, F. H.
Pepper, George Wharton
BOX 1474 “Ph-Re” miscellaneous
The President
Reed, James A .
BOX 1475 “Rol-Schn” miscellaneous
Rocap, William H.
Schnabel, Dan R.
BOX 1476 “Schw-Smith” (A-M) miscellaneous
Scott, Samuel b.
Shoemaker, Henry W.
BOX 1477 “Smith (N-Z)-Stu” miscellaneous
Snyder, Plymouth W.
Sproule, George F.
Strowls, George B.
Steele, Charles
BOX 1478 “Su-U” miscellaneous
Tavernier, Rene
Tope, Homer W.
BOX 1479 “V-Wh” miscellaneous
Vickerman, John W.
Wallace, Robert L.
Watson, Albert L.
Wiener, Frank
Wells, Philip P.
BOX 1480 “Wi-Z” miscellaneous
White, Charles Fred.
Wheeler, Alexander
Wheeler, N. P.
Wilson, Samuel
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