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Governorship: First Administration, 1917-1935 (continued)
BOX 1481-1509 Subject File, 1917-1927
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX 1481 Address lists, invitations to dinner
Administrative code abstract
Budget, 1925-1927, Commission of Pennsylvania
Budget, former, 1927
Allocation of money to departments, 1926
American Academy of Political and Social Science
American Association for Labor Legislation
American Independence Week Celebration
American Library Association
American Mining Congress
American Prison Association
Armstrong & Himes, correspondence about
American Prison Conference
Anti Saloon League Convention, Chicago, Ill.
Agriculture, Department of, report, 1925-1926
BOX 1482 Appointment data, 1925
Appointments–Schuykill Co.
Agriculture, Bureau of Markets, statistics
Analysis of estimated unexpended balances
State College
Lump sum
Private charities and state-owned institutions
Public instruction
Auditor general certifications
Ashland Hospital
Atlantic Deeper Waterways Association, Richmond and Norfolk, Va.
Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf States Conference
Automobile numbers, 1927
Automobiles, state-owned, cabinet data
BOX 1483 Ballots
Banks, promoters of McAdoo bank
Battlefields, France and Belgium Committee to Investigate
Banking situation
Beetles, Japanese
Bell, John A.
Bills vetoed
Bills, administration, 1923
Bonds, printing
Bonds, cabinet, heads
Boiler Explosion Report
Boxing Commission, Dempsey-Tunney match
BOX 1484 Budget data
Executive Office
BOX 1485 Cabinet meetings
Employment other than state
Capitol Park improvements
Carnegie Trust
Childrens Code Commission Report
Civil service
Classification of positions
Clarion River Bridge controversy
Cities, zoning of
House bill 638
BOX 1486 Coal
Coal strike data
Governor's Coal Conference
Proposed Coal Control Act
S. D. Warriner (Lehigh Coal and Navigation Co.)
Correspondence from personal friends relative to coal situation
Coal agreement
Newspaper clips relative to coal strike
BOX 1487 Labor bulletins
Constitutional advertising
Correspondence relative to first coal conference, 1923, Nov. 26
Newspaper clips relative to coal strike
Report of conference, 1923, Dec. 13
Coal data
Special police
Messages to and from Calvin Coolidge relative to coal situation
Coal strike communications answered
BOX 1488 Coaldale investigation
Coal data, 1925
BOX 1489 Coal data, 1925
Administration, congratulatory letters received at close of
Administrative code data
Commission on election laws, letters asking people to serve
BOX 1490 Commission on Election Laws, miscellaneous correspondence and data
BOX 1491 Compensation law of Pennsylvania
Committee on Organization of Government Scientific Work
Congratulatory messages at close of administration
BOX 1492 Coroner's report, annual, 1923
World's Diary Congress
Davis, Thomas
David, E. B.
Council letters
Conference social work
National Conference of Social Welfare
Conference on Child Labor, 1924, May
National Rivers and Harbors Congress
Constitutional amendments, 1925
Convicts, employment of
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, extra session report, 1926
Cook Forest
Conference of District Attorneys, 1924, Aug.
BOX 1493 Delaware River Bridge Joint Commission, general correspondence and data
BOX 1494 Delaware River Bridge Joint Commission, general correspondence and data
Department heads and boards, letters to at close of administration
Dr. King, 1926
Supreme Court, 1926
Dinner and conference, 1926, Jan. 12
Governor's, 1923
Dinner, 1926, Mar. 8
Dolla case
Data on Edmond Law
Election bills, 1926 legislature
Educational message, 1924
Educational committees
BOX 1495 Election law data, miscellaneous
National Drainage Conference, 1924
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