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Governorship: First Administration, 1917-1935 (continued)
Subject File, 1917-1927 (continued)
BOX 1496 Employment blanks
Employee list, 1927
Employees in Department, numbers of
Enforcement bill, data on
Executive Board
Executive orders
BOX 1497 Expenditures, monthly report
Expenditures, estimate for FY1927
Final message to legislature, congratulatory letters on
Financial row
Fink, Harry, notary public, complaint against
Irving, Fisher
Farewell to Capitol Hill, Pinchot bids
Forest and waters, water power and resources
World's Forestry Conference
Sanitary Water Board, report, 1923-1926
French Creek Improvement Co.
Game Commission, Board of
Game code, draft of
Governors, list of, 1926
Grand jury report, 1924
Grange, resolutions passed at state, 1923
Great Lakes and Harbors Association
Hamburg Sanitarium, power situation
BOX 1498 Highways
Highway audit, P. D. Wright
Highway patrol
Highway funds, protest against using for Capitol Plaza
Highway regulations
Highway, Oil City-Reno
Highway bonds
Holcombe, Wright, Kiess, allocation of Road Eagles Mere
Hillman Coal and Coke Co.
Hocauser, regarding Senate not confirming
Hospital inspection trip, 1925
Highways, Department of
BOX 1499 House committee chairmen
House employees, 1923
Hysong, R. V.
Inaugural data
Inspection of state institutions, itinerary
Insurance Committee, House
International Mathematical Conference
Allegheny County
Jones, Mattie
Kraft, Eleanor
Kuehner, E. V.
Labor and Industry, Department of, report, 1926
Law enforcement
Haynes, R. A., Major, 1923-1925
Mellon, Andrew W., 1923-1926
BOX 1500 Legislature, miscellaneous data
Lewis, John L.
Legislative letters
Load Curve Committee
Loans from banks by politicians
Mayors Conference, 1924
McLeod, Governor
BOX 1501 McAllister, J. B.
Milano Fifth International Road Congress
Mead Memorial
Moore, Frank, bill on fishing regulation
Mottoes, state
Mississippi Valley Association
Narcotic Education, World's Conference, 1926
National Council of Social Work
National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws
Main and Co., auditors
Motion picture material
BOX 1502 Newspaper clippings, 1924, 1926
National Rivers and Harbors Congress
National Conference on State Parks
Navy and Marine Memorial, Pennsylvania Committee on
New Jersey Society of Pennsylvania, dinner, 1923
Nominations by the governor, 1925
Normal School Survey Report
Notary public mixup, 1923
“Nut” file, 1924
Opinion, G. W. W. on P. R. T. valuation, 1925
Opinions of G. W. W. on legality of welfare
Eastern Penitentiary Site Commission, summary of report of
BOX 1503 Personnel, plan
Phillipps, John M.
Primary returns, 1924
Presidential electors
Peoples Savings Bank
Kendrick, W. Freeland
Palmer–Schuylkill Co.
Pamphlets, 1926 extra session
Penitentiary, Eastern, investigation, 1924
Penitentiary, Western
Prison industries
Penitentiaries, study of the state, by H. H. Hart
BOX 1504 “Productive Industries,” forward by secretary of internal affairs
Philadelphia, saloons, report
Proclamations, foreign and by other governors
Prohibition Conference, 1924
Public Instruction, Department of
Public Service Commission
Correspondence, 1923-1927
Market St. Subway Commission, 1925
Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co., 1924-1925
General, 1924-1926
Receptions at governor's mansion
BOX 1505 Receptions
Republican city chairmen and vice chairmen
Registration Commission, annual report, 1926
Governor's office
State Employees Retirement System
State Employees Retirement Board
Retirement Fund
Rothrock Memorial
Rykola case
Scranton, school shortage, Moyer letter
Swartz, Philip
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