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Some or all content stored offsite.
Governorship: First Administration, 1917-1935 (continued)
Prohibition Enforcement, 1923-1927 (continued)
Closed saloons, miscellaneous
BOX 1596 Complaints
BOX 1597 T-W
Names and addresses
Attorney general
American Express Co.
Applicants for positions
BOX 1598 Governor's office
BOX 1599 K-V
BOX 1600 W-Z
District attorneys
Counties, A-Y
BOX 1601 Report to governor by state investigators relative to Philadelphia County
BOX 1602 Report to governor by state investigators relative to Philadelphia County
Luzerne County
BOX 1603-1604 Luzerne County
BOX 1605 Luzerne County
Northampton County
BOX 1606 Northampton County
Westmoreland County
BOX 1607-2812 Governorship: Second Administration, 1931-1935
BOX 1607-2134 Correspondence File, 1931-1935
Letters sent and received.
Arranged chronologically by year and alphabetically therein by name of correspondent.
BOX 1607 Correspondence, 1931
“A-Albert” miscellaneous
Abbott, Edwin M.
Abry, Charles G.
Acheson, Alexander N.
Acme Coal Mining Co.
Acquardo, Martin
Adams, Bertha May
Adams, Charles F.
Adams, Gertrude
Adams, Herbert L.
Adams, J. W.
Adams, Lynn G.
Adams, W. S.
Adamson, Rachel
Adjutant General
Agnew, Frank R.
Agnew, Robert
Agriculture, Department of
Ahern, George P.
Albertson, E. H.
BOX 1608 Albrecht, Emil P.
Aldinger, J.D.
Alessandroni, Eugene V.
Alexander, Raymond Pace
Algeo, Mrs. J.W.
Algeo, Sara M.
Allegheny County
Allison, C.E.
Allison, Joseph W.
Alsdorf, E.A.
Altemus, Bessie Dobson
Althouse, Alfred K.
Alworth, H. S.
Amaranth, Citizens of
Ambrose, F. S.
Ambruster, Howard W.
American Country Life Association
American Game Conference
American Legion
American Library Association
“Albi-American E” miscellaneous
BOX 1609 “American I-Ap” miscellaneous
American Prison Association Congress
American Red Cross
American Public Health Association
American Rolling Mill Co.
Anders, James M.
Anderson, E. H.
Anderson, Frank
Anderson, G. G.
Anderson, George A.
Anderson, William H.
Andrews, Harry E.
Andrews, John B.
Appel Christ
Appel George F. Baer
Appel Theodore B.
BOX 1610 “App-Ash” miscellaneous
Apple, Benjamin
Apple, J. F., Co.
Appleby Bros. and Whittaker Co.
Appleby, J. Donald
Appropriations House Committee
Archer, F. P.
Arden, John J.
Arienzo, William
Armitage, Clyde F.
Armory Board, Pennsylvania State
Armstrong, C. F.
Armstrong County commissioners
Arnold, Arthur F.
Arnold, John C.
Arnold, Josephine
Arnold, W. A.
Ashley, George H.
Ashley, Moses M.
BOX 1611 “Ashl-Ay” miscellaneous
Askewith, Herbert
Atkinson, William W.
Atlantic Coastal Highway Association
Atlantic Deeper Waterways Association
Atlantic Refining Co.
Attorney general
Atwood, Harry
Atwood, M. V.
Auditor general
Austin, F. J.
Automobile license tags, unofficial on official cars
BOX 1612 “B-Baker P” miscellaneous
Bacharach, Harry
Backman, Joseph P.
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