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Chandler P. Anderson papers, 1894-1953

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Office File, 1896-1933 (continued)
Early treaties
Reference material
BOX 38 Counsel for Morris and Co. Sernia case, 1916-1923
Correspondence, 1916-1931
BOX 39 Notice of appearance, summons, brief, agreement
Opinion by Barry, Wainwright, Thacker, Symmers
Legal adviser for U.S., Washington Conference on Limitation of Armament, 1921-1922
Correspondence, 1921-1922
Four Power Treaty and drafts
Treaties on submarines and poisonous gas
Nine Power Treaty (with drafts)
BOX 40 Five Power Treaty (with drafts)
Credentials of delegates and list of members
Reports of committees
Proposal for Commission of Inquiry
Proposal for limitation of naval armament
Addresses by Charles Evans Hughes and Henry Cabot Lodge
Appeal by Korea
Press release, 1921, Dec. 10
Reference materials, clippings, miscellany
BOX 41 Arbitrator, American-Norwegian Shipping Claims
Arbitration, 1921-1926
With president of tribunal
BOX 42 With secretary of state
Transcript of proceedings (printed)
Annotated proofs of proceedings
Index markers to verbatim proceedings
Transcripts of verbatim proceedings
1922, July 25-28
BOX 43 1922, July 31-Aug. 17
BOX 44 1922, Aug. 21-Oct. 13
Miscellaneous drafts of verbatim proceedings
Award of tribunal
BOX 45 Dissenting statement by Anderson
Draft award of president of tribunal
Memoranda of Anderson
BOX 46 Memoranda of Norwegian arbiter
Notes of president's first statement
Notes on conferences
Diary, 1922, July-1923, Jan. (duplicate)
Press releases
Paper on tribunal by Anderson's assistant
BOX 47 Counsel for Costa Rica, British-Costa RicanArbitration, 1922-1923
Agreement, list of exhibits, award
Extracts from legal authorities
BOX 48 Extracts for legal authorities
List of documents
Press releases and clippings
Reference materials
BOX 49 Legal adviser for International Harvester Co., claims against Soviet Union, 1923-1936
Correspondence, 1923-1936
BOX 50 Correspondence relating to fee arrangements
Diary, relating to case, 1923-1924 (duplicate)
Statement of claims
Translation of Soviet Civil Code, 1923
Press releases from State Department
Notes and extracts from legal authorities
Printed matter
Clippings about Soviet Union
BOX 51 Counsel for Nicaragua, claim for U.S. income tax refund, 1919-1923
Charter and financial statements
Tax returns
Counsel for Nicaragua, petition for removal of R. R. Hill from Nicaragua High Commission, 1923
BOX 52 Legal and foreign affairs adviser for Nicaragua, 1921-1932
BOX 53 1926-1932
BOX 54 Reports
Diary, 1925-1927 (duplicate)
Legal documents
Press releases
Printed matter
BOX 55 American Commissioner, U.S.-Germany Mixed Claims
Commission, 1928-1933
Decisions, nos. 1-58
Report of American commissioner
BOX 56-57 Subject File, 1910-1936
Correspondence, clippings, notes, printed and near-print material, and reports.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX 56 Board of U.S. General Appraisers
Costa Rica
El Salvador
Fur Seal Industry of Pribilof Island, Alaska
Inland fisheries
National Civic Federation
Pan American Financial Conference, 1915, 1920
Peace Treaty and League of Nations
Correspondence, 1918-1920
BOX 57 “Memo showing changes made in treaty at my suggestion”
Draft of Senate resolutions
Notes of meeting at President Woodrow Wilson's residence
Notes and reference material
Prisoners of war
World Court of International Justice
BOX 58-60 Speeches and Writings File, 1907-1936
Correspondence, bibliographies, drafts of writings, and printed copies of writings.
Bibliographies begin the series, and book reviews conclude it. Other material is arranged chronologically by date of publication or by date of composition if unpublished.
BOX 58 Bibliography of writings
Articles, speeches, and editorials
1907, “Extent and Limitations of Treaty-Making Power under the Constitution
“The Final Outcome of the Fisheries Arbitration”
“Issues between the United States and Great Britain in Regard to Panama Canal Tolls” speech
1914, “Panama Canal Tolls”
1917, “Freedom of the Seas”
1918-1919, “Guatemala-Honduras Boundary Negotiations”
1919, “International Executives
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