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Speeches and Writings File, 1882-1938 (continued)
Utica, N.Y., 24 Apr. 1911
Chicago Association of Commerce, Chicago, Ill.
11 Nov. 1913
14 Oct. 1914
Citizens of
El Paso, Tex., 23 Dec. 1914
North Westminister, Vt., undated
City Club, Baltimore, Md., 5 Dec. 1914
Colonial Dames, Washington, D.C., 11 May 1914
Commercial Club
Minneapolis, Minn., 22 Aug. 1911
Portland, Ore., 3 Aug. 1911
Tacoma, Wash., 7 Aug. 1911
Commercial organizations and people of Astoria, Oreg., 5 Aug. 1911
Committee of One Hundred, 1933
Elks' Flag Day, Burlington, Vt., 16 June 1935
European situation, 1936
Fifth district convention of the Florida Realty Boards
Foreign Commerce Association, Baltimore, Md., on "Baltimore and the Panama Canal," 7 May 1914
Foreign Trade Expansion Conference, Richmond, Va., 29 Sept. 1914
Ground-breaking ceremonies of the Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, 29 July 1911
"History of Argentina"
Illinois Manufacturers Association, Chicago, 3 Dec. 1913
Independence Day celebration, Bennington and Westminister, Vt., 5 July 1920
Knights of Columbus, Washington, D.C., 18 Oct. 1914
Lions Club, Miami Beach, Fla., Jan. 1933
Luncheon given by the Directorate of the Panama Pacific International Exposition, 28 July 1911
Meeting of the Educational Conference for Foreign Training Service, 31 Dec. 1915
Mexican recognition dinner, 17 Oct. 1923
Mississippi Valley Commercial Conference, Memphis, Tenn., 19 Nov. 1914
Municipal Art Society of Baltimore, Md., banquet, 3 Apr. 1908
New Orleans Association of Commerce, New Orleans, La.
New York Mayor's Committee on National Defense banquet, New York, N.Y., 21 Aug. 1918
New York Produce Exchange
Pan American Commercial Congress
15 Dec. 1930
(2 folders)
Pan American League
6 Feb. 1935
25 Feb. 1935
Pan American Society luncheon given in honor of President-Elect Pessoa of Brazil, New York, N.Y., 26 June 1919
Pilgrims of the United States in honor of Lord Northcliffe, New York, N.Y., 5 Nov. 1908
Poor Richard Club, Philadelphia, Pa., 4 June 1912
Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Atlanta, Ga., 22 Feb. 1919
Saturday discussion of the Republican Club, on "The Panama Canal and Pan American Commerce," 10 Feb. 1912
Spokane's interests in the Panama Canal and American Trade, 18 Aug. 1911
University of Miami celebration in honor of Washington's birthday, Miami, Fla., 22 Feb. 1927
Woman's Club, on "The Outlook of the World, America and Vermont for 1926," Rutland, Vt.
Young Men's Christian Association meeting, 17 Nov. 1917
Response to toast "New Pacific," at the New England Society annual festival, 22 Dec. 1899
Statement made at luncheon given by Pan American Society at the Bankers Club
BOX 114 Speeches, articles, and similar material by others
"Manifesto," by Emilio Aguinaldo, 5 Jan. 1899
Pan American Congress of Journalists, by Abel Villegas Arango, 9 Apr. 1926
Pan American Union, on the occasion of presenting a bust of General Francisco de Miranda, by Dr. Pedro Manuel Arcaya, 12 Apr. 1933
"A Planned New Pan Americanism," by John Eldridge Allen, 1933
"Porto Rico: The Seat of the Future Pan American University," by Bailey K. Ashford
Biographical sketches and notes of John Barrett, by Mary F. Barrett and others
(2 folders)
Chicago Association of Commerce, by Dr. Esteban Gil Borges, 25 May 1921
Speech made at Pan American Society dinner, by William Jennings Bryan, 15 May 1913
Dedication exercises of the building of the International Bureau of the American Republics, Washington, D.C., by Andrew Carnegie, 26 Apr. 1910
Station WRNY, New York, N.Y., by James S. Carson, 14 Oct. 1932
"Answering the Only Objection to Making the Prohibition of War a Basic Principle of International Law," by Samuel Colcord
"The Greatest and Most Beneficent Undertaking Ever Conceived in the Brain and Heart of Man," by Samuel Colcord
Mission Day at San Diego, Calif., by Bishop Conaty, 19 July 1911
"The American Intervention in West Florida," by Isaac J. Cox
Traffic Club, World's Fair Centennial celebration, Chicago, Ill., by Rufus C. Dawes, 17 Dec. 1920
"The American Merchant Marine," by Jacob H. Gallinger
"New Pan Americanism in the Making," by Phillip Leonard Green
"The Crisis in Pan American Relations," by G. Charles Hodges
American Society of International Law," by Charles Evans Hughes, 28 Apr. 1927
"The Centenary of the Monroe Doctrine," 30 Nov. 1923
Lincoln Day Dinner, National Republican Club, New York, N.Y.
Union League Club, by Herbert Hoover, 22 Feb. 1922
Lincoln Day Dinner, National Republican Club, New York, N.Y.
Second Pan American Scientific Congress, on "Pan Americanism," Washington, D.C., 27 Dec. 1915, by Robert Lansing
"Is the United States a Friend of Latin America?" by A. M. Levert
"The Trans-Isthmian Canal Problem," by William Ludlow
"The Strategic Features of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea," by A. T. Mahan
"A Twentieth-Century Outlook,"
"Monroe Doctrine," by Severo Mallet-Prevost, 2 Dec. 1923
"The Effect That Signing of Peace with Germany Will Have upon the Standards of the Wage Earners of the United States," by W. E. Maloney
A special message to the American People, by Dr. Carlos Melendez, President of El Salvador, 10 Dec. 1918
Dinner given by Mayor of New York to Venezuelan Special Mission on Bolivar Day, Baltimore, Md., 19 May 1921, by John Bassett Moore
"On the Bed of Clover: International Relations between North and South America," by Ernesto Nelson
"Commercial Importance of Central and South Americas," by Francis Frisbie O'Donnell, Jan. 1932
"Artificial Pneumo-Thorax Therapeutics," by Dr. J. A. de Oliveira Botelho
Centennial of the Brick Meeting House, by Samuel B. Pettingill, 3 Sept. 1933
"Where Would Lincoln Stand Today?" by Samuel B. Pettengill, 6 Oct. 1930
"American Business and Latin America," by Palmer E. Pierce, May 1930
Pan American Union, on the occasion of presenting a bust of General Francisco de Miranda, by Dr. Adrian Recinos, 12 Apr. 1933
Dinner tendered to John L. Merrill, President of the All American Cables, by L.S. Rowe
"United States Foreign Trade, 1903-22," by Clement Schwinges
"The Monroe Doctrine and Pan Americanism," by Leland Stanford, Jr.
"The Meaning and Significance of Pan Americanism," opinion by statesmen of Latin America, 1 Jan. 1929
"Present Situation of Business in the Philippine Islands," by W. F. Stevenson
Sermon, "On Death," by Somdetch Phra Vanarat
American Academy of Political and Social Science, Philadelphia, Pa., by J. Varela, 1 Dec. 1923
"Barrett: Hunter Extraordinary and Fisherman Plentyotendency," by Richard M. Winans
BOX 115-117 Financial Papers, 1871-1938
Account books, correspondence, bills and receipts and expenditures, canceled checks and checkbooks, and miscellaneous financial papers.
Arranged primarily chronologically within each file.
BOX 115 Account books
(5 vols.)
Accounts, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1902-1903
Correspondence, 1871-1931
BOX 116 Bills, receipts and expenditures
(5 folders)
1896-Aug. 1897
(5 folders)
BOX 117 Sept.1897-Dec. 1898
(2 folders)
1921-24, undated
(2 folders)
Canceled checks and checkbooks, 1895-1938
Miscellaneous financial papers, 1894-1929
(2 folders)
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