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John Barrett papers, 1861-1943

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Subject File, 1899-1935 (continued)
Colorado Nation Guard
Columbus Day
Commercial to China and the Far East, a resolution
Committee on the Bulletin
Committee on Foreign Extension Work
Conference of diplomats of countries composing the International Union of American Republics
Consulship, Osaka, Japan
Dartmouth College Alumni Association
Department of State, press releases
Diplomatic list, Oct. 1905
Disarmament Conference and Pacific questions
Eighteenth Amendment and the Volstead Act
Excursion to Puebla
Far East, Chinese-Japanese crisis
First Pan American Congress of Journalists, 7-13 Apr. 1926
Food supply problem to be solved by Latin America, 11 May 1917
Foreign and domestic commerce
Great Lakes, St. Lawrence Waterway
Harding, Warren G., Conference on Unemployment, Washington, D.C., 1921
Hoover, Herbert, to the rescue of Germany
Illinois and Pan America
Inter-American Conference for the Maintenance of Peace, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1935
Inter-Nation Association of Rotary Clubs
International Bureau of American Republics
Dedication of new building, 26 Apr. 1910
Memorandum for the press
Register, 1 July 1906
International Bureau of Trade Extension
International Conference of American States, fifth conference
1 Nov. 1922
6 Dec. 1922
International High Commission, 4 Feb. 1916
BOX 96 International Pan American Committee
(4 folders)
Hoover, Herbert, Good Will Mission to Latin America
Good Will Program
International Pan American Conferences
2nd , Mexico, 1902
(2 folders)
5th , Santiago, Chile, 16 Jan. 1928
6th, Havana, Cuba, 16 Jan. 1928
7th, Montevideo, Uruguay, Dec. 1933
International relations versus international conflict
Investigation of revolutionary propaganda of communists in the United States
Isle of Pines Treaty
Isthmian Canal Commission
Italo-Abyssinian dispute, 1936
Jacksonville, Fla., port conditions
Jamestown Ter-Centennial Expedition
Kappa Kappa Kappa Society, report of property committee
Lake Mohonk Conference on International Arbitration
Latin America
BOX 97 Argentina
Commercial situation and Chicago's relationship, 17 June 1915
Dominican Republic
War situation
League to Enforce the Peace, 6 Mar. 1922
Lecturer's Conference on Public Opinion and World Peace
Legation of the United States at Buenos Aires, Argentina, a bill before the U.S. Congress
Limitation of Armaments Conference and Far Eastern questions
Louisiana Purchase Exposition
McConnell Rest Home
Monroe Doctrine
National Association of Manufacturers, 31 Mar. 1905
National Conference of Social Work, Providence, R.I., 27 June 1922
National Press Building, prospectus
New Building of the International Bureau of the American Republics
New England Conference
New England City and Town Clerks Association, 6 Oct. 1928
New England Council
Office of the Assessor of the District of Columbia, 1 July 1919
Oregon National Guard
BOX 98 Panama
Panama Canal, Culebra Cut
Panama-Pacific International Exposition, 19 Aug. 1913
Panama-Pacific International Exposition Co., abstract of bylaws, 1911
Pan America
Pan America and Central America
Pan America and Pan Americanism
Pan America and the War
Pan America's Permanent Peace Tribunal and Office
Pan American Club
Pan American College of Commerce
Pan American Commerce
(2 folders)
Pan American Commercial Conferences, First, Washington, D.C., 13-17 Feb. 1911
Pan American Commercial Congress, 13-16 Dec. 1926
Pan American Committee of the United States, meeting, 1 Jan. 1911
Pan American Conference of Women
Pan American Conference on the Mexican Situation, 7 Aug. 1915
Pan American Day
Pan American Division, Associated Advertising Clubs of the World
Pan American Financial Conferences
1 May 1915
8 May 1915
29 May 1915
Pan American League, report
Pan American League of Nations
Pan American Preparedness Appeal to
Illinois, 20 Feb. 1916
New York, 5 Mar. 1915
Pan American Reciprocal Trade Conference, Sacramento, Calif., 6 Aug. 1930
Pan American School of Commerce, Panama City, Panama
Pan American Situation
Pan American Student League, New York, N.Y.
Pan American Society of the United States, New York, N.Y.
(2 folders)
Pan American Trade Mark Convention
BOX 99 Pan American Union
(3 folders)
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