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BOX 101-114 Speeches and Writings File, 1882-1938
Handwritten and typewritten drafts, proofs, printed and near-print copies, notes, and research material relating to speeches and articles published by Barrett, manuscript drafts of books, reports, and articles and speeches by others.
Arranged alphabetically by title within each file.
BOX 101 School papers
"Anarchism in America"
"Chester A. Arthur as President"
"The Character of Portia as Surpassing That of Antonio"
"Debating Societies"
"General Butler's Political Prospects," 1882
"I Dare Do All That May Become a Man, or True Courage"
"Law and Lawyers: A General View"
"The New South of Today," 1889
"Persistency of Effort," 21 Sept. 1882
"The Problem of Social Life," 1886
"Resolve: That the South Holds Out More Inducements for Young Men Than the West or North"
"Roman Law," 1889
"A Romance of the Metropolis"
"Slavery and the Constitution"
"Some Dangers Which Threaten Our Nation"
"The South," 1887
"The Stability of This Republic"
"Thoughts on Bulwer's Last Days of Pompeii," 22 Oct. 1887
"A True Story of a Southern Young Man's Adventures"
"Daniel Webster and the Compromise of 1850"
Untitled, 3 July 1882
Speeches, articles, and similar material
Address, Acacia Club, 15 Nov. 1935
American Association of University Women, Miami Branch, 1933
American Geographic Society
American Geological Society, New York, N.Y., 1908
American Luncheon Club, on "Pan America and the War"
American Manufacturers Export Association monthly luncheon, 28 May 1913
American Political Science Association, Madison, Wis., 28 Dec. 1907
Associated Commercial Travelers of America at their luncheon, New York, N.Y., 14 Feb. 1917
Board of Trade
Detroit, Mich., 22 Feb. 1907
Newark, N.J., on "Latin America: Our Great Commercial Opportunity," 17 Oct. 1907
Washington, D.C., 9 May 1913
Worcester, Mass., 2 May 1907
"British and French Viewpoints of the Effect of the War upon the American Republics"
Broadcast by the Columbia Broadcasting Co.
Carnegie Hall under auspices of the Humanitarian Society, on "A Pan American League"
Celebration of the first anniversary of the granting of citizenship to the Porto Ricans, 3 Mar. 1918
Chamber of Commerce
Bombay, India
Boston, Mass., on "The Markets of China and the Far East"
Denver, Colo., 21 Dec. 1900
Erie, Pa., on "Latin America: An Unrivaled Opportunity for the Development of Our Foreign Trade," 17 Dec. 1908
Fairhaven, Vt., 20 Nov. 1931
New York, N.Y., 1898
Chicago Association of Commerce
Chicago Woman's Club, 21 Nov. 1917
Citizens of
Baltimore, Md., 22 May 1911
Houston, Tex.
Indianapolis, Ind., 7 Oct. 1900
New Orleans, La., 1910
Portland, Ore.
Steubenville, Ohio, 29 Sept. 1900
Civic and Commercial Association luncheon, Denver, Colo.,20 May 1920
Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colo., 10 May 1920
Commercial Club, on "The Direct Interest of Nebraska and the Central West in Our Growing Fields of Foreign Trade," Lincoln, Nebr., 15 Feb. 1908
Congregational Club, 17 Apr. 1916
Convention of the New York State Federation of Women's Clubs, Rochester, N.Y., 16 Nov. 1916
Council on Foreign Relations dinner and meeting
Daughters of the American Revolution, Washington, D.C.
18 Apr. 1910
19 Apr. 1915
14 June 1915, Chicago Chapter
14 Nov. 1916, Mary Washington Chapter
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BOX 102 Farewell luncheon given by the Chile-American Association, Bankers Club, New York, N.Y., 30 Dec. 1925
Formal opening of the Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, Calif., 1 Jan. 1915
Ground-breaking ceremonies of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, Seattle, Wash., 1 June 1907
House of Commons
Illinois Livestock Association Conference, Springfield, Ill., 26 Feb. 1920
Illinois State Bar Association, 19 Feb. 1916
Kiwanis Club, Brooklyn, N.Y., 30 June 1931
Latin American Conference at Clark University, Worcester, Mass., 21 Nov. 1913
Lions Club, 3 June 1935
Luncheon of the Civic and Commercial Association, Denver, Colo., 11 May 1920
Merchants Club, at Algonquin Club, Boston, Mass., 16 Oct. 1906
Moline, Ill. Club, 22 Feb. 1910
National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C.
8 Dec. 1899
New England Foreign Trade Convention
New Jersey Society of Pennsylvania, 18 Dec. 1916
New York Chamber of Commerce, on "American Interests in the Far East"
Northwestern Ohio Teachers Association, 27-29 June 1916
Pan American Commercial Conference, 13 Feb. 1911
Presidents and Ministers of the American Republics
Prospective and Foreign Service Officers
Rivers and Harbors Convention, Washington, D.C., 4 Dec. 1907
Rotary Club
Bellows Falls, Vt.
Miami, Fla., on "Present Day Pan American and World Outlook," 2 June 1933
Second National Conservation Congress, St. Paul, Minn., 5-9 Sept. 1910
Second Pan American Conference, Chapultepec, Mexico City, Mex., 27 Nov. 1901
Society of the Oregon Country, Washington, D.C., 1907
South Shore Club, Chicago, Ill., 22 Dec. 1918
Southern Commercial Congress, New York, N.Y., 16 Oct. 1915
State University Commencement Day, Iowa City, Iowa, 16 June 1915
Union League Club, 11 Jan. 1900
University of Pennsylvania Alumni, N.Y., 5 Feb. 1916
Vermont Legislature, 6 Feb. 1919
"George Washington's Birthday"
"Welcome to the 2nd Pan American Financial Conference," 19 Jan. 1920
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Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass., 17 Dec. 1918
Woman's Club, Albany, N.Y., 2 Jan. 1918
Woman's Club Pan American Day celebration, Chicago, Ill., 14 Apr. 1931
"Women and the War," New Orleans, La.
Women's Club, Jacksonville, Fla., 1936
Women's Federation of Clubs for New Jersey Annual Convention, Asbury Park, N.Y., 11 May 1916
Wounded soldiers, Walter Reed Hospital, on "Colonel Roosevelt and the Shooting of McKinley," 6 Sept. 1901
York, Pa., 5 Nov. 1915
"Admiral George Dewey One Hundredth Anniversary," 30 Nov. 1937
A Sketch of the Man
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BOX 103 Draft and notes
(2 folders)
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