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Institute of the Aerospace Sciences archives, 1783-1962

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Aircraft Company Files (continued)
Mahoney-Ryan Aircraft Corp.
BOX 157 Glenn Martin Corp.
BOX 158 Glenn Martin Corp.
BOX 159 Mayo Composite Aircraft Corp.
Moth Aircraft Co.
Napier and Son
Nieuport Corp.
Noorduyn Aircraft
Norden, Carl and Co.
North American Aviation Corp.
BOX 160 North American Aviation Corp.
BOX 161 Northrup Aircraft Corp.
BOX 162 Piper Aircraft Corp.
Pittsburg Metal Airplane Co.
Porterfield Aircraft Co.
BOX 163 Rearwin Airplanes.
Remington-Burnelli Aircraft Corp.
Ryan Aircraft Corp.
Ryan-Mahoney Corp.
BOX 164 Sikorsky Aviation Corp.
BOX 165 Solar Aircraft Corp.
Spartan Aircraft
Spencer-Larsen Aircraft
BOX 166 Sperry Corp.
BOX 167 Sperry-Gyroscope Corp.
Sperry, Lawrence, Corp.
Standard-Aero Co.
Stearman Corp.
BOX 168 Stinson Corp.
Stout Co.
Supermarine Corp.
Taylor Aircraft Corp.
Travel-Air Corp.
BOX 169 United Aircraft Corp.
BOX 170 United Aircraft Corp.
United Aircraft (Sikorsky Division)
United Aircraft (Vought-Sikorsky)
Viking Flying Boat Co.
Villieris Hay Co.
BOX 171 Vultee Aircraft Corp.
BOX 172 Vultee Aircraft Corp.
BOX 173 Waco Aircraft
Warner Aircraft Co.
Waterman Corp.
BOX 174-176 Miscellany, 1804-1932
Aeronautical postcards, historical documents concerning the Zeppelin, Glenn Hammond Curtiss ephemera, and Aeronautical Association Prospectus, articles, programs, photocopies, and reports.
Arranged chronologically where possible.
BOX 174 Article on aerostation from Ree's (sic) New Cyclopaedia
Photocopy of the minute book and certificate of incorporation of the Aerial Navigation Co., Solomon Andrews, president, New York, 1865
Two programs for the air celebration in Rheims-Champagne, France, 1910
Pass on the Transatlantic Airline Railroad, 1894
Notes and reports, undated
Articles and pamphlets, 1804-1832
BOX 175 Aeronautical Association prospectus, 1837
Handwritten article by or about J. Robertson, undated
Documents on the history of the Zeppelin-Luftschiffes
Bound volume of Glenn Curtiss ephemera, 1929-1932
BOX 176 Lester D. Gardner's collection of aeronautical postcards
BOX 177-182 Scrapbooks, 1783-1955
Pamphlets, correspondence, speeches, broadsides, clippings, newspaper clippings, photographs, genealogical records, charts, maps, drawings, programs, memorabilia, biographical sketches, letters of condolence, Christmas cards, cartoons, ticket stubs, reproductions, poems, prints, engravings, press releases, and negative reproductions.
Volumes are arranged by subject matter where possible. Scrapbooks relating to the Wright brothers are available only on Microfilm shelf no. 19,312. Except for some material within the Wright scrapbooks which was retained, the originals of the volumes were discarded after filming.
BOX 177 English newspaper clippings, 1783-1785
Material for history of balloons, by Sir Charles Pierce, 1783-1851
Personal scrapbooks of Lester D. Gardner
Souvenirs of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge Mass., 1894-1948 See Oversize
War service years, 1917-1918
BOX 178 Honorary doctorate, congratulatory letters
BOX 179 Guggenheim Medal Award, congratulatory letters
BOX 180 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass., alumni award, 1952
Remembrances of Mrs. Lester D. Gardner's funeral, 1952
BOX 181 Genealogical records of the Gardner family
1883-1929 See Oversize
BOX 182 1928-1948 See Oversize
1939-1955 See Oversize
Group letters of Lester D. Gardner in 1938
Flying tour of Europe
Hindenburg flight
Moscow, Russia
Yucatan loop flight
Airplanes of the future
Bermuda encore
Air tour of the Middle East
Overnight flight in the Yankee Clipper
From the Acropolis to the Land of the Midnight Sun
Glacier view airline
Aeronautical Christmas cards, 1929-1940s See Oversize
(14 vols.)
Greeting cards, postcards, and valentines, undated See Oversize
Clippings from the Aeronautical Institute, 1933-1946 See Oversize
(7 vols.)
Aeronautical Americana clippings See Oversize
(4 vols.)
Clippings about foreign countries See Oversize
(4 vols.)
Spain, Italy, and Russia
Biographical subjects See Oversize
Allen, James, negative reproductions and clippings, 1850s-1880s
(2 vols.)
Brewer, Griffith, clippings and photographs, 1890s-1940s
Chanute, Octave
1892-1894, letters to A. F. Zahm
Clippings and photographs
Durant, Charles F., clippings and negative reproductions, 1805-1873
Franklin, Benjamin, copies of letters and clippings
Langley, S. P.
1891-1903, clippings, engravings, diagrams, and negative reproductions
1903-1904, clippings, editorials, and a few letters
Lindbergh, Charles A., clippings, 1927-1929
Stevens, A. Leo, clippings, 1908-1948
Warner, Edward P., clippings, 1920s-1930s
Wright brothers, 1889-1946, undated Available only on microfilm. Shelf no. 19,312 See Oversize for reel list
(14 vols.)
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