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Institute of the Aerospace Sciences archives, 1783-1962

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Biographical Files, 1784-1962 (continued)
Ingalls, David
Ingalls, Laura
Ingalls, Robert
"J" miscellaneous
Jackson, Dale
Jannus, Anthony
Jefferson, Thomas
Jeffries, John
BOX 53 Johnson, Samuel
Johnston, Ralph
Jones, Bradley
Jones, Charles
Jones, Ernest La Rue
Jones, Ernest Lester
Jones, Robert
Jones, W. A. Frank
Jordanoff, Assen
Jouett, John
Junkers, Hugo
"K" miscellaneous
Kahn, Roger
BOX 54 Kaiser, Henry J.
Kentner, Harold
Kearns, Charles
Keirn, Donald
Kelly, Fred
Kennedy, Frank
Kenney, George
Kepner, William
Kettering, Charles
Keys, Clement
Kilner, Walter
BOX 55 Kimball, James H.
Kimball, Wilbur
King, Ernest J.
King, Samuel
BOX 56 Kingsford-Smith, C. E.
BOX 57 Klemin, Alexander
Klemperer, Wolfgang
Kilngensmith, Florence
BOX 58 Knabenshue, Roy
BOX 59 Knabenshue, Roy, newspaper clippings and manuscripts
BOX 60 Knight, Montgomery
Knox, Charles
Koeul, Hermann
Kollsman, Paul
Kress, Wilhelm
Kuethe, Arnold
"L" miscellaneous
Lachambre, Henri
Laddon, Isaac
Lahm, Frank Purdy
BOX 61 La Mont, James
La Mont, John
Lamphier, T. G.
Lanchester, F. A.
Lanchester, Frederick
Landauer, Bella Clara
Landauer, James
Langley, S. P.
BOX 62 Langmuir, Irving
Latham, Hubert
Law, Rodman
Law, Ruth
Lawrence, Charles L.
Lawson, Alfred
Lear, William
BOX 63 Lebaudy, Pierre and Paul
Le Blanc, Alfred
Le Blon, Hubert
Lee, David
Lee, John
Legagnezux, Georges
Lenox, Compte de
Leslie, John
Levee, Charles
Levine, Arnold
Lewis, George
Lewis, O. F.
Lewis, Roger
Lewiston, Charles
Ley, Willy
Lilienthal Gesellschaft
Lilienthal, Gustave
Lilienthal, Otto
Liljencrantz, Eric
BOX 64 Lindbergh, Anne Morrow
"Flying Around the North Atlantic," working material and draft
BOX 65 Miscellany
Printed matter
Lindbergh, Charles A
National Aeronautic Association of U.S.A., application for membership including photograph, circa 1925
Raymond Orteig Prize, entry form, and flight log, San Diego, Calif. to New York, N.Y., 1927
Newspaper clippings
BOX 66 1932-1934
BOX 67 1935-1939
BOX 68 1940-1951
BOX 69 Miscellaneous
BOX 70 Miscellaneous
BOX 71 Miscellaneous
BOX 72 Scrapbooks of clippings
BOX 73 1929
BOX 74 1929-1930
BOX 75 1930-1931
BOX 76 1932
BOX 77 1932
BOX 78 1932-1933
BOX 79 Link, Edwin
Litchfield, Paul
Lodwick, Albert
Lorey, F. W.
Loudy, Flavius
Love, Nancy
BOX 80 Lowe, Thaddeus
"My Balloons in Peace and War" and "Early Aeronautical Investigations, 1895"
BOX 81 Speeches, clippings, diary, and photographs
BOX 82 Printed matter, newspaper clippings, sketches, correspondence, and photographs
BOX 83 Correspondence
BOX 84 1863-1943, undated
BOX 85 Lucky, William S.
Ludington, Charles T.
Ludlow, Israel
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