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Political Correspondence, 1902-1940 (continued)
Hawthorne, Nev.
Home Owners Loan Corp.
Housing Administration
Interior Department
Ione, Nev.
Jefferson Islands Club
Justice Department
Las Vegas, Nev.
Lee, Nev.
Legislation, Taylor Grazing Act
Legislative record of Pittman
Lovelock, Nev.
BOX 21 Mailing list
Mexican fiesta
National Recovery Act
Newlands Project, upstream storage
Miscellaneous, official
Overton, Nev.
Panaca, Nev.
Pittman, Mimosa Gates
Pittman, Key
Plain Talk
BOX 22 Political miscellaneous
Post Office Department
Press releases
Public Works Administration
Reconstruction Finance Corp.
BOX 23 Reno, Nev.
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Round Mountain, Nev.
Salt Lake
Schuster, Sir George
Silver City, Nev.
Sparks, Nev.
Speeches other than Pittman's
Tonopah, Nev.
Trenwith, E. J.
Truckee Carson Irrigation
BOX 24 Verdi
Veterans Administration
Virginia City, Nev.
Wellington, Nev.
Wells, Nev.
Winnemucca, Nev.
Yerington, Nev.
Young Democratic Club of Nevada
BOX 25-40 General Correspondence, 1912-1940
Chiefly letters sent and received.
Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent or subject in two chronological groups, 1912-1920 and 1934-1940, and chronologically therein.
BOX 25 1912-1920
Affidavits and certificates
“A” miscellaneous
Babcock, James E.
Boas, Nathaniel
Butler, J. G., Jr.
“B” miscellaneous
BOX 26 Caminetti matter
Carson Unit
Cook, H. R.
“C” miscellaneous
Dam, C. P.
Daube and Co.
Davis, J. O.
Davis, Sam
Desert land entries, Key Pittman and Mimosa Gates Pittman
Dickerson, D. S.
“D” miscellaneous
BOX 27 Empire Trust Co.
Ely Expositor Publishing Co.
Ely Expositor
“E” miscellaneous
Finch, J. D.
“F” miscellaneous
BOX 28 Gray, A. B.
“G” miscellaneous
“H” miscellaneous
“I” miscellaneous
“J” miscellaneous
BOX 29 Kelly, William A.
Kirchen, John G.
“K” miscellaneous
“L” miscellaneous
McInerney, M. P.
McIntosh, C. H.
Mathey and Co., Empire Trust Co.
BOX 30 “M” miscellaneous
Nash, Percy
National Committee
Nevada First National Bank, E. A. James
Nevada Telephone, Telegraph Co.
BOX 31 Newlands, Francis G.
Newspaper Articles
“N” miscellaneous
“O” miscellaneous
Pamlico Placer Co.
Bills and receipts
Letters and legal papers
Pittman, Mimosa Gates
Pittman, F. K. (brother)
BOX 32 Pittman, Vail
Pittman, W. B.
Pittman, William, military record
Pittman land entries, personal
BOX 33 “P” miscellaneous
Reber, Frank L.
Rice, G. G.
Riggs National Bank
Runyon, F. F.
“R” miscellaneous
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