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General Correspondence, 1912-1940 (continued)
Scott, J. J.
Silver Shares Corp.
Sparks and Co.
Syphus, Levi
“S” miscellaneous
BOX 34 Taxes
Tereyone Co.
Tonopah Merger Mining Co.
Tonopah Extension Mining Co.
Tonopah Merger Mining Co., R. C. Hall
Tonopah Victor Mining Co.
Toquima Mining Co.
BOX 35 Union letters
“U” miscellaneous
“V” miscellaneous
Wallace Caps Leasing Co.
“W” miscellaneous
Yerington Mountain Copper Co.
“X-Y” miscellaneous
“Z” miscellaneous
BOX 36 1934-1940
“A” miscellaneous
Absent voters' ballot
Automobile, bills and receipts
“B” miscellaneous
Bills and receipts
Clubs (Jefferson Islands)
(1 folder)
BOX 37 (1 folder)
“C” miscellaneous
BOX 38 Contributions
“D” miscellaneous
“E” miscellaneous
BOX 39 “F” miscellaneous
“G” miscellaneous
“H” miscellaneous
“J” miscellaneous
“K” miscellaneous
“L” miscellaneous
Lamb, Walter C.
“M-Mc” miscellaneous
Mt. Rushmore
“N” miscellaneous
Nevada State Society
BOX 40 “O” miscellaneous
“P” miscellaneous
Photographs of Pittman and correspondence
“Q-Z” miscellaneous
BOX 41-52 Key Pittman Personal Correspondence, 1902-1940.
Chiefly letters sent and received.
Arranged in two chronological groups; the 1902-1913 group is arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent; the 1920-1940 group alphabetically by name of correspondent or subject and chronologically therein.
BOX 41 1902-1913
BOX 42 S-W
BOX 43 1920-1940
“A-B” miscellaneous
Accident Insurance Vending Co.
Babcock, Gold Chief Mines
Barndy, Victor
Bartlett, Nevada Air Lines
Beach, George C., Jarbidge
Boat, Rosmarkey
Boulder, Grand Canyon Navigation Co.
BOX 44 “C-H” miscellaneous
Clubs and charities
Commendatory letters
Gardner, P. S.
Gates, Edgar R., and Dave Holland
Gates, Ida (Mrs. Humboldt)
Gold strike, White Pine County, Nev.
Haussermann, John W.
BOX 45 “I-M” miscellaneous
Jefferson Islands Club
Kettleman Hills land matter
Las Vegas First State Bank
Las Vegas Hotel, Las Vegas, Nev.
Las Vegas Valley Well Drilling Co.
Macdonald, Jensen Co.
Martin, Roy W., timberlands
Mathey and Co.
BOX 46 “N-O” miscellaneous
McPike, H. H.
Middleton, Frank L., Quick Silver Co.
Mountain City Consolidated Copper Co.
Mustang Extension Mining Co.
Nenzel Manufacturing Co.
Nevada First National Bank
Nevada, Ophir Mining Co.
Nevada State Journal
New Mexico Placer Claims
Oil, Las Vegas, Nev.
Oil, miscellaneous
Oil Co., New Orleans, La.
Ollard Trolley Wheel Co.
Pittman, W. B.
BOX 47 “P-R” miscellaneous
Pittman, Vail, and Ely Daily Times
Quicksilver Mine
Reber, Frank L.
Rio Grande Copper Co.
BOX 48 “R-Th” miscellaneous
Rio Grande Copper Co.
Scrugham, Hon. J. G.
San-Balt Petroleum Co.
Spanish Belt Claims
Stock transactions
Thermal Control Corp.
BOX 49 Tonopah Extension Mining Property
Trent Process Corp., No. 1
BOX 50 “V-W” miscellaneous
Trent Process Corp.
(2 folders)
Trent Process Corp., business meetings
Trent Process Power Plant Stock
Wahmonie, Nev.
BOX 51-52 Miscellany
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