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Executive Departments, 1912-1940 (continued)
Treasury Department
Comptroller of the currency
Bureau of Revenue
Director of the Mint
Federal Farm Loan Board
War Department, Virgin River
White House, Woodrow Wilson
BOX 69 1913-1919, Interior Department
1919-1923, Interior Department
BOX 70 1918-1923, State Department, passports
BOX 71 1926-1940
Agriculture Department
Biological survey
Boulder Dam road
Farm Security Administration
Forest Service
Game refuges
Public Roads Bureau
Soils, Bureau of
Soil Conservation Service
Sugar beet acreage allocations
BOX 72 Commerce Department
Boulder City air stop, Boulder City, Nev.
BOX 73 Interior Department
Carson River
Colonization project, Ruby Valley, Nev.
Elko, Nev., land office
Fisheries, Bureau of
General Land Office
Geological Survey
Indian Affairs
BOX 74 Las Vegas Wash (Harold Ickes and Pittman)
Mines, Bureau of
BOX 75 Miscellaneous
National parks and forests
Oil Leasing Act
Petroleum Administrative Board
Pyramid Lake, Nev.
Reclamation Bureau
Subsistence Homestead Division
BOX 76 Truckee River Water Supply
BOX 77 Justice Department
Alien Property Custodian
Immigration and Naturalization
BOX 78 Labor Department, Wage-Hour Division
Navy Department
Hawthorne Naval Depot
Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md.
Reynolds, John P.
BOX 79 Post Office Department
Air mail
Railway mail service
Tonopah and Goldfield Railroad Co.
State Department
Ambassadors and ministers
BOX 80 General
Treasury Department
Carson Federal Building
Coast Guard
Farm Loan Bureau
Internal Revenue
Mint, United States
Nevada banks
Supervising architect
BOX 81 War Department
Flood control
United States Military Academy, West Point, N.Y., appointments
White House, Franklin D. Roosevelt
BOX 82 1933-1940
Civil Aeronautics Authority
Civil Service Commission
Congressional Library
Emergency conservation work (Civilian Conservation Corps)
Emergency Relief Administration and NERA
BOX 83 Federal Communications Commission
Federal Farm Board
Federal Housing Administration
Federal Power Commission
Federal Security Agency
Federal Trade Commission
Foreign ministers
General Accounting Office
Home Loan Bank Board
Home Owners' Loan Corp.
Interstate Commerce Commission
London Conference, London, England
BOX 84 Maritime Commission
Mexican Claims Commission
National Defense Board
National Emergency Council
National Youth Administration
Railroad Retirement Board
Reconstruction Finance Corp.
No. 1
BOX 85 No. 2
No. 3
Rural Electrification Administration
Securities and Exchange Commission
Shipping Board
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
Social Security Board
BOX 86 Tariff Commission
Tax on silver
Unemployment compensation
Veterans' hospital
Veterans' Administration, pensions
BOX 87 War claims
Works Progress Administration
Youth Administration
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