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World Calendar Association records, 1450-2001

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BOX 190-205 Speech, Article, and Book File, 1932-1956
Arranged alphabetically by name of publication or sponsor.
BOX 190 Achelis, Elisabeth (biographical sketches)- Annales Francaises de Chronometrie
BOX 191 Anuario del Observatorio Astronomico (Spain)- Business Digest
BOX 192 Business Briefs- Classmate
BOX 193 Clinco News- Dealer
BOX 194 Democratic Digest- Family Album
BOX 195 Family Circle- Grocer (England)
BOX 196 Guide- Journal of the Institution of Engineers (Australia)
BOX 197 Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, 1944- United Lutheran
BOX 198 McGill News (Montreal)- My Magazine (India)
BOX 199 N.H.A.I.C. Fieldman- Nouvelle Revue
BOX 200 Observer- Polysphere Sornia (Ontario)
BOX 201 Popular Astronomy- Reader's Digest
BOX 202 Real Estate and Building- Sabbath Recorder
BOX 203 Sales Management- Sign
BOX 204 Signs of Times- Traffic World, 1945
BOX 205 Train Dispatcher- Zig-Zag (Chile)
BOX 206-230 The Journal of Calendar Reform, 1931-1955
Manuscript drafts and galley proofs of the journal.
Arranged alphabetically by name of author.
BOX 206 Abbott, N. C.-Achelis, Elisabeth
BOX 207 Ackmam, Phyllis-Artero, Jose
BOX 208 Great Britain-Bowles, J. P.
BOX 209 Bowman, Richard G.-Chant, C. A.
BOX 210 Chauve-Bertrand, Abbe-Cullen, Thomas J .V.
BOX 211 Cummings, Marguerite-Dustheimer, O. D.
BOX 212 Eason, E. K.-Etcheto, Camilo
BOX 213 Excerpts and reviews-Feldman, Arthur A.
BOX 214 Fillers-Ford, James
BOX 215 Forward March (Stockholm)-Godart, J.
BOX 216 Statements by government officials-High majority of Canadian society
BOX 217 Hills, Arthur J.-Johnstone, Kenneth
BOX 218 Jones, E.G.-Key-Rasmussen, E.
BOX 219 Khan, Mohammed Ajmal-Lillie, Amy M.
BOX 220 Lillie, Harriet A.-Maverick, Lewis A.
BOX 221 Mechon, F. G.-Morin, Conrad M.
BOX 222 Morris, C. D.-O'Connell, Daniel
BOX 223 Ogram, Alfred-Poston, Wade
BOX 224 Potter, Charles F.-Romulo, Carlos P.
BOX 225 Rossovskaja, Vera-Sher, Daniel
BOX 226 Simons, Walter-Strickler, Earl T.
BOX 227 “Support is urged”-Tyler, A. Ranger
BOX 228 Uncle Dudley-Warren, Howard C.
BOX 229 Watkins, Harold-Wilson, John H.
BOX 230 Wilson, P. W.-Zovello, Samuel
BOX 231-235 United Nations File, 1945-1955
Correspondence, reports, and clippings.
Arranged alphabetically by name of organization or subject.
BOX 231 Clippings-Form letters
BOX 232 Commission on Human Rights-Dag Hammarskjöld
BOX 233 Non-governmental organizations, 1947-1956
BOX 234 Afghanistan-Netherlands
BOX 235 New Zealand-Yugoslavia
BOX 236-253 Newspaper Clippings, 1932-1955
Newspaper clippings from various sources.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX 236 “A-B”
BOX 237 “C-D”
BOX 238 “E-For”
BOX 239 “For-H”
BOX 240 “Ia-Il”
BOX 241 “Im-J”
BOX 242 “K-L”
BOX 243 “M-P”
BOX 244 “R-S”
BOX 245 “T-Th”
BOX 246 “Th-Tw”
BOX 247 “Tw”
BOX 248 “W”
BOX 249 Press releases
BOX 250 1945-1948
BOX 251 1947-1952
BOX 252 Advertisements
Opposed to International World Calendar Association
Chamber of commerce
Answer to publicity letters
BOX 253 Miscellaneous
BOX 254-255 Miscellany
Printed matter related to Moses B. Cotesworth and illuminated manuscripts.
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 254 Cotesworth, Moses B.
Printed matter
BOX 255 Record, “ASTE” twelve-month plan
Illuminated manuscripts, circa 1450 See Oversize
BOX 256-257 Wilmer Henry Souder Files, 1929-1953
Correspondence, memoranda, printed matter, and reports.
Arranged alphabetically according to subject.
BOX 256 Correspondence and reports
BOX 257 Correspondence and reports
BOX 257 Scrapbooks
Bound volumes of newspaper clippings.
Arranged chronologically. See Oversize
See Oversize
BOX 258-287 Addition, 1937-2001
Correspondence, memoranda, newspaper clippings, and subject files.
Arranged alphabetically according to subject, name of individual or correspondent.
BOX 258 Achelis, Elisabeth, 1950-1969
(5 folders)
Administrative files, 1956-1959, 1991-2000
(2 folders)
Agriculture, 1951-1956
Ali, Hashim Amir, 1955-1965
BOX 259 Annual meetings, 1949-1957
(3 folders)
Argentina, 1956
Articles, 1949-1964, 1979-1981
(3 folders)
Automation, 1955-1956
Baha'i calendar, 1968
Beauchesne, Arthur, 1956-1959
Calendar contrasts, 1954-1971
Calendar design, 1953
BOX 260 Canada Council, 1950-1959
(5 folders)
Canadian Labour Congress, 1956-1961
Canadian Standards Association, 1952-1954
Ceylon, 1960-1961
Clay, Charles, 1963-1986
(1 folder)
BOX 261 (4 folders)
Clay, Charlotte Ireland, 1970, 1991-2000
(2 folders)
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