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World Calendar Association records, 1450-2001

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General Files, 1931-1955 (continued)
BOX 111 National Retail Credit Association-New Liberty (Canada)
BOX 112 Newspaper Advertising Executives Association-New York Herald Tribune
BOX 113 New York Herald Tribune-New York Times
BOX 114 New York World Telegram-Nisbet, Ulric
BOX 115 Nobushima, Enchi (Japan)-“O” miscellaneous
BOX 116 Oathoat, S. C.-Oregon Bankers Association
BOX 117 Organizations-“P” miscellaneous
BOX 118 “P” miscellaneous-Pan-American conference
BOX 119 Pan-American league-Paraguay
BOX 120 Parker, J.-People's mandate
BOX 121 People's mandate-Pictorial material
BOX 122 Pictures-Porter, Charles
BOX 123 Portugal- Punch
BOX 124 “Q” miscellaneous-“Ra-Ri” miscellaneous
BOX 125 “Rj-Rz” miscellaneous-Radio and television
BOX 126 Raffenberg, Mogens-Rational Calendar Association
BOX 127 Rational Calendar Association
BOX 128 Rational Calendar Association-Regan, Charles J.
BOX 129 Richard-Releases, 1937-1945
BOX 130 Releases, 1946-1947
BOX 131 Releases, 1948-1956-Religious Liberty Association
BOX 132 Religions-Resolutions
BOX 133 Resolutions-Reyes, Ismael G.
BOX 134 Rhee, Syngman-Robbins, K.
BOX 135 Roberts, Joe-Rossmassler, Carl
BOX 136 Rosso, E. V.-Rotary Club (Johnstown, Pa.)
BOX 137 Rotary Club (South Dakota)-Rudser, N. B.
BOX 138 Ruiz, Wilches, E.-Ryden, George H.
BOX 139 “Sa-Si” miscellaneous
BOX 140 “Sj-Sz” miscellaneous
BOX 141 St. Anselm's church-Schindler, Robert
BOX 142 Schlesinger, Wagner-Schwagler, E. S.
BOX 143 Science Club of America-Sheldon, F. L.
BOX 144 Sher, Daniel-Smithsonian Institution
BOX 145 Social science-Stanhope-Lovell, W.
BOX 146 Stansiter, J. W.-State Department
BOX 147 State Department-Stone, Julius F.
BOX 148 Strong Corp., H. F.-Szwede, George
BOX 149 “T” miscellaneous
BOX 150 T.A.B. Engineers-Theodotos, S. A.
BOX 151 Thevenet, Alberto B.-Toastmasters International
BOX 152 Tornebohm, Hilding-Twitchell, W. G.
BOX 153 “U” miscellaneous-U.S. Chamber of Commerce
BOX 154 U.S. Civil Service Commission-Universal Christian Council
BOX 155 Universal Christian Council
BOX 156 Universities-Vanlalijk, W. E.
BOX 157 Vatican-“Wa-Wh” miscellaneous
BOX 158 “Wi-Wz” miscellaneous-Walker, F.
BOX 159 Walker, J .B- Washington Star
BOX 160 Washington Times-Herald-Weitz, M. M.
BOX 161 Weitz, M. M-Wiley, H. M.
BOX 162 Wilhelm, Jacob-Wilson, P. W.
BOX 163 Wilson, P. W.-Winner, Vella
BOX 164 Wisconsin Education Association-World Calendar Association international meeting, 1955
BOX 165 World calendar, 1941-1954
BOX 166 World calendar, 1941-World Federation of Educational Associations
BOX 167 World Federation of United Nations Associations-Wylie, C. C.
BOX 168 Wylie, C. C.-Yakima Amateur Astronomers
BOX 169 Yale University-Zonta Club (St. Paul, Minn.)
BOX 170 “A” miscellaneous, 1930s-“C” miscellaneous, 1930s
BOX 171 Congress-“E” miscellaneous
BOX 172 Erland, Echlin-“H” miscellaneous, 1930s
BOX 173 Hills, Arthur J., 1934-1953
BOX 174 Hills, Arthur J., 1950
BOX 175 Hills, Arthur J., 1948-“K” miscellaneous
BOX 176 “L” miscellaneous, 1930s-“O” miscellaneous
BOX 177 “P” miscellaneous, 1930s-“T” miscellaneous, 1930s
BOX 178 “U” miscellaneous, 1930s-“XYZ” miscellaneous, 1930s
BOX 179 “A” miscellaneous-Easter, 1931-1934
BOX 180 Review-Educational publications
BOX 181 Educational superintendents-Form, 1934
BOX 182 “G” miscellaneous-Ministers, 1932
BOX 183 “N” miscellaneous-“R” miscellaneous, 1931-1934
BOX 184 Releases-Washington's birthday
BOX 185 Adams, F. W.-Delano, F. A.
BOX 186 Desborough, William Henry Grenfell-Harding, A. M.
BOX 187 Hay, Eduardo-Moss, S. A.
BOX 188 Mudge, Lewis-Reyes, Ismael G.
BOX 189 Rodes, Louis-Woolley, Mary E.
BOX 190-205 Speech, Article, and Book File, 1932-1956
Arranged alphabetically by name of publication or sponsor.
BOX 190 Achelis, Elisabeth (biographical sketches)- Annales Francaises de Chronometrie
BOX 191 Anuario del Observatorio Astronomico (Spain)- Business Digest
BOX 192 Business Briefs- Classmate
BOX 193 Clinco News- Dealer
BOX 194 Democratic Digest- Family Album
BOX 195 Family Circle- Grocer (England)
BOX 196 Guide- Journal of the Institution of Engineers (Australia)
BOX 197 Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, 1944- United Lutheran
BOX 198 McGill News (Montreal)- My Magazine (India)
BOX 199 N.H.A.I.C. Fieldman- Nouvelle Revue
BOX 200 Observer- Polysphere Sornia (Ontario)
BOX 201 Popular Astronomy- Reader's Digest
BOX 202 Real Estate and Building- Sabbath Recorder
BOX 203 Sales Management- Sign
BOX 204 Signs of Times- Traffic World, 1945
BOX 205 Train Dispatcher- Zig-Zag (Chile)
BOX 206-230 The Journal of Calendar Reform, 1931-1955
Manuscript drafts and galley proofs of the journal.
Arranged alphabetically by name of author.
BOX 206 Abbott, N. C.-Achelis, Elisabeth
BOX 207 Ackmam, Phyllis-Artero, Jose
BOX 208 Great Britain-Bowles, J. P.
BOX 209 Bowman, Richard G.-Chant, C. A.
BOX 210 Chauve-Bertrand, Abbe-Cullen, Thomas J .V.
BOX 211 Cummings, Marguerite-Dustheimer, O. D.
BOX 212 Eason, E. K.-Etcheto, Camilo
BOX 213 Excerpts and reviews-Feldman, Arthur A.
BOX 214 Fillers-Ford, James
BOX 215 Forward March (Stockholm)-Godart, J.
BOX 216 Statements by government officials-High majority of Canadian society
BOX 217 Hills, Arthur J.-Johnstone, Kenneth
BOX 218 Jones, E.G.-Key-Rasmussen, E.
BOX 219 Khan, Mohammed Ajmal-Lillie, Amy M.
BOX 220 Lillie, Harriet A.-Maverick, Lewis A.
BOX 221 Mechon, F. G.-Morin, Conrad M.
BOX 222 Morris, C. D.-O'Connell, Daniel
BOX 223 Ogram, Alfred-Poston, Wade
BOX 224 Potter, Charles F.-Romulo, Carlos P.
BOX 225 Rossovskaja, Vera-Sher, Daniel
BOX 226 Simons, Walter-Strickler, Earl T.
BOX 227 “Support is urged”-Tyler, A. Ranger
BOX 228 Uncle Dudley-Warren, Howard C.
BOX 229 Watkins, Harold-Wilson, John H.
BOX 230 Wilson, P. W.-Zovello, Samuel
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