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German captured documents collection, 1766-1945

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Some or all content stored offsite.
BOX 795-852 REEL 474-496 Miscellany
BOX 795 FORMERLY 835A REEL 474 Deutsches Ausland-Institut
“Geschaeftsverteilungsplan des Reichsministeriums fuer Volksaufklaerung und Propaganda,” 1935
Various reports, 1930-1935, including items regarding Germans in India and New Guinea
Reports sent to Dr. Rüdiger by Karl Brill, VoMi, on German periodicals conference, 1938-1939
Miscellaneous reports of VoMi, including report of German-Americans, 1938, and on Canada, 1937-1939
Imperial Union of German Magazine Publishers, correspondence, 1938-1939
Reichsstelle zur Förderung Deutschen Schrifttums, reports and correspondence, 1927, 1936-1937
List of lecturers, Regional Commissioner for Military Lecturers, Stuttgart, 1940
Report from the AO, 1940
Correspondence, Deutsche Akademische Auslandstelle München, 1939
List of foreigners and foreign students in Munich
Reports of German organizations overseas, 1938
File on Hans Oberländer, 1930-1933; also poetry recitations
DAI representatives overseas, 1928
Transcripts of reports regarding emigration to Eastern Europe in 1827 and 1844
Foreign Office material, 1937-1940, including cooperation between DAI and Foreign Office
Papers of Ernst Berger, head of the Rome branch of the German Academic Exchange Service, 1940-1943
Essays and captions to accompany text of illustrations of heroes
Materials relating to trip of Dr. Bofinger to Danzig and Königsberg, 1937, Aug.
“Westfalen in aller Welt,” 1940
Papers of the Institut für Grenz- und Auslandsdeutschtum an der Universität Marburg, 1940
Book list
BOX 796 FORMERLY 816 REEL 474 Circular of the Reichspostminister announcing special telegraphic circuits for official use during evacuations and bombings, 1945, Jan. 23
Papers of Fritz Kubach
Correspondence as head of Wissenschaft und Facherziehung of the Reichsstudentenführung, 1937-1939
BOX 797 FORMERLY 488 REEL 475 Speech file, 1934-1943
BOX 797 FORMERLY 793 REEL 475 Programs and tickets to Nazi Party functions and meetings, 1935-1939
BOX 798 FORMERLY 794 REEL 475 Correspondence and manuscript material regarding Johannes Kepler and Copernicus, 1934-1943
BOX 799 FORMERLY 795 REEL 476 Prints of Copernicus
BOX 800 FORMERLY 797 REEL 476 Material from work with the Reichsstudentenführung, 1933-1939
BOX 801 FORMERLY 798 REEL 477 File on the Reichsberufswettkampf der deutschen Studenten, 1935-1939
BOX 802 FORMERLY 799 REEL 477-478 File on educational policy and organization, 1937-1943
BOX 803 FORMERLY 800 REEL 478 Articles. ca/ 1935-1939
BOX 804 FORMERLY 796 REEL 478 Studienführer correspondence, 1938-1943
“Blätter aus der Jugendbewegung,” 1923-1929
BOX 805-806 FORMERLY 492-493 REEL 479 Bibliography card file (possibly from papers of Erich Otto)
BOX 807 FORMERLY 490 REEL 479 Calendar, account book, diary notes
Lecture or report concerning functions of Section Volksgesundheit, Reichsstudentenführung
Lecture on education by Kubach
Lectures and correspondence, 1941-1944
Material concerning Copernicus
BOX 808 FORMERLY 490 REEL 480 Personal and family papers, 1937-1943
BOX 809 FORMERLY 489 REEL 481 Files of Erich Otto
Correspondence, Reichsfachgruppenleiter Volksgesundheit, 1934-1940
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1933-1939
Correspondence, financial data, and material concerning racial characteristics and inherited attributes
BOX 810 FORMERLY 494 REEL 482 Diary, account books, and medical book
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1938-1939
Medical data, including material concerning hemophilia, 1938-1939
Files concerning the reorganization of medical education, 1937
BOX 811 FORMERLY 495 REEL 482 Correspondence, reports, and related matter, 1934-1940
BOX 812 FORMERLY 802 REEL 483 Volumes from the library of the First [Royal Bavarian] Field Artillery Regiment
Military handbook, circa 1750
BOX 813 FORMERLY 803 REEL 483 History of the Royal Bavarian Artillery Regiment, 1870-1871
History of the occupation in France, 1871, June-1873, Aug.
BOX 814 FORMERLY 804 REEL 484 Field Artillery Diary, 1820-1824
Volume commemorating the 50th Jubilee of Prince Regent Luitpold's leadership of the First Royal Bavarian Field Artillery, including photographs, 1889
Peacetime daybook, 4 vols., 1900
BOX 815 FORMERLY 805 REEL 485 Records and general orders of the Field Artillery of the Duchy of Nassau, 1921-1830
World War I diary and scrapbook album of Hans Baumann, 1916-1917
World War II materials
Photostats of anti-Jewish propaganda directed at the Polish Army, circa 1939; also anti-British propaganda
Photostats of information for German officers heading troops composed of soldiers from Eastern Europe, 1943
Photostats of seized propaganda of Polish resistance, 1939
BOX 816 FORMERLY 783 REEL 485 Submarine materials
Torpedo armaments of submarines, types IXB, IXC, IXD, 1947, Dec.
Submergence record book for submarines, types IX, IXB, IXC
Submergence regulations for submarines, 1943, Aug.
BOX 817 FORMERLY 443not filmed Rehse material
Eight volumes of photographs of letters concerning Dietrich Eckart, 1905, copied from originals in the holdings of the Archives of the Nazi Party, 1936 See Container LC 30 for original material
BOX 818 FORMERLY 463 REEL 486 Correspondence, posters, and propaganda material, Sudetendeutsche Heimatfront, 1934-1935
Correspondence, printed materials, and data sheets on cottage weaving industry, Bund der Deutschen, Teplitzschönau, Sudetenland, 1934-1937
Material on Austrian Nazi Party, including membership lists, circa 1928-1937
Polish language propaganda flyers, Danzig, circa 1939
Newsletter of Jungvölkischer Bund, Sudetenland
Materials relating to occupied Poland, 1941-1942
Material of a Ukranian youth organization in Crakow, 1940s
List of evacuated people to be billeted in Striegau and other locations in Silesia, 1943-1945
Voting papers and regulations for the plebescite and Reichstag election, 1938, Apr. 10
Voting certificate for the plebescite in Upper Silesia, 1921
Letter from Holland, 1938, to Rehse concerning political situation and attitude toward the Spanish Civil War
Material on the plebescite in the Saar, 1934-1935
World War I postcards from the front to Frau Dr. W. Popp, 1914-1917
Discharge certificate from a member of the Freiwillige Jäger Corps, signed by Lützow, 1814
BOX 819 FORMERLY 441 REEL 487 Scrapbook of clippings, correspondence, and printed matter titled “Abgeordnetenhaus, 19/3/92,” [1892], with some 20th century clippings interspersed, relating mostly to Baron von Wackebarth and anti-Semitism
BOX 820 FORMERLY 504 REEL 487 Photographs of medieval documents from the archives of the city of Magdeburg, 1405-1549, with typewritten list of enclosed items
Partially typed and partially original manuscript in Latin and Polish of transfer of allegiance and sovereignty from the King of Poland to Maria Theresa of Austria in the First Partition of Poland for the Province of Galicia (city of Lemberg)
BOX 821 FORMERLY 505 REEL 487 Commonplace book titled “Auswahl II,” 1826
Records of the Merstedt family, 19th century
Commonplace book inscribed to “Meine teuren Amalie Christ Fest 1823"
Copybook of mathematical, algebraic, and geometrical data, first entry dated 1777
Poem and quotation bok for evening Nazi meetings for upper grade school classes, compiled by Eugen Frey
Transcripts of poetry, prose, and dramas by Mathilde Franziska Anneke, Madison, Wisconsin, 1851
Letter in Portuguese to Michale McDermott
regarding the San Francisco Conference, 1943, Apr.
Letter to Karl Barth regarding sketches for a war memorial, 1916
BOX 822 FORMERLY 478 REEL 488 Auflagen-Übersicht, Deutsche Zeitungen (circulation surveys), 1938-1939
BOX 823 FORMERLY 447 REEL 489 Notices and announcements issued by the curator of Marburg University, 1929-1935
Nazi Party papers
Birthday congratulations to party members, 1938-1939
Files of Karl Krug
Announcements, press releases, and correspondence concerning the office of District Economic Advisor in Karlsruhe, 1937
Correspondence dealing with plans to purchase the Anatomy Building of the University of Heidelberg for office space for the Volksgemeinschaft Press, 1940
Correspondence and other papers of Otto Wetzel, editor of the NSDAP daily Heidelberger Beobachter, 1930-1932
Publications, correspondence, and records dealing with Nazi Party membership, Heidelberg, 1930-1935
Material concerning economic conditions in China and Japan, in Dutch, 1930-1931
VoMi announcements, 1940
Papers of Otto Handle, soldier of the 2nd Regiment of Tiroler Kaiserjäger, 1915-1918
Miscellaneous items in Polish, 1937
BOX 824 FORMERLY 486 REEL 490 Guest book of von Neurath, 1939, June 12-1941, Sept. 24
[Diary of Otto Bräutigam, Representative of the Ministry of Occupied Eastern Territories, to the High Command of the Army, 1941, June 11-1943, Feb. 8
Manuscripts by Hanns Kerrl, “Weltanschauung und Religion” and “Die praktische Lösung der religiösen Frage im Dritten Reich,” 1939, Nov., sent to Hitler on his 50th birthday
Facsimile of a Christmas form letter, NSDAP, Reichskriegsopferführer, 1941
Financial record book of the Reichskanzlei, 1889-1923
BOX 825 FORMERLY 813 REEL 490 Congratulations of the Synod of Riga at its half-century celebration, 1885, Aug. 21
Typed manuscript by Louis Seya, lecturer, University of Riga, “La Réconstitution de la Russie et les États Batliques”
Document regarding the unveiling of a monument to Nikolae Mikailovich Przheval'skii at Petersburg, 1892, Oct. 20
Material on industrial cities in Upper Silesia, particularly Königshütte
BOX 826 FORMERLY 825 REEL 490 Material relating to the French translation of Mein Kampf, 1934
Report of the “Death March” (Leidensmarsch) of resident Germans in Poland, including photographs and a hand-drawn map, 1939
Report of activities of the League of German Girls in Poland, 1938
Subject guide to the archives of the German Labor Front, to 1936
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