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German captured documents collection, 1766-1945

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Some or all content stored offsite.
Miscellany (continued)
Protocols of a Free Mason group in the Sudetenland, 1934-1937
Materials illuminating the activities of the State Central Book Chamber, Moscow, 1925-1926
Fraternity autograph book, University of Marburg, 1921-1923
Two letters of Ramsey MacDonald to Sassenbach, a German trade union leader, plus photograph
Handbook on SNCF organization in France, published by German Occupation Authorities, Paris East
BOX 827 FORMERLY 496 REEL 491 Item of German Propaganda Ministry on forbidden literature, 1944
Report on events in Austria sent to the Office of the Nazi Party for Austria in Munich, 1934, Mar.
Information on papers of Edward Gordon Craig, by Joseph Grego of the Nationalbiblothek, Vienna
BOX 828 FORMERLY 831-832 REEL 491-492 Ernst Schäfer files
Notes or journal of a “Deutsche Tibet Expedition,” 1938-1939
BOX 829 FORMERLY 837 REEL 493 Registry of songs of the Nazi movement, 1939
Hermann Göring volumes
Hunting daybook, 1936-1937
Desk notebook
BOX 830-831 FORMERLY unnumbered REEL 493 Transcripts of “Hitler's Minutes,” compiled by U.S. authorities
BOX 832 FORMERLY 508 REEL 494 Files of the Union der Textilarbeiter Österreichs, 1912-1918, including notes, correspondence, and printed matter
Records of Brown, Boveri & Co., 1941-1942
Material dealing with a German military school, 1936-1938
Reports of military maneuvers in the Hannover area, 1937, Apr. 15
artillery operations instructional materials including diagrams
Circulation list for issues of Wissen und Wehr
Report of the command of the Czech forces in Siberia, 1919, May (in Russian)
Material from the Berlin office of Tokyo Shimbun
Miscellaneous items concerning the Nazi Party in Austria, 1934
BOX 833 FORMERLY 461 REEL 495 Mounted letters to the editor of the Munich Neuste Nachrichten collectively titled: “Siegesfeier,” 1914
BOX 834 FORMERLY unknown REEL 496 Miscellaneous Austrian items, circa 1937-1938
Miscellaneous documents in Russian
Family tree of Heinrich Himmler
Material concerning Germans in America, including 1792 “Ministerial-Ordnung” of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church, Germantown, Pennsylvania, and 1826 constitution of the church, Hagerstown, Maryland
Commonplace book of Julian Raudnitz
Notebook: recommended drug therapies for various ailments, O-Z
Bound volume of tipped-in articles, including monograph by A. Senn on Lithuanian colonies in America, 1933; other articles concern ornithology
Volume of formula for chemical products [Carl Zeiss Laboratorium?]
Miscellaneous oddments
BOX LC 1-40, LC OV 1-3not filmed Documents Retained in the Manuscript Division
BOX LC 1 FORMERLY 389 Himmler Files (photocopies)
Folders 1-4
BOX LC 2 FORMERLY 390 Folders 5-6
Folder 7, Mappe 1
BOX LC 3 FORMERLY 391 Folder 7, Mappe 2
BOX LC 4 FORMERLY 392 Folder 7, Mappe 2
Folders 8-10
BOX LC 5 FORMERLY 393 Folder 11
Folder 13, Mappe 3
BOX LC 6 FORMERLY 394 Folders 14-16
BOX LC 7 FORMERLY 395 Folder 17, Mappe 1-2
Folders 18-19
BOX LC 8 FORMERLY 396 Folders 20-24
Folder 25, Mappe 1
BOX LC 9 FORMERLY 397 Folder 25, Mappe 2
Folders 26-30
BOX LC 10 FORMERLY 398 Folders 31-35
BOX LC 11 FORMERLY 399 Folders 36-42
BOX LC 12 FORMERLY 400 Folders 43-49
BOX LC 13 FORMERLY 401 Folders 50-51, 56-59
BOX LC 14 FORMERLY 402 Folders 60-66
BOX LC 15 FORMERLY 403 Folders 67-69
BOX LC 16 FORMERLY 404 Folders 70, 91-95
BOX LC 17 FORMERLY 405 Folders 96-101
BOX LC 18 FORMERLY 406 Folders 103-107, 114-116
BOX LC 19 FORMERLY 407 Folders 117-120
BOX LC 20 FORMERLY 408 Folders 121-126, 140-141
BOX LC 21 FORMERLY 409 Folders 142-149, 176
BOX LC 22 FORMERLY 410 Folders 177, 179-189
BOX LC 23 FORMERLY 411 Folders 190-196
BOX LC 24 FORMERLY 412 Folders 197-209
BOX LC 25 FORMERLY 413 Folders 210-217
BOX LC 26 FORMERLY 414 Folders 218-224
BOX LC 27 FORMERLY 415 Folders 240-242, 244-248
BOX LC 28 FORMERLY 416 Folders 249-250
BOX LC 29 FORMERLY 417 Folders 32-36, duplicates
BOX LC 30 FORMERLY 443 Rehse Collection
Eight volumes of bound duplicates
BOX LC 31 FORMERLY 464 Czechoslovakian material, 1930s
BOX LC 32 FORMERLY 465 Czechoslovakian material, 1930s
BOX LC 33 FORMERLY 466 Czechoslovakian material, 1930s
BOX LC 34 FORMERLY 496 Miscellany
Derrien, A. Rodriguez, “Discucion de Puentes sabre el Rio Yaque, en Santiago de los Caballeros,” Dominican Republic, 1943
Kauper, Adolf, prisoner of war at camps in McAlester, Okla., and Huntsville, Tex., plays and notebooks
Reichsstudentenführung, notebooks and albums
BOX LC 35 FORMERLY 506 Miscellaneous technical material
BOX LC 36 FORMERLY 507 Indian Independence League notebook
Logbook of incoming telephone calls, 1943-1944
Koch, Isa, songbook
Brügmann, Arnold G., Der Ahnenpaß of
Riedel, Maximilian, “Das Gesetz der Welt: Ein natürlisches Gottbekenntnis,” 1937-1942
BOX LC 37 FORMERLY 810 Wholly miscellaneous, Supplement, page 35
18 i (chemical firms)
BOX LC 38 FORMERLY 811 18 j-m (miscellaneous)
BOX LC 39 FORMERLY 851 Unknown
Breycha-Zuliany, Peter
“I: Report on Austrian Industries under German Rule,” 1944
“II: Report on Austrian Electric Power Plans [sic] under German Rule,” 1944
“III: Report on Transports, Forwarding Agencies and Warehouses in Austria under German Rule,” 1944
“IV: Annex [sic] to the Reports on Austrian Industries, Power Plants and Transports under German Rule,” 1945
Chadwick, F. E.
“Preliminary Report of Experiments at South Foreland Light-House, Eng. relative to the comparative merits of Oil, Gas and Electricity as Light-House Illuminants,” 1885
German Embassy and Consulate in Japan, receipted bills and correspondence, 1945
(2 folders)
(3 folders)
“Naval Vessel Status,” circa 1895-circa 1924
“Specification of Girdleness Lighthouse on the Coast of Scotland,” 1831
BOX LC OV 1 FORMERLY 418 Oversize
Himmler, Heinrich, list of books read and comments on, transcription
BOX LC OV 2 FORMERLY 479 Register of a musical collection, Streichmusik (string music)
BOX LC OV 3 FORMERLY 567 Göring, Hermann, illuminated certificate from Heringen (Werra), Germany, conferring honorary citizenship, 1933, Mar. 4
BOX LC OV 4 FORMERLY 365A Card file on Germans abroad
BOX LC OV 5 FORMERLY 365B Card file on Germans abroad
BOX LC OV 6 FORMERLY 366A Card file on Germans abroad
BOX LC OV 7 FORMERLY 366B Card file on Germans abroad
BOX LC OV 8 FORMERLY 367A Card file on Germans abroad
BOX LC OV 9 FORMERLY 367B Card file on Germans abroad
BOX LC OV 10 FORMERLY 368 Card file on Germans abroad

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