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German captured documents collection, 1766-1945

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Some or all content stored offsite.
BOX 197-232 REEL 100-136 Reichsforschungsrat
BOX 197 REEL 100 Publication Board files
12739: Miscellaneous correspondence re: teletype-communications system, 1944, July-Sept., ALSOS RFR 216
12740: Miscellaneous correspondence re: research activities of research group for remote control techniques, ALSOS RFR 217
12741: Miscellaneous re: release of scientists from the Army for scientific research, particularly to accelerate research in the Department of Physics, ALSOS Rfr 218
12742: List of key men in aviation research, ALSOS RFR 219
12743: Prof. Dr. Ing Francke miscellaneous re: formation of a department of mining research, ALSOS RFR 220
12744: Prof. Gerlach, Chief, Physics Section of the RFR, Administrative correspondence, ALSOS RFR 221
12745: Haus der Deutschen Forschung, administrative correspondence, ALSOS RFR 222
12746: Personnel correspondence re: Dr. Hofmann's appointment to read and select scientific literature of importance to the RFR and the Ministry of Propaganda, ALSOS RFR 223
1247: Prof. Esau, administrative correspondence re: special research on high frequencies, ALSOS RFR 224
1248: High frequency radio section, administrative correspondence, ALSOS RFR 225
BOX 198 REEL 101 12749: Administrative correspondence re: utilization of interned Dutch scientific workers, ALSOS RFR 226
12750: Cartological recording and checking, administrative correspondence re: card indexes pertaining to research projects, ALSOS RFR 227
12751: Card index and Information Service, Dr. Predeek, general admistration file, ALSOS RFR 228
12752: Correspondence re: appointment of Dr. Kiekebusch as chief of Machine Construction Branch, ALSOS RFR 230
12753: Correspondence with and report of Prof. Kirst re: project to develop a new metal-boring technique, ALSOS RFR 231
12754: Administrative correspondence re: colonial meteorology and climatology, 1942, Aug.-1944, Dec., ALSOS RFR 232
12755: Security within the RFR, ALSOS RFR 201
12756: Development of a light-weight aviation storage battery, ALSOS RFR 202
BOX 199 REEL 102 12757: Progress reports of the various RFR departments, ALSOS RFR 203
12758: Correspondence and reports of the working group for research on industrial and nutritional fats, Dr. Kaufman, to explore acceleration of the research program into synthetic production, 1943, Jan.-1944, Sept. ALSOS RFR 204
12761: RFR applications for rail travel permits, ALSOS RFR 207
12762: Prof. Brandt correspondence re: synthetic substitutes for catgut used in surgery, ALSOS RFR 208
12763: Acquisition of new scientific publications for use by RFR members, 1944, Sept.-Nov., ALSOS RFR 209
12764: Dr. Donnevert, adminstration of the five National Institutes of Research, 1944, Oct.-1945, Jan., ALSOS RFR 211
12765: Miscellaneous correspondence of the Department of Forestry and Wood Research, Min. Eberts, 1943, Apr.-1944, Sept., ALSOS RFR 212
12766: Correspondence re: protecting inventions made public within the RFR, ALSOS RFR 213
BOX 200 REEL 103 12767: Activities reports of a research group developing synthetic textile fibres, 1942, Dec.-1944, Nov., ALSOS RFR 214
12768: Proposals re: formation of a department of Communication Technique, ALSOS RFR 215
12769: Miscellaneous correspondence of the Reading Panel for Exploitation of the Technological and Economical World press, 1943, Apr.-1944, Dec., ALSOS RFR 286
12770: Correspondence of the Research Center for Industries in Bohemia and Moravia, 1943, Feb.-1944, Dec., ALSOS RFR 287
12771: Lists and appointments of RFR representatives at universities and technical institutes within the Greater Reich, ALSOS RFR 288
12772: Correspondence re: formation of a Society for Military Research, 1944, Aug.-Oct., ALSOS RFR 289
12773: Correspondence re: subsidy for research on infra-red detection of enemy targets, ALSOS RFR 290
12774: Letter re: Prof. Siebel's nomination as head of materials testing programs within the Reich, ALSOS RFR 291
12775: Correspondence, Prof. Willing, re: use of all scientifically trained prisoners for technological research work, ALSOS RFR 292
BOX 201 REEL 104 12776: Drafts of founding documentation for the German Institute of Economics, Prof. Wagemann, 1944, Aug.-Dec. ALSOS, RFR 293
12777: Security regulations of the Scientific Information Center for Aviation Research, 1944, Oct.-1945, Jan. ALSOS RFR 294
12778: Correspondence re: procurement of foreign scientific journals for German research agencies, 1944, July-Dec., ALSOS RFR 295
12779: Correspondence and reports re: publication difficulties due to paper shortage, 1943, Feb.-1945, Jan., ALSOS RFR 296
12780: Semi-annual reports of the Department of Geology, Mineralogy, and Geophysics, 1943, Feb.-1944, June, ALSOS RFR 297
12781: Budgets of the Department of Petroleum Research and related correspondence, 1943, Jan.-1944, July, ALSOS RFR 298
12826: Administrative correspondence re: research projects and conferences of the Non-ferrous Metals Section, 1943-1945, ALSOS RFR 233
12827: War merit decoration Section, ALSOS RFR 234
BOX 202 REEL 105 12828: Administrative correspondence of the Economic Controls Section, 1942-1944, ALSOS RFR 235
12829: Correspondence re: Organic Chemistry Section, Prof. Kuhn, research, ALSOS RFR 236
12830: Administrative correspondence of Synthetic Textile Section, Prof. Vieweg, ALSOS RFR 237
12831: Administrative correspondence re: special food allowances for scientific workers, ALSOS RFR 238
12832: Research Association for Naval Geography, Prof. Wüst, ALSOS RFR 239
12833: High Tension Institute, Prof. E. Marx, Chief, ALSOS RFR 240
BOX 203 REEL 106 12834: Personal and administrative files of Prof. Mentzel, Haus der deutschen Forschung, 1943, May-1945, Jan., ALSOS RFR 241
12835: Administrative correspondence, Agriculture and Biology Section, ALSOS RFR 242 (see also PB 13025)
12837: Administrative correspondence, Veterinary Section, Dr. Müssenmeier, ALSOS RFR 244 (see also PB 13024)
12838: Administrative correspondence, Division for Replacement and Training Personnel, 1943, June-1944, Dec., ALSOS RFR 245
12839: Administrative correspondence, Food Products Section, Prof. Crampe, ALSOS RFR 246
12840: Administrative correspondence, Institute of Metal Casting, Technical School, Berlin, Prof. Nipper, ALSOS RFR 247
12841: Administrative correspondence re: research on “Defense Geography” and the use of gases (smoke screening), ALSOS RFR 251
12842: Administrative correspondence, with Naval High Command re: research projects and personnel, ALSOS RFR 250
12843: Correspondence with Army High Command re: plans for organizing an Institute for Scientific-Technical New Reporting, ALSOS RFR 251
12844: Catalogs of foreign technical journals, Dr. Pflücke, ALSOS RFR 252
12845: Correspondence re: Departments of Iron and Steel, Prof. Paschke, ALSOS RFR 253
BOX 204 REEL 107 12846: Correspondence re: Prof. Osenberg, Director of Planning, ALSOS RFR 254
12847: Correspondence re: funding for scientific research, ALSOS RFR 257
12848: Plans for research on nutritional fats, ALSOS RFR 258
12849: Correspondence re: Department of Mathematics, ALSOS RFR 259
12850: Administrative correspondence of the Department of Psychology and Psychotherapy, 1943, Jan.-1944, Dec. ALSOS RFR 260
12851: Plans for research and prevention of pneumoconiosis, ALSOS RFR 261
12852: Correspondence with Hermann Göring re: security matters, ALSOS RFR 262
12853: Correspondence re: Hitler's order to concentrate research benefitting war industries, ALSOS RFR 264
12854: Inventory of equipment intended for the University of Istanbul, ALSOS RFR 265
12855: Correspondence re: official seals of the RFR, 1940, Feb. 10-1944, Nov. ALSOS RFR 266
BOX 205 REEL 108 12856: Research on truck engine performance, 1943-1945, ALSOS RFR 267
12857: Correspondence re: use of radium for research other than medical, 1944, Mar.- Apr, ALSOS RFR 268
12858: Correspondence re: drugs, paints, and dehydrated foods, Dr. Rascher, 1943, Sept.-1944, June, ALSOS RFR 269
12859: RFR internal organization, 1943 June-1945, Jan. ALSOS RFR 270
12860: Correspondence of Department of Sanitation and Health re: publication of medical manuscripts, treatment of the blind, and electrical microscopy, 1944, Apr.-Dec., ALSOS RFR 271
12861: Recheninstitut correspondence re: putting scientists imprisoned in various concentration camps to work in their special fields, 1944, ALSOS RFR 272
12862: General correspondence and reports of Dr. Sabelberg re: new electro-motor, 1943, Jan.-1944, Aug. ALSOS RFR 273
12863: General correspondence and reports of Fachsparte Allgemeine (Klassische ) Medizin re: medical research projects, 1943, May-1944, Mar., ALSOS RFR 274
12863-S: Supplement to PB 12863, 1944, Feb.-Apr., ALSOS RFR 274
12864: Dr. Schulz-Kampfhenkel, outlines for a geographical research program of military and general interest, 19943, Feb.-1944, Dec., ALSOS RFR 275
BOX 206 REEL 109 12865: Correspondence and outlines, Dr. Schulz-Kampfhenkel, re: military mapping projects assigned to the geographical research department, 1943, Sept.-1944, Dec., ALSOS RFR 276
12866: Lectures and correspondence of Prof. Dr. Schreiber contagious disease research re: contagious hepatitis, 1943. May 1943-1944, Sept., ALSOS RFR 277
12867: Miscellaneous correspondence of SS Colonel Sievers, Director of military scientific research, 1944, Mar.- Nov., ALSOS RFR 277.5
12868: Correspondence and reports of RFR meetings and staff organization, 1942, July-1944, Dec., ALSOS RFR 278
12869: Correspondence, Prof. Dr. Schumann, Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Sprengstoffphysik, re: research projects by the Army and Navy, 1943, Mar.-1944, Dec. ALSOS RFR 279
12870: Miscellaneous correspondence re: RFR administrative matters, 1942, Nov.-1944, Oct. ALSOS RFR 280
12871: Correspondence re: German purchase of geo-physical research material on iron ore deposits I the Kursk Basin, 1942, Dec.-1943, Oct., ALSOS RFR 281
12872: Correspondence and reports of Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Strahlvertreib, Dr. Ernst Schmidt, re: jet propulsion research, 1942, Dec.-1944, Sept., ALSOS RFR 282
12873: Correspondence, Prof. Süss, re: establishing a mathematics research group in the Department of Physics, 1943, Mar.- 1944, Nov., ALSOS RFR 283
12874: Administrative material, Prof. Thiessen, re: research projects in the Department of Chemistry, 1943, May-1944, Sept. ALSOS RFR 284
12875: Correspondence re: improving peat by bacteriological and other means, 1943, May-1944, Apr. ALSOS RFR 285
BOX 207 REEL 110 13024: Further investigation of the “cardic swine death,” 1943, ALSOS RFR 244 c. f. Also PB 12837)
13025: Summary of research service conference re: possibilities for maintaining production in plant and animal industries in the sixth year of the war production campaign, 1944, Oct., ALSOS RFR 242
13078: Correspondence re: agricultural projects and plans for a conference of agricultural specialists, Sept. 1944, Jan.-1945, SLSOS RFR 301
13079: Correspondence and reports of the military geological institute, 1944, Oct.- Nov, ALSOS RFR 304
13080: Correspondence and list of medical research projects (dermatological), 1944, Aug.-Dec. ALSOS RFR 307
13080t: Translation of PB 13080
13081: Correspondence re: assigned projects on research in metalurgy, 1944, Mar.-Aug., ALSOS RFR 308
13082: Correspondence, Dr. Kurt Linder, Volkskunde, re: research projects in organic chemistry (decreasing metallic surfaces, industrial cleansing materials), 1944, May-1945, Jan., ALSOS RFR 310
13157: Progress report on work on thermodynamics and celloids, 1943, Jan.-1944, Jan., ALSOS RFR 52
13160: Correspondence, Dr. Tomaschek, re: employment of an Indian physicist, 1941, Nov.-ALSOS RFR 54
13161: Correspondence, Dr. Ellen Tramitz, re: grant for research on combining flourine and CO2, 1942, Apr,-June, ALSOS RFR 55
13163: Research reports, Dr. Weltzien, re: nylon, ALSOS RFR 58
13164: Research reports, Dr. Winkel, re: colloidal suspensions, 1940-1942, ALSOS RFR 59
13165: Research reports, Dr. Winkhaus, re: ballistic gas pressures and Piezo quartz testing, 1937, Dec.-1941, May, ALSOS RFR 60
13166: Research reports re: increasing tensil strength of silks with synthetic resins
13168: Correspondence, SS-Ahnenerbe, 1942, Sept.-1944, Nov.
13169: Report on physiological research, Prof. Achelis, re: skin sensitivity, 1943, May-1944, Jan. ALSOS RFR 2
13170: Correspondence, Dr. Asmis, re: grant for project “Religious Politics of European Colonial Powers,” 1942, Sept.-Oct., ALSOS RFR 3
13171: Correspondence, Prof. Bersin, re: bio-chemistry, 1943, Dec.-1944, Jan., ALSOS RFR 5
13174: Correspondence, Amtsrat Bleckschmidt, re: employment and salary, 1942, June-1943, May, ALSOS RFR 6
13175: Research topics, assigned to Dr. Eckart, re: aeronautics, 1943, June-July, ALSOS RFR 7
13176: Correspondence, Prof. Fassbender, re: report on electrical impulses, 1941, Apr.-1943, June, ALSOS RFR 8
13177: Correspondence re: financing of the Eastern Institute, Russia, 1937, July-1938, Sept., ALSOS RFR 9
13178: Correspondence and reports re: German North Atlantic Expedition, Dr. F. G. Houtermans, 1937-1944, ALSOS RFR 30
13179: Correspondence, Prof. Marx re: engineers' dissertations (Neuroth, Daunder, and Weicker) 1939, Apr.-May, ALSOS RFR 24
13180: Correspondence, Prof. Machatschki, re: grant for research on ammonium nitrate, 1944, June, ALSOS RFR 21
13181: Correspondence, Prof. Kührt, re: request for continuation of research on raising the melting point of metals, 1944, Jan.-ALSOS RFR 21
13182: Memorandum and correspondence, Dr. Krauch, re: interrelation of German research organization and economic situation, 1941, ALSOS RFR 20
13183: Report of the Department of Meteorology re: work performed 1936, Apr. 4-1937, Oct. 31, Prof. Kölzer, ALSOS RFR 19
13184: Correspondence re: high voltage capacitors and high potential generators, 1943-1944, ALSOS RFR 16
BOX 208 REEL 111 13185: Correspondence, Prof. Hönigschmid, re: grant for project “Establishing Precise Atomis Weights,” 1943, Mar.-Apr. ALSOS RFR 15
13186: Correspondence, Prof. Hess, re: research on high-speed electrical motors, 1943, Mar.-1944, May, ALSOS RFR 14
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