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German captured documents collection, 1766-1945

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Some or all content stored offsite.
Reichsforschungsrat (continued)
13187: Correspondence, Dr. Haul, re: explosives research, 1940, June-1944, May, ALSOS RFR 13
13188: Correspondence re: linear motor, 1944, Dec.-1945, Jan., ALSOS RFR 10
13189: Correspondence, Dr. Stamati, re: proposed trip to Helsinki, 1939, Apr.-July, ALSOS RFR 51
13190: Correspondence, Prof. H. J. Schumacher, re: chemical research project, 1937, Sept.-Oct., ALSOS RFR 50
13191: Correspondence, Prof. Schröder, re: grant for research on oxidation, 1943, Mar.-Apr., ALSOS RFR 49
13192: Correspondence and preliminary report, O. Schmitz-Dumont, re: methods for obtaining higher yield of vanadium from converter slag, 1943, ALSOS RFR 48
13193: Education ministry correspondence re: special regulations for substitutes, 1938, Aug.-1944, May, ALSOS RFR 46
13194: Correspondence and directives from Ministry of Education and Propaganda, 1942, Sept.-1944, July, ALSOS RFR 45
13195: Correspondence on special regulations for substitutes, Ministry of Education, 1942, June, ALSOS RFR 44
13196: Correspondence, Ministry for Armament and Munition, re: priorities, 1942, July-1944, Sept., ALSOS RFR 39
13197: Notes on a discussion re: Division of Forestry and Wood Products Research, 1937, Feb. 27, ALSOS RFR 37 ( c. f. also, PB 13198)
13198: Memorandum, National and Prussian State Forestry Offices, re: need for an active and extensive German colonial forestry program, 1937, ALSOS RFR 36
13199: Correspondence, Dr. Rascher, re: obtaining equipment for unspecified medical research projects, 1943, May-Aug. ALSOS RFR 35
13200: Research reports, Dr. Piwowarsky, re: metallurgy and casting, 1944, July, ALSOS RFR 33
13201: Correspondence, Dr. Andreas Pfaff, re: reinstatement as researcher, 1940, July, ALSOS RFR 33
13202: Correspondence, Navy High Command, 1941, July-Aug., ALSOS RFR 31
13203: Correspondence, Dr. Nacken, re: necessity of synthetic quartz, 1939, Sept.-1941, Jan., ALSOS RFR 27
13204: Correspondence re: scientists friends in neutral countries, 1939, ALSOS RFR 28
13205: Correspondence, Prof. Möller, re: assigned projects, 1943, June-July, ALSOS RFR 26
13206: E. Marx, Report on the status of research development of DC power transmission, 1941, Feb., ALSOS RFR 25
13207: Correspondence, Army High Command, re: research on fluoric acids, ALSOS RFR 32
13208: Correspondence, Dr. Erwin Marx, re: projects in high tension research, 1938-1944, ALSOS RFR 25
13314: Fritz Schönberg, Report on a new, efficient method of controlling flies in slaughter and packing houses, etc., 1945
13332: RFR lists of research projects, 1943, Aug., ALSOS RFR 707
13343: Correspondence and orders re: removal of scientific equipment, books, etc. from research laboratories at the University of Strassburg to protect them from air raids, 1943-1944, ALSOS RFR 709
BOX 209 REEL 112 13344: Miscellaneous correspondence re: research projects in biology, geology, medicine, etc., and report concerning oil exploration in Germany, 1944, ALSOS RFR 709
13345: RFR lists of research projects in mechanical, electrical, and aeronautical engineering, and chemistry, 1944, ALSOS RFR 711
13346: Report No. 1 of the research laboratory at Babelsberg, 1944, Dec. 15, ALSOS RFR 712
13347: Individual orders re: research projects of a geological, physical, and technical nature, 1942-1945, ALSOS RFR 715
13348: Lists of research projects assigned in several branches of science including chemistry and physics, 1944, July-Sept., ALSOS RFR 718
13349: RFR lists of research projects in various fields of science, 1943, Aug.-1944, Mar., ALSOS RFR 719
13350: Lists of directors of RFR subdivisions and lists of research projects submitted by the Navy and Air Force, 1944, ALSOS RFR 760
13351: List of research projects in biology, mineralogy, medicine, physics, etc., 1944, July-Sept., ALSOS RFR 703
13352: Lists of RFR assigned research projects in various scientific fields, 1943-1944, ALSOS RFR 705
BOX 210 REEL 113 13353: Lists of research projects in progress and cancelled research projects in various branches of science, 1944, ALSOS RFR 702
13354: List of scientific industrial and technical projects undertaken, 1943, Aug. 1-1944, Mar. 31, ALSOS RFR 701
13819: Helmut Kirschberg, report on preparation of powdered iron for sintering from pure ores, 1945, May, ALSOS RFR H-226
13821: H. Lange, discussion of basic problems re: shock reaction, ALSOS RFR H-275
13824: Report re: resistance of steel to thermal changes, ALSOS RFR H-278
13825: Correspondence, SS, re: establishment of an entomological institute to study means of combating insect pests ALSOS RFR H-279
13826: Correspondence and memoranda re: administration of institutes for extermination of pests, 1943-1945, ALSOS RFR H-282
13827: Report re: preparation of iron powder for sintering, 1941, Jan. ALSOS RFR H-282
13828: Kurt Fink, report on progress on force in impact strain, 1945, May, ALSOS RFR H-205
13830: Heinrich Lange, Report on the investigation into ferromagnetic alloy of manganese aluminum and carbon, 1945, May, ALSOS RFR H-225
14635: Wiring an alternating current cargo winch, 1938, Jan., ALSOS K-16
14661: Kaden and Stäblein, patent report re: inductive transmitter for indicating and repeating position of a moving azis, 1940, Apr., ALSOS RFR K-614663: Buchhold, et al., patent reports re: inductive arrangement for indication or remote transmission of positions, 1940, Apr., ALSOS RFR K-6
14664: Helmut Schreyer, Description of the circuit for and electrical calculating machine, 1943, June, ALSOS RFR K-6
14665: Method of measuring the impedence of high frequency circuits
14666: F. Kirschstein, Method and devices measuring acceleration, velocity and corse, 1941, May 6, ALSOS RFR K-6
14667: Paul Mallach, Antenna arrangement for very short waves, 1941 July, ALSOS RFR K-6
14668: W. Stäblein, Method of transmitting call signals over long distance telephone lines, 1941, Oct., ALSOS K-6
14669: Werner Lippert, Reflection free line termination in the propagation of radio waves, 1941, Sept., ALSOS K-6
14670: Report on the stability of solutions of Hill's differential equations with three independent parameters, etc.
14671: E. Rausch, Calculation of the vibration rate of the bell in the Führer Tower in the Olympic Stadium, 1936, June, ALSOS K-3D
14672: E. Rausch, Vibration measurements in the Olympic Stadium Belfry, 1936, Nov., ALSOS K-3E
14673: Formation of oscillations through and hydrodynamic process, ALSOS K-3A
14674: Johannes Dörr, The infinite, elastically supported beam under the influence of a uniformly moving load, 1941, ALSOS K-3C
14675: H. Lange, Report on the investigation of oscillation phenomena on the turbine bases at the Schlesische Zellwelle A. G. power plant, 1939, Aug., ALSOS K-3B
BOX 210 REEL 114 14676: Herald Geppert, Refraction of electrical waves by ocean waves, 1944, Dec., ALSOS K-7A
14677: Radar antennae and transformers: theory of high frequency technology and aviation communication, ALSOS K-7C
BOX 211 REEL 114 14678: Procedure for measuring motor revolutions electrically, 1943, Oct., ALSOS K-6
14679: A. Schech, Particularly effective sound-proof door, 1943, Sept., ALSOS K-6
14680: Z. Keidel, Microphone windshield, 1943, Mar., ALSOS K-6
14681: D. Pauls, Wide-band antennae and wide-band transformers, 1943, Feb., ALSOS J-6N
14682: A. Schoch, Procedure for ultrasonic testing of materials, 1943, Feb.
14683: Walter Kuhl, Procedure for reducing ranging by means of acoustic or electromagnetic waves, 1943, Jan., ALSOS K-6
14684: P. Mallach, Dielectric horn radiator, 1943, Jan., ALSOS K-6
14685: O. Zinke, Balanced coaxial cable (capacitor or inductor) with ground symetry, 1942, Nov. ALSOS K-6
14686: H. Raabe, Electrical indicating device, 1942, Oct., ALSOS K-6
14687: W. Grabowski, Wide-band antennae, 1942, July, ALSOS K-6
14688: K. Schwarzhans, Complete list of patent applications for inventions made by members of the Four-Year Plan Institute for Wave Research, 1942-1944, ALSOS K-6
14689: H. Raabe, Procedure for comparing two AC voltage phases by means of Lissajous curves drawn by an intensity of concentration-controlled beam, 1944, Jan., ALSOS K-6
14690: K. Klotter, notes, correspondence, reports re: development of a mechanical filter for electrical frequencies below 50 cycles per second, 1944, May, ALSOS K-13
14691: Instrument for measuring and recording shocks following in arbitrary succession, 1943, Dec., ALSOS K-15 a
14692: Dr. Johann, Apparatus for measuring shocks on ship-board, 1942, Dec., ALSOS K-15 a
14693: Working group Shock Research, minutes, 1943, Nov. 17, ALSOS K-15 a
14694: Dr. Blume, review report on oscillation and shock measurement studies, 1943, Nov., ALSOS K-15 a
14695: Dr. Blume, Summary of use and evaluation of concussion and shock meters of the German Naval Observatory, 1943, Nov., ALSOS K-15 a
14696: J. Krüger, report on tests of Askania's carbonpile accelerator, 1942, May, ALSOS K-15C
14697: German Aeronautical Research Institute, description of impact accelerator, 1938, ALSOS K-15 b
14698: H. Waas, Report on testing of Geiger vibrographs, 1931, July, ALSOS K-15 c
14699: H. Waas, Report on vibrations aboard the cruiser “Leipzig” while underway, 1933, Oct., ALSOS K-12 n
14700: H. Waas, Report on elastic vibrations aboard the cruiser “Leipzig” while underway, 1932, Mar., ALSOS K-12M
BOX 212 REEL 115 14701: H. Waas, Report on mast vibrations aboard the cruiser “Liepzig, 1932, Mar., ALSOS K-12L
14702: H. Behrmann, Vibration reports on the cruiser “Köln” while underway, 1934, Mar., ALSOS K-12 k
14703: Vibration measurements at the front and rear gun positions aboard the cruiser “Köln” while underway in Danzig Bay, 1932, July 11, ALSOS K-12 j
14704: Vibration reports on the observation instruments aboard the cruiser “Karlsruhe,” 1933, June, ALSOS K-12 h, I
14705: M. Ceester, Vibration measurements on observation instruments aboard the battleship “Deutschland” during trial firings, 1934, June, ALSOS K-12 g
14706: H. G. Funke, Vibration measurements aboard the battleship “Deutschland” while underway, 1934, Apr., ALSOS K-12 f
14707: H. Behrmann, Motor mount and observation instrument measurements aboard the artillery training ship “Bremse,” 1934, July, ALSOS K-12 c
14708: Vibration measurements by accelerometers aboard the artillery training ship “Bremse,” 1935, Oct., ALSOS K-12 b
14709: Elastic horizontal vibrations of the hull on the artillery training ship “Bremse,” 1933, June, ALSOS K-12 a
14710: H. Waas, Vibrations of observation instruments aboard the battleship “Deutschland,” 1933, Dec., ALSOS K-12 d, c
14989: Wartime organization and research missions of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Iron Research, 1945, ALSOS H 283
14990: List of published works of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Metallurgical Research, 1934-1941, 1945, June-ALSOS H 281
14991: Möbius thermic treatment of steel 1945, Mar., ALSOS H 285
14992: Dr. von Schwartz, proposals for the simple induction of high pressure drums by centrifugal casting with a 40% saving of raw material, etc., 1944, Nov., ALSOS H 286
14993: Heinz Uhlitzsch, response to the proposal of von Schwartz re: mining academy at Freiburg for substitution of aluminium cast iron for chrome cast iron, 1944, Nov., ALSOS H 286
14994: A. Legat, Forging and annealing 2-cm antiaircraft gun barrels, 1944, Dec., ALSOS H 286
14996: Katz, hardening process for the manufacture of normal steel tools, 1944, ALSOS H 286
14997: Correspondence, Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Iron Research re: metallurgical subjects, 1944, Mar. 24-1945, Feb. 9, ALSOS H 286
15001: Direct photoelectric determination of elements by measuring the intensities of their spectral lines, 1945, May, ALSOS H 227
15001t: Translation of PB 15001, 1948, Jan.
18201: Nickell, Preparation and examination of catalyst materials-3rd interim report, 1942, Feb., ALSOS G IV A 15
18202: B. Schönwald, Studies on regularities of seeing and the visual range, 1943, June, ALSOS G IV A 15
18203: Siedentopf, Use of air-borne targets and star visibility for determination brightness in free atmosphere, 1944, Apr., ALSOS G IV A 15
18204: L. Geiling, Thermo-electric elements for measuring radiation, 1944, May, ALSOS G IV A 15
18205: Gustav Münch, Production and examination of catalytic materials, 4th interim report on semi-conducting materials especially metallic conducting oxides, 1944, June, ALSOS G IV A 15
BOX 213 REEL 116 18206: Erna Mohr, Report on the specific heat of air, 1944, Apr., ALSOS G IV A 15
18207: Dr. Kuhn, Coil-oscillograph studies, ALSOS G IV A 15
18208: Administrative correspondence, Physics Department, 1945, Feb.-Apr., ALSOS G IV A 15
18209: Correspondence, directors of Department of Physics, 1944-1945, ALSOS G IV A 1
18211: Walter Weizel, Interim report of the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the University of Bonn at Hildburghausen, 1945, Feb., ALSOS G III A 2
18212: Max Auwärter, Filtration curve of quartz glass in the range of 2,000-45,000 AU, 1940, Feb., ALSOS G IV A 3
18213: J. Rennenkampf, Calculation of the separated phases in gold-nickel alloys, 1944, June, ALSOS G IV A 6
18214: Correspondence, Walter Gerlach, re: various physics questions, 1936-1943, ALSOS G IV A 3
18215: B.Duhm, Conference report re: high pressure problems, 1944, Oct. 9, ALSOS G 11
18216: B Duhm, High Pressure installation report, 1944, Jan., ALSOS G 11
18217: G. Kressin, Sensitization of photocathodes with organic intermediate compounds, 1944, July, ALSOS G IV A 15
18218: G. Kressin, Photoelectric emission centers of alkali-antimony cathodes, 1944, Dec., ALSOS G IV A 15
18218s: Abstract of PB 18218
18218t: Translation of PB 18218
18219: Hildegard Weltz, Principles of flux in the magnetic saturation of nickel, 1945, Apr., ALSOS G IV A 15
18220: Report on three research projects in the Physics Laboratories of W. C. Heraeus GmbH re: evaporation of protective coatings, 1944, Sept., ALSOS G 19
18221: W. Schottky, Comprehensive review of experimental results to date re: a theory of phosphorescents, 2nd interim report, 1944, Oct., ALSOS G IV A 15
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