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BOX 17-21 Speeches and Writings File, 1886-1974
Articles, lectures, books, and one play, including working and final drafts, corrected galleys, research material, notes, reviews, clippings, correspondence with publishers and fans, and other material relating to published and unpublished writings.
Arranged alphabetically by title or subject and chronologically therein.
BOX 17 Articles and lectures, 1930-1974
Lists and correspondence, 1959-1974
On bus tours, 1949-1950
On directing, acting, 1938-1958
On individual actors, 1933-1968 Correspondents include
Edwin Booth, Mady Christians
Ellen Terry, and Dame May Whitty
On individual directors and writers, 1944-1968 Writers and directors include
Edith Craig, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, Pamela Frankau, Molière, and Stanislavsky
On Old Vic, 1930-1946
On opera productions and Rudolf Bing, 1950-1958
On radio, 1942
On Shakespeare and his plays, 1930-1964
On Shaw, 1950-1958
On South Africa, 1961-1962
On theater, history, and general topics, 1940-1964, undated
Books, 1886-1973, undated
Blueprints for Shakespeare
Introduction, 1944
Richard II, undated
Book of prefaces, proposed, 1970 Correspondents include
Gaskill, William
Gottlieb, Robert
Guthrie, Tyrone
Oliver, Laurence
Don't Put Your Daughter on the Stage
Author's galleys, 1972
Pages 1-166
Pages 167-379
Corrected galleys, 1972
Part 1, chapters 1-5
BOX 18 Part 2, chapters 6-9
Part 3, chapters 10-13 and epilogue
Setting copy
Pages 1-174
Pages 175-391
Pages 392-541
Chapters 1-5
BOX 19 Chapters 6-9
Chapters 10 to end and index
Research and miscellany
Bibliography, acknowledgments, 1968-1971 Correspondents include
Breen, Robert
Chapters 9, 10, 11, unused
Correspondence, publicity, 1972-1973 Correspondents include
Gielgud, John
Lunt, Alfred
Sabath, Bernard
Schneider, Alan
Notes for quotations, 1942-1971 Correspondents include
Engel, Lehman
Notes from diaries, press books, and prompt copies, 1939-1953
Notes on blacklisting, 1971
South Africa, 1971 Correspondents include
Inglis, Margaret
Royal Highness(based on German of Felix Salten)
Draft, first version, circa 1937
Draft, working, 1937-1949
Draft with revisions, 1952
Research, notes, program, 1935-1949
Shakespeare Without Tears,original notes, circa 1940 and contract, 1956-1957
Shakespearean prefaces, old notes, etc., circa 1940
BOX 20 The Same Only Different
Drafts (rejects), 1968
Index, genealogy, galley additions, 1968
Parts 1-3, working copies, 1968
(3 folders)
Research and miscellany, 1886-1970
Correspondence concerning editing and research, 1967-1970 Correspondents include
Cutler, Jill
Gollanez, Livia
Gottlieb, Robert
Macdonald, Lesley
McCall, Monica
Nichols, Harold
Raymond, Ernest
Thomas, Molly (Mrs. Anthony)
Winant, Ursula
Correspondence to Ben Webster and Dame May Whitty, 1910-1939, undated Correspondents include
Ainley, Henry
Dunne, Peter
Fontanne, Lynn
Guthrie, Tony
Lennon, C. Gordon
Extracts, Ben Webster and Dame May Whitty correspondence, 1886-1905
Fan mail, 1969-1971 Correspondents include
Beams, David
Casson, Lady Sybil
Chapman, Storm (Mrs. Guy)
Chute, Marchette
Cloak, F. Theodore
Coward, Noel
Fairfax-Lucy, Lady
Gielgud, John
Keddie, James
Morgan, Paul
Nevinson, Bridget
Young, Philip J.
Notes, Ben Webster and Dame May Whitty memoirs, etc., 1967
Notes for parts 2 and 3, 1967
Notes for quotations (circa 1921-1937), 1967
Press clips, publicity, 1969-1970
BOX 21 Lectures, 1951-1970, undated
“A Bronte Anthology” (also “The Brontes” and “No Coward Soul”)
Drafts, press and other, 1963-1969
Production copy, correspondence, 1963-1964
Tuttle, Day
“A Shakespeare Anthology” (also “His Infinite Variety”), circa 1962-1966
“An Evening With Will Shakespeare,” 1951-1953
Williams, Maynard Owen
Dates, travel sheets, notes for book, 1958-1969
“I Remember . . .” (poetry anthology), undated
Notes for Berkeley, Calif., seminar, 1963
Notes for University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis., 1969
Notes on theater history, 1961-1970, undated
On Shaw (“The Seven Ages of Shaw”), 1963-1969
BOX 22-31 Scrapbooks and Notebooks, 1929-1959
Clippings, printed matter, and photographs.
Arranged roughly in chronological order with photographs at the end of the series.
BOX 22 Clippings, printed matter, photographs, articles about and by Margaret Webster
1929, Sept.-1933, Feb. (London, England)
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