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American Scholar records, 1926-2010

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BOX IV:4-59 Part IV: Production File, 2001-2009
The Production File consists of files documenting the magazine's editorial process, from initial manuscript submission through the editing and formatting process, and its published content. The files document the production of articles and book reviews, as well as items published under various departments, such as the editor’s note, "Works in Progress" compilation, and "Letter from..." and "Point of Departure" columns. Records for various issues also document decisions regarding the layout of the magazine, such as the cover, masthead, and table of contents. Records for every issue from Winter 2006 to Autumn 2009 are present, with the exception of Autumn 2007 (vol. 76, issue 4) and Winter 2009 (vol. 78, issue 1). Additional files supplement the records in Part III for vol. 70 (2001) and Winter 2004 (vol. 73, issue 1).
Material types include manuscripts, correspondence, galley proofs, including bluelines and mockups, image permission forms, and published advertisements.
Arranged chronologically by volume and issue, and alphabetically therein.
BOX IV:4 2001 (vol. 70) See also Containers III:163-171, 2001 (vol. 70)
BOX IV:4 General
(2 folders)
BOX IV:4 2004 Winter (vol. 73) See also Containers III:180-182, 2004 (vol. 73) Winter
BOX IV:4 Ads
BOX IV:4 Articles
(7 folders)
BOX IV:4 Blueline
BOX IV:5 "Commonplace Book"
BOX IV:5 "Letter from the Editor"
BOX IV:5 Manuscripts
(3 folders)
BOX IV:5 Masthead
BOX IV:5 Miscellany
BOX IV:5 Table of contents
2006 Winter (vol. 75)
BOX IV:5 Ads
BOX IV:5 Articles See also Container III:199, 2006 (vol. 75) Winter, Article
(6 folders)
BOX IV:6 Articles See also Container III:199, 2006 (vol. 75) Winter, Article
(5 folders)
BOX IV:6 Arts
(3 folders)
BOX IV:6 Blueline
BOX IV:6 Books
BOX IV:7 Books
BOX IV:7 "Commonplace Book"
BOX IV:7 "Editor's Note"
BOX IV:7 "Findings"
BOX IV:7 General
BOX IV:7 "Letter from…"
BOX IV:7 Masthead
BOX IV:7 Poetry
BOX IV:7 Reader replies
BOX IV:7 "Works in Progress"
(2 folders)
BOX IV:7 2006 Spring (vol. 75)
BOX IV:7 Ads
BOX IV:7 Articles
(2 folders)
BOX IV:8 Articles
(9 folders)
BOX IV:9 Articles
(5 folders)
BOX IV:9 Arts
(2 folders)
BOX IV:9 Blueline
BOX IV:9 Books
BOX IV:10 Books
BOX IV:10 "Commonplace Book"
BOX IV:10 Cover
BOX IV:10 "Editor's Note"
BOX IV:10 "Findings"
BOX IV:10 "Letter from…"
BOX IV:10 Poetry
BOX IV:10 Reader replies
(2 folders)
BOX IV:10 "Works in Progress"
(9 folders)
BOX IV:11 2006 Summer (vol. 75)
BOX IV:11 Ads
BOX IV:11 Articles
(7 folders)
BOX IV:12 Articles
(5 folders)
BOX IV:12 Arts
BOX IV:12 Books
(3 folders)
BOX IV:13 "Commonplace Book"
BOX IV:13 "Editor's Note"
BOX IV:13 Fiction
(3 folders)
BOX IV:13 "Findings"
BOX IV:13 General
BOX IV:13 "Letter from…"
BOX IV:13 Master manuscript
(3 folders)
BOX IV:14 Reader replies
(2 folders)
BOX IV:14 Table of contents
BOX IV:14 "Works in Progress"
(10 folders)
BOX IV:14 2006 Autumn (vol. 75)
BOX IV:14 Ads
BOX IV:14 Articles
(2 folders)
BOX IV:15 Articles
(8 folders)
BOX IV:16 Articles
(5 folders)
BOX IV:16 Arts
BOX IV:16 Blueline
BOX IV:16 Books
(5 folders)
BOX IV:17 Books
(2 folders)
BOX IV:17 Carrier sheet
BOX IV:17 "Commonplace Book"
BOX IV:17 "Editor's Note"
BOX IV:17 Fiction
(2 folders)
BOX IV:17 "Findings"
BOX IV:17 Index
BOX IV:17 "Letter from…"
(2 folders)
BOX IV:17 Master manuscript
(2 folders)
BOX IV:18 Master manuscript
(3 folders)
BOX IV:18 Poetry
(3 folders)
BOX IV:18 Reader replies
BOX IV:18 "Works in Progress"
(8 folders)
BOX IV:19 2007 Winter (vol. 76)
BOX IV:19 Ads
BOX IV:19 Articles
(7 folders)
BOX IV:20 Articles
(8 folders)
BOX IV:21 Arts
(3 folders)
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