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American Scholar records, 1926-2010

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Part IV: Production File, 2001-2009 (continued)
BOX IV:42 Master manuscript
(6 folders)
BOX IV:43 Poetry
(2 folders)
BOX IV:43 "Point of Departure"
BOX IV:43 Reader replies
BOX IV:43 Table of contents
BOX IV:43 "Tuning Up"
BOX IV:43 "Works in Progress"
BOX IV:43 2008 Autumn (vol. 77)
BOX IV:43 Ads
BOX IV:43 Articles
(4 folders)
BOX IV:44 Articles
(6 folders)
BOX IV:44 Arts
BOX IV:44 Books
(3 folders)
BOX IV:45 Books
(4 folders)
BOX IV:45 "Commonplace Book"
BOX IV:45 "Editor's Note"
BOX IV:45 Fiction
(2 folders)
BOX IV:45 General
BOX IV:45 "Letter from…"
(2 folders)
BOX IV:46 Master manuscript
(6 folders)
BOX IV:47 Master manuscript
BOX IV:47 Poetry
(3 folders)
BOX IV:47 "Point of Departure"
BOX IV:47 Reader replies
(2 folders)
BOX IV:47 "Tuning Up"
BOX IV:47 "Works in Progress"
(2 folders)
BOX IV:47 2009 Spring (vol. 78)
BOX IV:47 Ads
BOX IV:47 Articles
BOX IV:48 Articles
(9 folders)
BOX IV:49 Arts
(2 folders)
BOX IV:49 Blueline
BOX IV:49 Books
(8 folders)
BOX IV:49 "Commonplace Book"
BOX IV:49 Cover
BOX IV:49 "Editor's Note"
BOX IV:49 Fiction
(2 folders)
BOX IV:49 General
BOX IV:50 "Letter from…"
BOX IV:50 Master manuscript
(6 folders)
BOX IV:50 Masthead
BOX IV:50 Poetry
(3 folders)
BOX IV:50 "Point of Departure"
BOX IV:51 Reader replies
BOX IV:51 Table of contents
BOX IV:51 "Tuning Up"
BOX IV:51 "Works in Progress"
BOX IV:51 2009 Summer (vol. 78)
BOX IV:51 Ads
BOX IV:51 Articles
(5 folders)
BOX IV:52 Articles
(6 folders)
BOX IV:52 Arts
BOX IV:52 Books
(2 folders)
BOX IV:53 Books
(5 folders)
BOX IV:53 "Commonplace Book"
BOX IV:53 Correspondence
BOX IV:53 Fiction
(3 folders)
BOX IV:53 General
BOX IV:53 Master manuscript
BOX IV:54 Master manuscript
(7 folders)
BOX IV:54 Masthead
BOX IV:54 Poetry
(3 folders)
BOX IV:54 "Point of Departure"
BOX IV:54 Reader replies
BOX IV:54 Table of contents
BOX IV:55 "Tuning Up"
BOX IV:55 "Works in Progress"
(6 folders)
BOX IV:55 2009 Autumn (vol. 78)
BOX IV:55 Ads
BOX IV:55 Articles
(5 folders)
BOX IV:56 Articles
(7 folders)
BOX IV:57 Articles
(2 folders)
BOX IV:57 Arts
(2 folders)
BOX IV:57 Books
(8 folders)
BOX IV:57 "Commonplace Book"
BOX IV:58 Cover
BOX IV:58 "Editor's Note"
BOX IV:58 Fiction
(2 folders)
BOX IV:58 General
BOX IV:58 Index
BOX IV:58 "Letter from…"
BOX IV:58 Master manuscript
(6 folders)
BOX IV:59 Master manuscript
(3 folders)
BOX IV:59 Masthead
BOX IV:59 Poetry
BOX IV:59 "Point of Departure"
BOX IV:59 Reader replies
(2 folders)
BOX IV:59 "Tuning Up"
BOX IV:59 "Works in Progress"
(3 folders)
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