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General Correspondence, 1895-1952 (continued)
Leary, Edward J.
Lincoln, Robert Todd
"Mc" miscellaneous
McCarthy, Alice
McCord, Lawrence
McDonald, Eugene F., Jr.
McIntyre, Florence M.
McKillip, Walker and Co.
McLean, Augus W.
MacMurphy, Dempster
BOX 27 "M" miscellaneous
BOX 28 "M" miscellaneous
BOX 29 "M" miscellaneous
Mahany, Rowland B.
Mahony, A. L.
Mason, Leila
BOX 30 Mason, Leila
BOX 31 Mason, Leila
Maverick, Maury
Means, Gaston B.
Mechlin, Leila
Medallic Art Co.
BOX 32 Meloney, Marie M.
Metz, Herman A.
Meyer, Eugene, Jr.
Moore, David P.
BOX 33 Morgan, Charles M.
Myrick, Herbert
"N" miscellaneous
BOX 34 "N" miscellaneous
National Academy of Design
National Lecture Bureau
National Sculpture Society
National Small Sculpture Committee
Nocquet, Paul
"O" miscellaneous
Ohmer, Will I.
BOX 35 "P" miscellaneous
BOX 36 "P" miscellaneous
Paderewski, Jan
Pan American Trade Committee
Phelps, E. R.
Philip and Leedom
Photogravure and Color Co.
Poe, Clarence
Poore, Henry R.
Princeton University, Princeton, N.J.
Purdy, W. F.
BOX 37 "Q" miscellaneous
"R" miscellaneous
BOX 38 "R" miscellaneous
Randolph, Hollins
Rayford, Judy
Reed, James A.
Robinson, Doane
Robinson, William Jay
Rodin, Auguste
Rolvaag, Ole E.
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Roosevelt, Theodore
Root, Elihu
Royal Society of Arts
Rumely, Edward A.
BOX 39 "S" miscellaneous
BOX 40 "S" miscellaneous
BOX 41 "S" miscellaneous
BOX 42 Saint Albans, Mary
Schiff, Jacob H.
Schiff, Mortimer L.
Shaddix, W. L.
Shaw, George Bernard
Singer, Isidor
Smith, S. Sidney
Spoonts, Lorine
BOX 43 Stephenson, David C.
"T" miscellaneous
BOX 44 "T" miscellaneous
Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Tex.
Texas, University of, Austin, Tex.
Tucker, J. G.
BOX 45 Tucker, J. G.
Turner, Winifred
"U" miscellaneous
"V" miscellaneous
Venable, Samuel H.
Villa, Hugo
"W" miscellaneous
BOX 46 "W" miscellaneous
BOX 47 "W" miscellaneous
Warburg, Felix M.
Warburg, Paul M.
BOX 48 Weaver, Sarah S.
Webb, David W.
Webb, George T.
Weihe, Mabel
Westbrook, Lawrence
White, William Allen
Whitman, Royal E.
Williams, Mrs. Marshall
Willis, Francis W.
Willis, G. F.
Wilson, E. P.
Wilson, Woodrow
BOX 49 Wood, Leonard
Woodruff, Roy O.
Woodward, Scott
World War Veterans
Wright, Frank Lloyd
"Y" miscellaneous
"Z" miscellaneous
Unidentified correspondence
BOX 50 Partial record of letters and telegrams sent and received, 1896-1940
Miscellaneous correspondence primarily concerning Borglum's work as a sculptor, his investigation into government contracts with aeronautical industries during World War I, and various political activities, 1903-1952 Available only on microfilm, shelf no. 10,378. Original items in private hands
BOX 51-130 Subject File, 1895-1960
Correspondence, reports, printed matter and other material.
Grouped by subject or work project, with works arranged alphabetically by name of project or location.
BOX 51-53 Aircraft
BOX 54-60 Aircraft, investigation (1918)
BOX 61 Association of American Painters and Sculptors
Boer War
Bok, Edward William, peace plan
BOX 62 Czechoslovakia
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