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Gutzon Borglum papers, 1881-2019

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Some or all content stored offsite.
BOX OV 1-4 Oversize, 1901-1960
Blueprints, drawings, maps, plans, and miscellaneous personal material.
Listed and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the material was separated. The items are physically grouped and housed by size.
BOX OV 1 Correspondence with Commissioner, 1930s (Container 178)
BOX OV 1 Studio and warehouse, 1940 (Container 184)
BOX OV 1 Blueprints, Mount Rushmore National Memorial (Container 186)
BOX OV 1 Plans for the grand stairway (Container 190)
2021 Addition
Family papers
Borglum, Lincoln
Subject file
BOX OV 3 Map, Bee County, Tex. 1906 (Container 196, Bee County Centennial)
BOX OV 4 Copy of sketch of Christ on the Mountain, undated (Container 199, Christ on the Mountain)
BOX OV 4 Drawing/sketch, "Elevación del peñon de la 'bufa,' Guanajuato, abril 1945" (Container 199, Hidalgo, Miguel)
BOX OV 3 Maps, United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey, New York (Franklin County), Loon Lake Quadrangle, Owls Head Range, 1902-1908, 1940, 1960 (Container 200, Owls Head Mountain, N.Y.)
Borglum, Mary Montgomery
Subject file
BOX OV 3 Daughters of the American Revolution membership certificate, 1921 (Container 210, Memberships and organizations)
BOX OV 3 Ph.D. certificate for Mary Williams Montgomery, from University of Berlin, 1901 (Container 211, Dissertation, "Brief aus der Zeit des babylonischen Königs Hammurabi")
Subject file
BOX OV 4 Blueprint, layout of buildings and tracks, Bay City Ready-Cut Home Co., Bay City, Michigan, undated (Container 218, Aviation investigation)
BOX OV 3 Map of Rapid City, S.Dak., compiled from the original records, undated (Container 218, Committee of One Hundred, Rapid City, S.Dak.)
BOX OV 2 "República de Cuba – Monumento al Mayor General Máximo Gómez: Mapa histórico destinado a ilustrar la biografía del general Máximo Gómez y Báez, que acompaña a las bases del Concurso para el Monumento que a su memoria debe erigirse, y en el que se señalan otros lugares celebres de las guerras de Independencia de Cuba," Habana, 1917 (Container 218, Cuba)
BOX OV 3 Polish award and diploma, 1931
Stamford, Conn. property
BOX OV 3 Blueprint, "Studio for Gutzon Borglum," undated (Container 221, Stamford, Conn. property)
BOX OV 3 Sketched map of property, "Would you sell Mr. Ross some of this land...," undated (Container 221, Stamford, Conn. property)
BOX OV 2 Sketch of building on envelope in green ink pen, undated (Container 221, Stamford, Conn. property)
BOX OV 2 Watercolor sketch of building, undated (Container 221, Stamford, Conn. property)
BOX OV 4 Zoning map, Town of Stamford, Conn. (outside city), 1937 (Container 221, Stamford, Conn. property)
BOX OV 4 Map of "Borgland," Stamford, Conn., owned by Mary M. Borglum, 1932 (Container 221, Stamford, Conn. property)
BOX OV 3 General Sales Map, Borglum Estates, Section One, 1930 (Container 221, Stamford, Conn. property)
BOX OV 3 Map of Watershed of The Stamford Water Co. in the states of New York and Connecticut, 1912 (Container 221, Stamford, Conn. property)
BOX OV 3 Unidentified sketch of property, undated (Container 221, Stamford, Conn. property)
BOX OV 4 Unidentified sketch of property on tissue paper, undated (Container 221, Stamford, Conn. property)
BOX OV 3 Topographic map/Description of the Topographic Map of the United States, 1906 (Container 221, Stamford, Conn. property)
BOX OV 2 Photocopies of news clippings about Gutzon Borglum, circa 1919-1926 (Container 223, Sacco-Vanzetti bas-relief/plaque)
BOX OV 3 "Plan of pool in form of blade with monument as handle - Newark - Wars of America Memorial," undated (Container 224, Wars of America)

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