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General Correspondence, 1895-1952 (continued)
Durham, Plato
"E" miscellaneous
BOX 15 "E" miscellaneous
Eakins, L. C. D.
East Butte Extension Copper Mining Co.
Emerson Bureau
Enters, Angna
BOX 16 "F" miscellaneous
BOX 17 "F" miscellaneous
Faatz, Loranna B.
Frémont, Jessie B.
French, Daniel Chester
Freshel, Curtis
Fuller, W. W.
BOX 18 "G" miscellaneous
BOX 19 Getts, Clark
Gibson, Hugo
Godeon, Samuel E.
Gorham Manufacturing Co.
Graham, James F.
Grand Rapids Trust Co.
Guards of Washington
BOX 20 "H" miscellaneous
BOX 21 "H" miscellaneous
BOX 22 Haines, Lynn
Harding, Warren G.
Henderson, Archibald
Hollister, William C.
Hoover, Herbert
Howe, Frederic C.
Hulme, Edward M.
Huntington, Archer M.
"I" miscellaneous
Ickes, Harold L.
Inter-Racial Council
BOX 23 "J" miscellaneous
Jackson, Gardner
Johnson, Gerald W.
"K" miscellaneous
BOX 24 "K" miscellaneous
Kelley, John I.
Kemp, L. W.
Kennerley, Mitchell
Key, James L.
King, William Lyon Mackenzie
Kitselman, Mrs. Leslie C.
Kittrell, William
Koeppler, John L.
Kruckman, Arnold
Kunst, Anton
BOX 25 "L" miscellaneous
BOX 26 Lane, Franklin K.
Lankford, J. S.
Larsen, John M.
Leary, Edward J.
Lincoln, Robert Todd
"Mc" miscellaneous
McCarthy, Alice
McCord, Lawrence
McDonald, Eugene F., Jr.
McIntyre, Florence M.
McKillip, Walker and Co.
McLean, Augus W.
MacMurphy, Dempster
BOX 27 "M" miscellaneous
BOX 28 "M" miscellaneous
BOX 29 "M" miscellaneous
Mahany, Rowland B.
Mahony, A. L.
Mason, Leila
BOX 30 Mason, Leila
BOX 31 Mason, Leila
Maverick, Maury
Means, Gaston B.
Mechlin, Leila
Medallic Art Co.
BOX 32 Meloney, Marie M.
Metz, Herman A.
Meyer, Eugene, Jr.
Moore, David P.
BOX 33 Morgan, Charles M.
Myrick, Herbert
"N" miscellaneous
BOX 34 "N" miscellaneous
National Academy of Design
National Lecture Bureau
National Sculpture Society
National Small Sculpture Committee
Nocquet, Paul
"O" miscellaneous
Ohmer, Will I.
BOX 35 "P" miscellaneous
BOX 36 "P" miscellaneous
Paderewski, Jan
Pan American Trade Committee
Phelps, E. R.
Philip and Leedom
Photogravure and Color Co.
Poe, Clarence
Poore, Henry R.
Princeton University, Princeton, N.J.
Purdy, W. F.
BOX 37 "Q" miscellaneous
"R" miscellaneous
BOX 38 "R" miscellaneous
Randolph, Hollins
Rayford, Judy
Reed, James A.
Robinson, Doane
Robinson, William Jay
Rodin, Auguste
Rolvaag, Ole E.
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Roosevelt, Theodore
Root, Elihu
Royal Society of Arts
Rumely, Edward A.
BOX 39 "S" miscellaneous
BOX 40 "S" miscellaneous
BOX 41 "S" miscellaneous
BOX 42 Saint Albans, Mary
Schiff, Jacob H.
Schiff, Mortimer L.
Shaddix, W. L.
Shaw, George Bernard
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