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General Correspondence, circa 1915-1955 (continued)
BOX 21 REEL 16 Municipal Theatre Association of St. Louis, St. Louis, Mo. See also Container 15, Greig, Peter
Murphy, Frederick E.
“N” miscellaneous
Nagel, Charles
National Geographic Society
Newbold, Fleming
New York World See Containers 30-31, World
Niedringhaus families
BOX 22 REEL 16-17 Noyes, Frank B.
“O” miscellaneous
Obolensky, Serge
O'Brien, Robert Lincoln
Ochs, Adolph S.
Ogden, Rollo
Olds, Irving S.
Olin, John M.
Olin, Spencer T.
Osborn, A. Perry
Oumanski, Constantine
Oxnam, G. Bromley
“P” miscellaneous
Palmer, Paul
Pape, William J. See Container 19, Lovejoy Memorial Committee
Park, Guy B.
Parsons, Geoffrey
Patterson, Grove
Patterson, Joseph Medill
Patterson, Robert P.
Paz, Alberto Gainza See Container 9, “A” miscellaneous (Americas Foundation)
Pell, Clarence C.
Pell, Herbert
BOX 23 REEL 17-18 Pershing, John J.
Pinchot, Gifford
Pittman, Key
Price, Melvin
Princeton University, Princeton, N.J.
“Q” miscellaneous
Queeny, Edgar Monsanto
“R” miscellaneous
Rathbone, Perry
Ray, E. Lansing
Redman, Fulton
Reese, Benjamin Harrison
Reid, Helen Rogers
Reid, Ogden Mills
Reitemeyer, John R.
Richardson, John
Richmond, Arthur L.
Rickey, Branch
Rinehart, Mary Roberts
Ritter, Joseph E.
Ritz-Carlton Hotel, New York, N.Y.
Robb, J. Hampden
Roberts, Roy
Robinson, Edward G.
Rockefeller, Mary F. See Container 31, “Y” miscellaneous (Young Women's Christian Association)
Roosevelt, Eleanor
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
BOX 24 REEL 18 Roosevelt, Theodore (1887-1944) See Container 9, “A” miscellaneous (American Bureau for Medical Aid to China)
Rosenwald, Lessing J.
Ross, Charles G. See also Container 19, “M” miscellaneous, (McNalley, F. P.)
Rosten, Leo C.
Rudd, Basil
Ryan, Cornelius
“Sa-Sc” miscellaneous
BOX 25 REEL 19 “Se-Sy” miscellaneous
Sampson, Flem D.
Scarlett, William
Schuster, M. Lincoln See also Container 18, Kornitzer, Bela
Schwellenbach, L. B.
Sheean, Vincent
Sherman, Lawrence Y.
Shipley, Ruth
Shipstead, Henrik
Shirer, William L.
Shouse, Jouett See also Container 14, Democratic National Committee
Sifton, Paul F.
Simpich, Frederick
Sioussat, St. George
Skouras, Spyros P.
Snyder, John W.
Speers Sand and Clay Works
Sproul, Robert G.
BOX 26 REEL 19-20 Spurgeon, John J.
Stark, Lloyd
Stassen, Harold E.
Stevenson, Adlai E.
Stockton, J. Roy
Stokes, Frank W.
Stokes, Thomas L.
Stout, Wesley Winans
Streit, Clarence
Strong, Walter A.
Sulzberger, Arthur Hays See also Container 13, Current News Features
Sumners, Hatton W.
Swope, Herbert B. See also Containers 30-31, World
Symington, Stuart
“T” miscellaneous
Taft, Charles P.
Taft, Hulbert
Taylor, Frank W.
Thayer, William G.
BOX 27 REEL 20-21 Thomas, Charles A.
Thomas, Norman
Thompson, Dorothy
Tiffany, George S.
Tree, Marietta
Truman, Harry S.
Tucker, Raymond R.
Tweed, Eleanor
“U” miscellaneous
“V” miscellaneous
Vandenberg, Arthur H.
Vaughan, Harry H.
Villard, Oswald Garrison
Vinson, Fred M.
“Wa-Wh” miscellaneous
BOX 28 REEL 21 “Wi-Wy” miscellaneous
Wagner, Robert F. See Container 14, Denison, Lindsay
Waldo, Richard H.
Wallace, Asa B.
Wallace, DeWitt
Wallace, John K.
Walsh, Thomas
Warren, Lindsay
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