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United States. American Commission to Negotiate Peace records, 1898-1919

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Special Reports on Countries, Peoples, and Regions, 1917-1919 (continued)
Monroe, Paul, assisted by Matthias Boehmke and C. H. Fahs, "Education in Central Africa," undated
National Research Council
British colonies, undated
French colonies, undated
German colonies, undated
"Forest Resources of Africa," undated
BOX 14 "The Native Problems in South and Central Africa and the Military Training of Natives as They Affect War Problems and the Peace Settlement," undated
"Use of Black Troops in Africa," undated
Frost, Arthur C., "Economic Changes in Algeria since the War," 1918
Armstrong, Edward C., "The Speech Boundary between French and German in Alsace-Lorraine and Its Bearing on the National Affinities of the Territory," 1918
Goldman, Hetty, "Alsace-Lorraine, Emigration and Immigration, 1871-1915," undated
Haskins, Charles H., “The Problems of Alsace-Lorraine, 1918"
Helmer, Paul, "History of Alsace and of Lorraine, Serial in Annales Politiques et Litteratures, Summary and Translation," by W. A. McLaughlin
Hobbs, William Herbert, "Boundaries of France in Alsace-Lorraine Particularly as Determined by Mineral Resources Which Will Ensure to France Economic Independence," 1918
Hyde, J. H., "The Briey Matter," 1917
BOX 15 Jacoby, Jeanna H., "The German Title to the Lorraine Iron Region," 1918
Notestein, Wallace
"Canals of Alsace-Lorraine," undated
"The Clergy and the Center in Alsace-Lorraine," undated
"The Incorporation of Alsace-Lorraine in France and the Question of Goods and Tariffs," undated
"The Landtag of Alsace-Lorraine Since the War," 1918
"The Landtag Elections of 1911," 1918
"The Treatment of Alsace-Lorraine Since the War, July 1914-October 1918," 1918
Notestein, Wallace, and Rachel Updegraff, "Bibliography," undated
Updegraff, Rachel
"Members of the Landtag of Alsace-Lorraine, Alsace-Lorraine Members of the Reichstag . . .," undated
"Territorial Distribution of Disloyalty Based on German Official Accounts with Accompanying Maps," undated
"Who's Who in Alsace-Lorraine, 1907-17," 1918
Slosson, Preston W., "The Position of Australasia in Regard to the Peace Settlement," undated
Miscellany, "Forest Resources of Australia and Oceania," undated
Burk, C. O., "The Yugo-Slavs Abstracted from 'Language and the Sentiment of Nationality,'" undated
Day, Clive, "Austria-Hungary: Economy," 1918
Duggan, Stephen P., "The Austro-Hungarian Policy in the Balkans, Part I: Opposition to the Growth of a Strong and Independent Serb State," undated
BOX 16 Kerner, Robert J.
"Digest Outline Austria-Hungary Structure of Government," undated
"A Brief Sketch of the Political Movement of the Czecho-Slovaks Tending toward the Federalization or Dismemberment of Austria-Hungary," undated
(2 folders)
"Memorandum on Racial Participation of the Government of Austria-Hungary," undated
"Memorandum on the Political Effect of the Austrian, Russian, and Buffer-State Solutions of the Polish Question upon the Economic Relations of Austria-Hungary with Her Neighbors," 1918
"Minorities in Austria-Hungary," 1918
Seymour, Charles
"Austria-Hungary: Attitudes of Emigrants from the Trentino Now Working in Mines of the United States," letter of Charles O'Neil, 1918
BOX 17 "Epitome of Boundaries in Austria-Hungary," 1918
"Reports on Just and Practical Boundaries within Austria-Hungary, with Epitome attached," undated
"Forest Resources of Austria-Hungary," undated
Pergler, Charles
"Czech Demands," material copied from his 1916 address "The Heart of Europe," 1917, undated
"Czech Nationalist Policy," material copied from his 1916 address "The Heart of Europe," 1917, undated
Stoddard, T. L., "Czech Attitude, 1914," material copied from his Present Day Europe, 1917, undated
"Abstract of the Czech-Slovak Pamphlets," undated
"Czech Demands since 1914 Abstracted from 'Demands of the Bohemian People' in Journal of Race Development, vol. 8, Oct. 1917, undated
Gray, Louis H., "Dalmatia from the Italian Point of View," 1918
Braum, Robert, "The Dismemberment of Hungary," undated
Seymour, Charles, "Social and Economic Basis of Nationalism in Hungary," 1918
Gregorian, Gustavus, "Memorandum . . . concerning the Town and District of Trieste," undated
"Italia Irredenta and Trieste according to the Austrian Official Census of 1910," undated
Evans, Austin P., "Austro-Italian Border Dispute: Trentino and Trieste," undated
Martin, Lawrence, memorandum no. 140, copies of three articles sent to Isaiah Bowan: (1) "Die Sudgrenzen Deutschosterreichs," by R. von Pfaundler; (2) "Die Staatsgrenzen Deutschosterreich," by R. von Pfaundler; and (3) an English translation of "The Styrian Drau" by Hans Pirchegger, 1919
Monroe, Paul, and Isaac L. Kandel, "Austrian School Laws and Administration Regulations," 1918
Semple, Ellen Churchill, "The Strategic Character of the Austro-Italian-Frontier," 1918
Seymour, Charles, "Distribution of Landed Property in Austria," 1918
Buck, C. D., "The Czech-Slovaks in History, Abstracted from 'Language and the Sentiment of Nationality' in American Political Science Review, vol. X, 1916
Kerner, Robert J.
"Czech Minorities in Bohemia, a Statistical Survey," 1918
"Résumé of a Brief Sketch of the Political Movements of the Czecho-Slovaks Tending toward the Federalization or Dismemberment of Austria-Hungary," 1918
Bray, Louis H., "The Mouths of the Danube with Special Reference to Their Navigability," 1918
Bureau De Press Yugoslav, Information and Documents, no. 53, 1919
BOX 18 Carter, John F., Jr., "A Memorandum on the Balkan Problem," undated
Chamberlain, J. P.
The Danube, 1918
The Danube River, 1918
Cvijio, Jovan, "Zones of Civilization in the Balkan Peninsula," undated
Day, Clive, and others, "Boundaries in the Balkans," 1918
Golder, F. A., "The Balkan Provinces," 1918
Johnson, Douglas W. and W. B. Heard, memoranda of conversations: Johnson with M. R. Vesnic, Serbian minister to France, 28 July 1918; with Jovan Cvijic, at Hotel International, Paris, France, 26 May, 1918; with M. R. Vesnic (Vesnitch) at the Serbian Legation, Paris, France, 27 May and June, 1918, and on certain documents furnished by Vesnic at later periods; with Giacinto Ferrero, commander of the Italian forces in Albania and administrator of the occupied territory, at Vlona 3, 4, and 12, 1918; with G. De Martino, general secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with rank of minister at the Foreign office, Rome, Italy, 19 August 1918; and Heard re "The Macedonian Question; A Possible Solution" [1917]
Lybyer, L. H., and Preston W. Slosson, "Index and Appendix of Treaties and Documents concerning Frontier Problems in the Balkans," 1918
BOX 19 Monroe, Will S.
"Acquisitions of Balkan States at the End of the Second Balkan War," undated
"American Influence in the Balkans," 1918
"Balkan Peninsula," 1918
"Balkan Peninsula, Religious Toleration . . .," 1918
"Ethnographic Maps of the Balkans," undated
"Forests of the Balkan Peninsula," 1918
"Minerals of the Balkan Peninsula," 1918
Shurman, J. G., "Some Notes on Balkan Problems," 1917
"Memorandum on Balkan Frontiers," 1918
""Proclamation of the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes," undated
Chekrezi, Constantine A., Albania, undated
Durham, Edith, "Albania Past and Present," 1916
Monroe, Paul, assisted by Orin Griffin
"Education in Albania," 1918
BOX 20 "Education in Albania, Appendix," 1918
Monroe, Will S.
"Albania," 1918
"The Mirdites of Albania," 1918
Noli, Fran S.
"Albania," 1918
"Statement of the Vatra concerning an Italian Protectorate over Albania," 1918
Phillips, Brigadier General, "The Albanian Situation," statement before the American Commission, 1919
Page from an index of a report on Albania
Monroe, Will S.
""Government of Bulgaria," 1918
Letter from Radostov A. T[r?] anoff, labeled "Transliteration Bulgaria," photocopy, 1918
"Forest Resources of Bulgaria," undated
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