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United States. American Commission to Negotiate Peace records, 1898-1919

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Special Reports on Countries, Peoples, and Regions, 1917-1919 (continued)
"American Influence in the Balkans," 1918
"Balkan Peninsula," 1918
"Balkan Peninsula, Religious Toleration . . .," 1918
"Ethnographic Maps of the Balkans," undated
"Forests of the Balkan Peninsula," 1918
"Minerals of the Balkan Peninsula," 1918
Shurman, J. G., "Some Notes on Balkan Problems," 1917
"Memorandum on Balkan Frontiers," 1918
""Proclamation of the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes," undated
Chekrezi, Constantine A., Albania, undated
Durham, Edith, "Albania Past and Present," 1916
Monroe, Paul, assisted by Orin Griffin
"Education in Albania," 1918
BOX 20 "Education in Albania, Appendix," 1918
Monroe, Will S.
"Albania," 1918
"The Mirdites of Albania," 1918
Noli, Fran S.
"Albania," 1918
"Statement of the Vatra concerning an Italian Protectorate over Albania," 1918
Phillips, Brigadier General, "The Albanian Situation," statement before the American Commission, 1919
Page from an index of a report on Albania
Monroe, Will S.
""Government of Bulgaria," 1918
Letter from Radostov A. T[r?] anoff, labeled "Transliteration Bulgaria," photocopy, 1918
"Forest Resources of Bulgaria," undated
Bell, H. W., "Proposed Greek Acquisition in Asia Minor," 1918
BOX 21 Ferguson, W. S.
"Greece," undated
"The Greek Case," undated
Kohn, Lucille, "Greek Proclamation with Reference to Naval Warfare," undated
Westermann, W. L., "Notes upon a Conversation with Premier Venizelos as It Applied to Asia Minor," undated
Miscellany, "Forest Resources of Greece," undated
Monroe, Will S.
""Balkan Peninsula, Macedonia: Population," 1918
"Macedonia, Causes of Disorders and Attempts to Institute Reforms," 1918
"Nationalist Schools in Macedonia," 1918
"Sources for Macedonian and Albanian Boundaries," 1918
Sonnichsen, A., "The Case for a Free Macedonia"; "The Case for an Independent Macedonia"; and "The Role of the Greek Clergy in Macedonia," undated
Slosson, Preston W., "International Intervention in Macedonia, from the Rebellion of 1902-3 to the Young Turk Revolution," 1918
Dominian, Leon, "Montenegro's Claim to Scutari," 1917
BOX 22 Rumania
Bocou, Sevère, "The Question of the Banat," undated
Reed, William Howell, "The Rumanian People," 1918
Abstract from Quarterly Review, 1917
"Forest Resources of Rumanian, undated
Dominian, Leon, "Saloniki-a Natural Harbor for Serbia," 1917
Monroe, Will S.
"Foreign Commerce of Serbia," 1918
"Projected Serbian Railway to the Adriatic," 1918
Noyes, George Rapall, and Samuel Eliot Morison, "Railway Routes, Existing and Projected, between Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovena and the Adriatic," 1919
"Forest Resources of Serbia," undated
"Sketch of Austro-Serbian Dispute Abstracted from 'The Round Table' September, 1914, pp. 12-15," undated
Chamberlain, J. P., "Rehabilitation of Belgium," undated
Miscellany, "Forest Resources of Belgium," undated
"Forest Resources of Canada," undated
Far East
Pitkin, W. H., "Preliminary Report on Far Eastern Policy," 1918
Shotwell, James T., "Geography, History and Economics All Point to the Same Solution for the Problems of Western Asia," undated
Blythe, Samuel G., "Outline for a Government of China," 1918
Dixon, Ronald B.
"Eastern Turkestan," 1918
"Mongolia and Dzungaria," 1919
BOX 23 Ferguson, J. C., "The Foreign Policy of China," undated
(4 folders)
Harris, N. D., "Tibet and the Tibetan Marshes," undated
Hornbeck, Stanley K.
"The Open Door in Practice in Regions other than Manchuria," undated
"Railroads in China," bibliography, undated
"Russia in North Manchuria to 1914," undated
Lavis, F., "Chinese Railways, Review of the General Situation," 1918
Millaid, Thomas F., "Possible and Probable Interpretations of the Lansing-Ishii Agreement Relating to China," 1917
MacMurray, J. V. A., compiler, "Tentative Chronological List of Treaties, Conventions, Contracts and Other Arrangements with or concerning China, Relative to Railways, Concluded between the Years 1894 and 1917," 1917
BOX 24 Moon, Parker Thomas, "Chinese Treaty Ports," 1918
Pitkin, W. H.
"French Spheres of Influence in China," 1918
"Japanese Spheres of Influence in China," undated
"Russian Spheres of Influence in China," undated
Smith, William Roy, "Diplomatic Aspects of the Opium Problem (1906-18)," 1918
Winston, A. P.
"China-Area and Population-Notes to Table," 1918
"The Commercial and Financial Activities of the Foreign Powers in China, Considered with Special Reference to Sources of International Discord . . .,"1918
"Korea, Karafuto, Kwangtung Statistical Estimates," 1918
"Report IV, the Financial Crisis of China," undated
"Forest Resources of China," undated
"Forest Resources of Chosen," undated
French Indo-China
"Forests of French Indo-China," undated
Bonner, Campbell, "Memorandum on Some Aspects of Social, Religious and Political in India," 1918
Kenyon, Dorothy
"History of India," undated
"India: Agriculture and Allied Industries," undated
BOX 25 "India Economics"
"Famines in India," undated
"Industries," undated
"Irrigation," undated
"Railways," undated
"Mining and Mineral Resources," undated
"Trade and Commerce," undated
"India Education in British India," undated
"India Government"
"India Government Certain Aspects of Finance," undated
"Political Structure and Activities," undated
BOX 26 "The Tariff in British India," undated
"Certain Outstanding Features of Recent Indian Reform Movement with Special Reference to Moslem Participation Therein," undated
"Forest Resources of British India," undated
Abbott, J. F.
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