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United States. American Commission to Negotiate Peace records, 1898-1919

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Special Reports on Countries, Peoples, and Regions, 1917-1919 (continued)
""Preliminary Report on Population and Industrial Development in Japan," 1918
""Social Unrest in Japan with Especial Reference to Imperialism," 1918
Hornbeck, Stanley K.
"The Russo-Japanese Agreement of 1916," undated
"Japan Commercial Treaties," undated
Krahmer, Gustav, "The Relations of Russia toward Japan, Especially with Regard to Corea," undated
Millard, Thomas F., "Memorandum on a Conversation at Tokio on September 8, 1917, between Viscount Montono, Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Thomas F. Millard," undated
"Forest Resources of Japan," undated
"Japan-Foreign Policy Speech of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Fortieth Session of the Diet, January 22nd, 1918," 1918
Hornbeck, Stanley K., "Siam, Legal Status of Foreigners," undated
"Forest of Siam," undated
Lord, Robert H., "The Orthography of Geographical Names in Eastern Europe," 1918
Marriott, J. A. R., "The Racial and Political Problem in Adriatic Lands," abstracted from "The Problem of the Adriatic" in Nineteenth Century and After, undated
Monroe, Paul, assisted by Isaac L. Kandal, "Educational Reforms during the War, Proposed or Accomplished," undated
Monroe, Paul, assisted by Isaac L. and Walter Hoffsommer, "France, Belgium, Holland, Japan, School Laws and Administrative Regulations . . .," undated
Moon, Thomas Parker
"An Abstract of 'Boundaries in Europe and the Near East' by Col. Sir Thomas H. Holdich," undated
"A Short Digest of 'Boundaries in Europe and the Near East' by Col. Sir Thomas H. Holdich," undated
Updegraff, Rachel, "Old Age Pensions in Germany" and "Old Age Pensions in France," undated
Bonsal, Stephen, untitled paper about French black troops, undated
Chamberlain, Joseph P., "Reparation in France, Reports Made to the French Government," undated
Johnson, Douglas, "Report on Origin, Personnel and Organization of the French 'Comité d'Etudes,' Appointed to Assemble Data for the Peace Conference," undated
Slosson, Preston W.
"The National Government," undated
"Origin of the French Government," undated
"Forest Resources of France," undated
BOX 27 Germany
Dresel, Ellis, "Confidential Report on a Report on a Journey to Germany," 1919
Gade, John A., "The Question of South Jutland," 1918
Haskins, Charles H., "Possible Territorial Changes in the German Empire," undated
Hazen, C. D., "German Militarism," undated
Kerner, Robert J., "The German and Austrian Solutions of the Near Eastern Problem," 1918
Larsen, Hanna Astrup, "The Slesvig Problem," undated
Lowell, A. Lawrence, "Draft of Report on German Political Institutions, Abstract of A. Lawrence Lowell's Draft of Report of German Political Institutions," undated
Marsh, Margaret Grant, "The Commerce of Danzig," a digest of a 1906 study by Otto Munsterberg, 1918
Masaryk, T. G., "Literature of Pangermanism," 1918
Slosson, Preston W.
""Germany: Short Outline of Historical Sketch," undated
“Origin of the German Government," undated
Smith, Monroe, "The Political Organization of Germany," 1918
Stovall, Pleasant, "German Plans to Connect Switzerland with the North Sea by Way of the Rhine," 1918
United States, Department of State, "The Present German Government," 1918
Wheeler, Benjamin I., "Germany-Politics and Government," 1918
Zimmermann, A., "A History of German Colonial Policy," 1918
(2 folders)
"Forest Resources of Germany," undated
"German Empire," statistical tables, undated
BOX 28 Gibraltar
Abbott, W. C., "A Brief Sketch of Gibraltar and Its Occupation by Great Britain," 1918
Great Britain
Fuller, Grace P.
"The Effect of the War upon the Commercial Policy of Great Britain," 1918
"What Is a 'Statement of Aims'?" undated
"The Forest Resources of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland," undated
Byrne, E. H., "Report on Italian Ambitions in Asia Minor," 1918
Johnson, D. W., "Statistics of Teutons and Austrians in Disputed Area of Tyrol," undated
Korosec, Anton
"Memorandum . . . concerning the Italo-Yugoslav Boundary Sector: Istria," undated
"Memorandum . . . concerning the Italo-Yugoslav Boundary Sector: Gorlitz," undated
Lunt, W. E., "Italian Tirol," 1918
(2 folders)
Maranelli, C., and G. Salvemini, "Summary of the Adriatic Question," 1918
Morgan, W. T.
"The Government of Italy," 1918
"Political Parties in Italy," undated
Morison, Samuel E., "Italy and Albania Italy's Interest in and Policy toward Albania," 1918
Pozzi, Jean, "Italian Irredentism Abstracted from L'Italia Irredenta," undated
Stoddard, T. L., "The Question of Italy Abstracted from Present Day Italy," undated
Tannaro, Attilio, "The Treaty of London and Italy's Natural Aspirations," undated
Thorold, Alger, "Italian Ambitions in 1915, Sketch of Irredentism Abstracted from "Italia Irredenta" in Edinburgh Review, 1915, undated
Vosnjag, Bojumil, "Memorandum concerning Political Conditions in Gorcia-Gradisca, Trieste and Istria," 1918
"Alleged Secret Treaty with Italy, 'The Pact of London,' May 9, 1915," 1918
"Forest Resources of Italy," undated
Switzerland, "Forest Resources of Switzerland," undated
BOX 29 Latin America
Brooks, Charles S.
"Criticism on Memorandum on Latin America and a Possible Peace Conference," memorandum authored by James G. MacDonald with comments by W. A. Dunning
"Memorandum of a News Article in the New York Tribune on June 27, 1918," 1918
Shaw, E. W., "Preliminary Report on the Petroleum in Mexico," 1918
Willis, Bailey, "Report on Territorial Waters of the Estuary of La Plata," 1918
Zon, Raphael, "South America Timber Resources and Their Relation to the World's Timber Supply," undated
Forest Resources of Central America," undated
"Forest Resources of the Netherlands," undated
The Pacific Islands
Churchill, William, "Pacific Islands of Germany," 1918
(2 folders)
Day, Olive, "The Dutch East Indies," 1918
Dixon, R. B., "Sketch of Oceanic Ethnography," 1918
Slosson, Preston W.
"Critique on Report on Former German Pacific Island Possessions," undated
"The Diplomatic History of the Kingdom of Samoa," 1918
"Preliminary Report on the Problem of the Pacific Islands," undated
BOX 30 United States, Bureau of Research, War Trade Board, "Memorandum on the Dutch East Indies," 1918
Winston, A. P., "German Pacific Islands, Trade Statistics," undated
"British East Indies," undated
"Forests of the Dutch East Indies," undated
"Forests of the German East Indies," undated
"Forest Resources of the Philippines," undated
"Note on Samoan Condominium," undated
Jackson, A. V. N.
"Education-The Need for Greater Educational Opportunities in Persia," undated
""Persia-Delimitations of the Present Frontiers," undated
"Persia (Supplementary Report)," 1918
"Preliminary Report on Persia," 1918
"Forest Resources of Persia," undated
Arctowski, Henryk
"Experts on the Polish Question," 1918
"Joint Report on Poland," 1918
"Miscellaneous Polonica #1-4," 1918
"Poland-Who Constitute the Aristocracy and the Bourgeoisie in Lithuania?," undated
"A Preliminary List of Polish Periodicals and Books not Available in the New York Public Library, and Which It Would Be Most Desirable to Consult," 1918
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