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United States. American Commission to Negotiate Peace records, 1898-1919

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Special Reports on Countries, Peoples, and Regions, 1917-1919 (continued)
Gray, Louis H., "Caucasus Commerce and Trade Routes," 1918
"The Caucasus," undated
"Forest Resources of the Russian Caucasus," undated
Central Asia
Dixon, Roland B.
"Central Asia and the Steppe," 1918
"The Kirgiz-Kazak and the Steppe Region of Western Siberia," 1918
Dixon, Roland B., The Crimean Peninsula with Special Reference to the Crimean Tartars," 1918
Don Province
Golder, F. A., "The Don Province," 1918
BOX 37 Finland
Morison, Samuel Eliot, "Finland," 1918
(2 folders)
Golder, F. A., "Siberia," 1918
Dixon, Roland B.
"Russian or Western Turkestan: Economic Study," undated
"Western or Russian Turkestan," 1918
Golder, F. A., "Ukraine," undated
"Forest Resources of Denmark, with attached report on Finland," 1918
"Forest Resources of Norway," undated
"Forest Resources of Sweden," undated
"Forest Resources of Spain," undated
BOX 38 Spitsbergen
Gray, Louis H.
"Spitsbergen and Bear Island," 1918
(3 folders)
Seymour, Charles, "The Political Status of Spitsbergen," undated
Andrus, A. N., "Turkish Survey The Koords," undated
Barton, James L.
"Suggested Possible Form of Government for the Area Covered by the Ottoman Empire at the Outbreak of the War, Exclusive of Arabia but Inclusive of the Trans-Caucasus, undated, including a separate report by Barton entitled "Reasons Why We Should Declare War Against Turkey and Bulgaria," 1918
"The Turkish Government Analysis of Its Inherent Evil," undated
Beam, Jacob N.
"Report on the Vilayet of Erzerum," undated
"Report on the Vilayet of Sivas," undated
Bell, H. W., "The Patriarchate of Constantinople: Its History and Functions in the Ottoman State," 1918
Bonbright, J. C., "Turkey as an Economic Asset to the Central Powers," undated
Brailsford, H. N., "The Future of Turkey," with a chart and digest of Brailsford's report by E. Gluck, undated
Brooks, C. S., "An Abridgement of The Partition of Asiatic Turkey by E. C. Semple," 1918
Butler, Howard Crosby, "Report on the Proposals for an Independent Arab State of States," undated
Campbell, Oscar J.
"Non-Christian Religions of Turkey," undated
"Report on American Interests in Turkey," undated
"Report on the Vilayet of Adana," undated
BOX 39 "Report on the Vilayet of Aidin," undated
"Report on the Vilayet of Konia," undated
Christie, Thomas D., "Turkish Survey Adana-Geography," undated
Dickerman, S. O.
"The Independent Sandjak of Bigha," undated
"The Independent Sandjak of Karassi," undated
"Report on Mineral Production of Asiatic Turkey and Transcaucasus," undated
"Report on the Independent Sandjak of Djanik," undated
"Report on the Vilayet of Hudavendighia," undated
"Report on the Vilayet of Trebizond," undated
Dodd, William S., "On the Condition and Needs of the Missionary Hospitals in Asia Minor," 1917
Dominan, Leon, "Turkey," 1918
Gulbenkian, Gullabi, "Turkish Survey: Rug Industry," undated
Hall, W. H., editor, "Turkish Survey: Petroleum," undated
Magie, David
"The Kurds of the Ottoman Empire," undated
"Report on the Vilayet of the Aleppo," undated
Monroe, Paul
"Education and International Reconstruction: Historical Survey of Legislative and Diplomatic Status of American Educational Institutions in Turkey," undated
"Ottoman Empire: Diplomatic Relations with United States regarding Education (1830-1916)," undated
Munro, Dana
"Outline of The History and Ethnology of the Turkish Empire by Harvey Porter," undated
"Turkey in Asia," undated
"The Turkish Government," undated
Newell, F. H.
"The Possibilities of Irrigation and Water Power in Asiatic Turkey," 1918
BOX 40 "Reclamation of Asiatic Turkey by Irrigation, Drainage and Flood Protection," 1918
(2 folders)
Peet, William W., "The Working of the Turkish Government," undated
Porter, Harvey, "Religious Conditions in the Turkish Empire," undated
Riggs, Henry R.
"Turkish Survey: Harpoot District," undated
"Turkish Survey: The Kurds," undated
Rohrbach, Paul, "The Bagdad Railway," undated
Shipman, H. R., "Report on British Interest in Asiatic Turkey," 1918
Shipman, H. R., and C. Altschul, "The Turkish Public Debt and Its Administration," undated
Vincent, John Martin, "British Interests in Asiatic Turkey," undated
Westerman, W. L., "Historical Sketch of the Turkish Empire," undated
Westerman, W. L., and Oscar James Campbell, "Transportation in the Turkish Empire," undated
Westerman, W. L., and others, "Just and Practical Boundaries for Subdivisions of the Turkish Empire," undated
BOX 41 Miscellany
"Forest Resources of Turkey," undated
"Just and Practical Subdivisions of the Turkish Empire," undated
"Proposal for Federation of the Turkish Provinces," undated
American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief, "Turkish Survey Recommendations for Political Reconstruction," undated
Abbott, F. F., "Co-ordination of Reports on Armenia," 1918
Dutton, S. T., "A Proposal to Erect That Portion of the Ottoman Empire Known as Armenia into an Autonomous Province under the Protectorate of Some Great Power," undated
Magie, David, "Report on the Assyrian Christians," 1918
Yohannon, Abraham, "Assyrians," 1918
Reed, W. H., "Bessarabia," 1918
Andrus, A. N., "Mesopotamia," undated
Beer, George Louis, "The Future of Mesopotamia," undated
Churchill, Ellen Semple, "Report on Mesopotamia," 1918
Johnson, D. W., "Supplementary Note on the General Strategic Position of Mesopotamia," undated
Judson, Harry Pratt, "Report on Mesopotamia," undated
Munro, Dana C., "Mesopotamia," 1918
Campbell, Oscar James, "A Report on Zionism," undated
Magie, David, "Palestine," undated
Paton, Lewis Bayles, "Report on the Geography, History, Ethnology, Religion, Economics, Domestic Life and Government of the Land of Palestine," 1918
"Palestine and Jewish Nationalism," undated
BOX 42 "Petition to the United States by 'Preacher at Mosque of Omar Mahammed E1 Afifi,'" undated
Byrne, E. H., "Report on the Desires of the Syrians," 1918
United States
Dodd, William E., "The Monroe Doctrine, a Brief Report" and "The Present Status of the Monroe Doctrine," undated
Hornbeck, Stanley K., "The Japanese Question in California," undated
"Forest Resources of the United States," undated
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